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    Mr Poltroon reacted to yumi in True Love's Lily Dyes Red/Manakashi | 18+   
    Hi everyone, I'm yumi and I just want to announce that I'm working on a translation of the 2019 adult visual novel
    Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru
    [True Love's Lily Dyes Red]
    Yes, the title is a pun on multiple levels, but this is the most fitting translation I've come up with so far.
    Team: pantsudev
    Members: @yumi [everything]
    VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26232
    Background and Current State
    At the moment I'm going at somewhere around 1000 lines, but I haven't been at it for long yet, and I do work at a rather brisk pace.
    This is because, being a programmer, I first developed all-custom tools that now let me focus on the actual content without wasting time on manual labor.
    I'll divide this section into separate background and progress blocks later when it makes sense.
    Other Info
    While I'm content working alone and not strictly looking to recruit anyone, it is true that the effort could benefit from at a few additional hands;
    Namely, someone more adept than myself at crafting emotive prose in English, and a fluent- or native level Japanese speaker to check some of the harder source material.
    Given the sheer amount of source material, I could also consider another regular translator, should someone fitting come up.
    My system keeps track of updates and translation state per each individual line,
    so it's easy to go back at any point only to only adjust lines that require further refinement.
    I'm only doing all of this for my personal amusement, and to train my skills in both Japanese and creative writing,
    so my perspective might differ somewhat from how other people view their projects.
    Let's See It!
    Here is a rough playthrough of some 70 first lines.
    Note: There's a curious situation in this VN, where both main characters share the same name, only written differently in Japanese.
    I haven't yet come up with a satisfying solution (suggestions welcome) to this, so for the time being I've resorted to purposely misromanizing the other character's name (Aimi instead of Manami.)
    It's worth noting that some of them are still at a draft level, i.e. this does not necessarily represent final quality.
    The text is yellow because this is previously seen dialogue.

    Alright, cool! Anything else?
    If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, just DM yumi#0163 on Discord or send a PM here.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Silvz in Dangan Ronpa 2 bug 1st trial   
    Why don't you play the PC version instead? It's stable and has features desiigned specificaly to computers.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Aureus in Roadwarden [Fantasy/RPG Elements/Pixel Art] [DEMO]   
    Humans try to mark their presence in the world, but their memories and tales dwindle, their bodies wither away, their homes and statues turn into dust.
    The wilderness prevails, indifferent like time.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Angela DeMille in Penlight [16+] [BxG] [Free / Donate] (Latest Release - August 8th 2020)   
    Hello, again! New release time~
    The highlight of this month's release is that an eagerly-awaited storyline's gotten a significant update for the first time in, uhh... eight months? ^^; Yeah, Nozomi's Reversal storyline is readable up to the first weekend now. Hoping I won't need another eight months to finish the rest of it, but no guarantees~
    Besides that, I did some outlining to one of the unwritten Villainous Sleeper Agent choices and added another batch of new CGs across the game. There's some little fixes and improvements here and there, plus the Spanish localisation continues apace. The first four days of all storylines are translated now, about two fifths of the whole game, and I'm optimistic about some of the storylines being fully readable from start to end by next month's release!
    As usual, you can find this month's release in PC, Linux, Mac and Android versions, on my Patreon or itch.io pages. I've also linked the most recent flowchart guide on the public news post on Patreon.
    Anyway, hope you all enjoy the update!
    What's New

    Nozomi's Reversal storyline has now been fully dialogued up to day 7 Outlined one of the previously greyed-out Villainous Sleeper Agent choices through to a conclusion Added a new CG to Nozomi's Trance path and the Villainous Devotion path Added a new CG to Sayori's Alter path Added a new CG to Hiroko's original storyline Added new CGs to Nozomi's Reversal storyline Upgraded Risa's sprite with a new outfit, a second pose and a couple more expressions Added a few more assets to Hiroko's basic CG set, and re-wrote a couple of early scenes on the Villainous route to make use of them Added a laughing face to Kyou's sprite (rarely used, but it's in there) Added a fingersnap pose to the couch scene CG Added one new music track that plays briefly during the Reversal storyline Fixed Nozomi having two left feet for one of the CGs in her Trance storyline Spanish translation: Game is now fully translated up to day 4, with some typos corrected from previous days Fixed a minor visual issue on the CG Gallery screen Word count is now around 210,000 Usual miscellaneous spelling and grammatical corrections
    Known Issues

    Changing the language on a line where an animation occurs (like screen shake) will throw up an error Some code changes on the Villainous Robot path will mean any old saves will produce errors. Sorry about that ^^;
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    Theyre finally here 

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    Mr Poltroon reacted to ittaku in Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi No Translation Project (Recruiting Editors)   
    Of course the world is a completely different place to what it was just a few months ago and those who committed to help translate this have all but disappeared due to world events (can't blame them). However, as it turns out I'm between official projects and bored so I've resumed translation on this slowly chipping away at the branch school till my next official project comes along. So some progress will happen in the interim, and perhaps eventually it will all get translated this way.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Fiddle in Reddit is the saddest place on the internet.   
    My issue is that my IQ isn't high enough to keep up with them. What you must understand is that Reddit is not just a forum; it is the de facto successor to the Roman Forum, where only the greatest minds in all the land can handle the high-level ideas being discussed. Perhaps one day you and I will be graced with holy fedoras and be permitted to enter the intellectual arena that is Reddit, but we can only hope.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    I'm on a roll with VN's this year must be cuz of the pandemic and all the staying at home
    So I managed to finish the Utawarerumono - Prelude to the Fallen. It's the 2020 remake/remaster of the original 2002's Utawarerumono. Clocked in about 32hours, more VNs need to incorporate a play time with your save file smh.
    First off, I'll post my favorite BGM from it so I can be all nostalgic while I type this out:
    (OK, this BGM is a bit misleading because this track totally sounds waaay too tragic- this VN is actually pretty lighthearted throughout LOL- but the few times something sad/tragic happens and this music plays I always loved it).
    I read Chaos;Child before this, which was a modern high school SoL/pseudoscience adventure. Utawarerumono is a medieval light fantasy adventure featuring animal people and was originally written in 2002. Big contrast 
    The protagonist is a nameless amnesiac guy (go figure) who wakes up in a rural village called Yamayura. He was apparently found gravely injured and slowly nursed back to health by a local villager cutie by the name of Eruru- the main heroine of the story. She's the typical nice girl next door supportive caring type with good mannerisms but can also throw the occasional jealous fit. And she also has fluffy ears. And a fluffy tail. Which the protagonist gropes after pondering if they were real or not (they're real by the way). Anyways before the protag can question this any more its revealed he also has an unconventional feature of his own: an unremovable mask which further adds to his mystery:

    Whoop dee doo, nameless amnesiac protagonist with a unremovable mask further obscuring his identity. And I still don't know what animal the folk from this VN are based off of. Squirrel? Fox? Lemur?
    Protag then is introduced to Eruru's younger sister, Aruru, and their grandmother Tuskur, the chief of the village who welcomes him with open arms and grants him the same name she gave her late son: Hakuowlo. Haku would spend the next few weeks recovering and mingling with the villagers. He's a capable protagonist: he teaches them how to properly cultivate their land to grow crops, and even how to forge iron to trade and bolster their economy. None of the villagers were knowledgeable in these aspects at all. Gives you some good brainstorm candy for just who Haku is or where he could be from for him to know these things (you'll probably be wrong lol).
    Eventually the peaceful slice of life days will come to an abrupt end and the VN will shift to a warring nations adventure narrative and throw in some SRPG gameplay. There's about 30-40 SRPG levels/battles that you'll play through in the entirety of the 20-30 hours it takes for you to read through this VN:
    There are many friends and enemies, love and betrayal, ups and downs, happy and sad moments to be had as you expand your empire. The story is linear but in between battles you are given a bit of freedom in which slice of life events you want to read (none are missable, thank god, because you'll eventually exhaust them anyway so feel free to pick whatever order you want). There's also a glossary to help with all the fantasy terminologies like the different races, locations, religions, etc... Definitely helpful. The total overall narrative is effectively 15% peaceful village slice of life, 75% warring nations conflict + the slice of life in between battles, and 10% Hakuowlo revelations.
    Story: 7/10 It's a solid medieval adventure light fantasy thing. Some of the conflicts between nations were meh and probably could've been cut imo but ultimately they do help expand the world and lore. Slice of life moments were pretty good. End game revelations about Haku are pretty cool, nothing meta or mind blowing.
    Characters: 7/10 They're all extremely one dimensional, I mean c'mon its 2002 whattaya expect heh, but they're all given their own little story arcs and were likeable nonetheless. Particularly fond of Eruru & Aruru, they're the poster girls ofc they'd win. Oboro was a total bro, they totally pulled off the 'starts off a complete prick and then becomes your right hand man' pretty well for him. Hakuowlo himself was entirely capable and leader material, no complaints. 
    Art: 7/10 Pretty good looking despite 2002. Idk if they improved or just used the original assets.

    Music: 6/10 (original), 8/10 remake. The remake version I played offered two BGM settings: original: offering only the original Uwatarerumono tracks, and remake: offering the original + sequel tracks. Original is pretty lacking, I would change the settings back and forth just to see what the original played on certain scenes and yeah it's pretty limited. Remake would change tracks in the middle of scenes based on what was happening whereas original would use that one track for the entirety of the scene.
    Gameplay/SRPG: 6/10 I'm just not a fan of SRPGs, lel. But it was aight.
    Overall 7/10 enjoyable VN. I may watch the 24 episode Utawarerumono 2006 anime, I heard it's what many people would do before reading the next entry back then since it was the only translated version of the first entry at the time, but I'm ready for Mask of Deception! Pretty interested in seeing what they'll do with the narrative, there's literally 13 years between the release of the first and second VNs. So the writers were like, oh yeah, y'all remember that VN we made a decade ago? Let's make a SEQUEL!
    Misc Thoughts/Comments (SPOILERS)!!
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Dreamysyu in What Light Novel are you reading right now?   
    Despite my recommendation I'm in the exact same situation. I've never actually read the books, only (repeatedly) watched the anime. Now I'm waiting for the right mood to read them.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to hubb2001 in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    Menu image editor here, this project was a lot of fun to work on, and thanks for flamepaladin for allowing me to help out! I hope you all enjoy the fruits of our labor, now if you excuse me, I have some Rhapsodys to kami...
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Danywar in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    We actually discussed it (with me and Yuuko being the most vocal for working on Arterial) and it actually was among the top choices for next project, but rumours happened that someone already started to, or was preparing to work on it so we turned to something else.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Dreamysyu in What Light Novel are you reading right now?   
    I just wanted to say that I won't read this spoiler for now since I haven't finished the first volume. While I wasn't really hooked with the beginning of the first volume and ended up dropping it, recently I've heard from many various sources that this novel is actually really good, so I decided to give it another try. I haven't got to reading it yet, but I'll get to it eventually.
    So, I guess it's a good opportunity to write about what I read recently? I don't really remember what exactly I've read since my last post in this thread, but I'll try not to miss anything important.

    Ascendance of a Bookworm, part 2 vols. 3-4; part 3 vol. 1. And how exactly does this LN manage to get better and better? I guess, the ending to part 2 marks the first time when a light novel made me tear up. I don't want to spoil anything, but yeah, it's great. Why not all isekais are this well-written?

    The Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP! vols. 2 and 3 (incomplete). Honestly, I have no idea what happened to this 'feel good' novel, but volume 3, currently partially available for J-Novel Club members, has started to become really annoying to read. At some point I just got tired of the constant cliffhangers and damsel in distress situations. I don't know, I doubt it'll redeem itself in my eyes, since there's only half of a volume left in this whole series, but I hope it just ends.

    The Sorcerer's Receptionist (previously known as I Want to be a Receptionist in the Magical World). Only half of the first volume is available right now, but I'm personally really excited for it! About a year ago I found a fan-translation for the first two chapters, and for some reason I just instantly fell in love with this story. The translation was on hiatus, so I decided to follow the manga instead, but, honestly, comparing it to the LN right now, I'd say the LN is better. For some reason, I can't even explain why exactly I like this novel. While the MC is adorable, I wouldn't really call her or any of the other characters particularly well-written. I don't really feel this way as I'm mostly neutral towards him, but a lot of the readers seem to dislike the male lead. Still, the worldbuilidng is pretty good so far, and there's something about the general atmosphere in this novel that makes it so enjoyable to read. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but I'm definitely going to continue reading it.

    There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF! And that's another time when I'm pretty confused about the tastes of the Japanese readers. Apparently, this novel didn't sell well in Japan, so the publication was discontinued after volume 2. So, the only way to read the ending of the story is to read the WN (and I'm not even sure if it's translated). The reason why I'm so confused about it is that this novel is absolutely hilarious! It this because it's not an isekai or anything like that? It's a shame.

    The Weakest Manga Villainess Wants Her Freedom! Or, as I call it myself, Loli Tsundere vs Magical Communism! This novel doesn't have an official release in Japan, and it was localized directly from the author. I'd say, it's quite an ideal novel to read if you want something somewhat plot-focused, but lighthearted and mood lifting. All the characters are quite interesting, and the MC is both adorable and enjoyable to follow. The world where it takes place also has some pretty unique ideas that I haven't really seen done in another novel yet. The only thing I didn't like is that this novel is only one volume long. Really, it's such a shame that it ended so quickly, and I just want more!

    I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! vol. 2. Still good, I don't have anything to add to what I've already said in my previous posts.
    Now, some WN fan-translations.

    I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History. So far there's not much of the story translated yet, but, according to some reviews, this novel is quite a troll. The first few chapters make it seem like a lighthearted and cute misunderstanding comedy about a slightly OP little girl who wants to become a splendid villainess who is perfect in everything. I'd say, it's quite and enjoyable premise, and I would continue reading it even if it was just that. There are slight hints here and there that there might be a darker undertone to this story, and, according to the reviews, there's a massive genre shift later on that makes the story a lot darker and more angsty. Ironically, I'm a bit worried about how it's going to go, since a badly handled genre shift might easily break the story, but so far I'm quite interested about where it'll go.

    The Villain Daughter Enjoys Her Seventh Life as a Free-Spirited Bride (Hostage) in a Former Enemy Country. Another novel that doesn't have many chapters available, and yet seems to be going in a pretty interesting direction. This is a story about a noble girl who's stuck in a time loop. Every time she died she was reborn on the day when her engagement with a prince was annulled, and she was disinherited and had to flee the country. Still, she wasn't discouraged, and in every new life she managed to find a place for herself in the world. She became a merchant in her first life, a pharmacist in the second, a maid in a noble house in the third, and in her sixth life she crossdressed as a man and became a knight. Still, there's one thing that doesn't change in her every life: she always dies in five years after the start of each loop, in a war for the world domination started by a certain empire. In her seventh life she catches the attention of the crown prince of the said empire, who was and indirect reason for her death in her first five lives, and killed her in battle in the sixth life, and he proposed to her. As you may expect, she agreed.
    The reason why this novel caught my attention despite somewhat cliche premise is mostly due to the MC. There's always a fine line between making a character strong and making them OP that for some reason most WN authors don't get, but this novel seems to do it right. The MC is very smart and knowledgeable about a lot of things, and yet she's not omnipotent. This type of smart MCs who have to work to achieve their goals are often enjoyable to watch. The overarching mystery about the war and what caused it also seems to be quite promising, and I'm definitely going to follow this novel for now. I have pretty high expectation for this novel right now, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    Free Life Fantasy Online. Never expected to find a VRMMO novel that doesn't turn into an isekai or "stuck in a video game" plot, and yet has a pretty competent and interesting overarching plot. Also, the MC is quite... unique, I'd say. I'm going to follow it for now, we'll see how it goes.

    The Reincarnated Great Saintess Hides the Fact That She Is a Saintess! Looks like a decent Average Abilites clone. The translations for both the manga and the WN are pretty bad, but I'll still follow it for now.

    Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry. Another story with an OP female MC. Seems pretty enjoyable so far, though I wouldn't call it particularly good.

    The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms. A war story with an OP female MC. Not my cup of tea.
    Also, only manga is translated, but someone needs to translate This Time I Will Definitely Be Happy! The same with Maydare Tensei Monogatari.
    PS. @Mr Poltroon, I haven't started Crest of the Stars yet, but I didn't forget about your recommendation. Just wasn't in the mood for sci-fi for now. I'll post about my reactions when I'll get to it.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to flamepaladin in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    Hello everyone,
    It's been a while, but I'm back with another update, and probably the last one for KnR.
    As this is the last update, you've probably guessed what this means... All the images have been edited and the full patch has been released! (Yay)
    Here's the link to the full patch: https://mega.nz/folder/MstRHI6S#bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw
    This is the same link as the one in the op. You can use either one to get the patch.
    Since this is the full patch, all of the Japanese texts have been translated... or so I'd like to say. But unfortunately, there are still some minor texts that I couldn't find, so they're still untranslated. With that said, they're just some minor texts and won't impact your experience with the game.
    I hope that our patch will be useful for you as you enjoy this game ^^.
    Now, with the release of this patch, we won't be focusing on KnR anymore. The patch also won't get update unless there are some game-breaking bugs. Instead, we'll now focus on our other projects.
    As for those projects... The next game we've decided to work on is Fuukan no Grasesta. Alongside that, we've also decided to work on our own interface patch for Tenmei no Conquista. I'll go into details in the projects' threads (once I create them XD).
    That's it for now. Thank you very much for supporting and sticking with us in this journey. We really appreciate it.
    See you in our next project's thread ^^!
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    Really justifying that purchase huh.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   

    I finally finished Ouka Sabaki (aka Master Magistrate) and it was a very nice read overall. The combination of a murder mystery with a past Japan Bakumatsu setting, staring the Shinsengumi, was certainly quite unique. It was also the first time I've played a VN with Phoenix Wright style court gameplay. That said, I'm not sure if the gameplay really worked in favor of the VN or against it. While it was certainly interesting, I had the feeling that its somewhat comical execution with the whole 'talking down' and 'showdown' stuff, lessened the dramatic impact of the story a bit. Though that might be just personal preference.
    The plot structure of the VN reminded me a bit of Sakura no Mori † Dreamers. There's a very long common route with several connected cases and the heroine routes are more or less just tagged on. The plot itself was actually pretty good. There are four major cases, although the first one could be considered more a tutorial case to learn the gameplay mechanics. What was definitively impressive was how interconnected the cases were. Some events I first thought were relevant for a former case, actually got important in a later case. And some later cases were a direct consequence of the outcome or events of the former cases. That was definitely better as in Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, where the cases had a bit too much of a 'monster of the week' pattern.
    Another thing I really liked was the rather large cast of well-made side characters. Almost every case introduced new characters and existing characters could play a different role in the new cases. I was particularly impressed about the voice acting. Not only were all and not just the main characters voiced, the overall quality of it was also pretty good, even the male characters. I'm actually a bit curious about the voice acting royalties of this VN.
    That said, not everying was gold. While the character sprites were quite decent for the most part, I can't really say the same for the backgrounds. There weren't too much and most of them looked a bit bland. Ironically, that actually helped to find certain key items in the investigation scenes. XD
    The CG's were also a bit of a hit and miss. The black and white sketch CG's didn't really fit to the overly bright and colorful backgrounds, and I would have vastly preferred less but fully colored ones.
    The audio tracks also felt a bit sparse and repetitive. This combined with the bland backgrounds and the focus on the court gameplay made the VN frequently feel a bit dry.
    In general, the VN felt a bit too light for a murder mystery. Though, on a positive note that also means that I'd recommend this VN to people who don't want a full gloom and doom murder mystery like Kara no Shoujo. But for me personally Sakura no Mori had a stronger emotional impact even if the story of Master Magistrate was objectively better. The routes also felt a bit weaker here, the ones of Sakura no Mori at least had a final epilogue case.
    The gameplay nature of this VN also made the matter of prove a bit difficult in some cases. If there's definitive prove to convict a suspect, it can make the case too easy to solve. But if almost everything is guess-work it can be pretty hard to prove. I think the first three major cases had a good balance, but the last one? Sorry, I think if the culprit wouldn't have rewarded every correct guess with a willing confession, a conviction would have been almost impossible without further investigation. Nevertheless, most conclusions and actions felt logical, there was only one thing I simply didn't understand:
    Nevertheless, with the exception of the short and tagged on wannabe routes, I enjoyed the VN quite a bit.
    Heroine ranking: Iroha > Rimu = Sakura > Koume >> Shino
    Final rating: 7.5/10
    I think I enjoyed it as much as Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, so I decided to give it the same rating. Both had rather different strengths and weaknesses though, so the experience itself was different.
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    I've been looking for another VN series that I can binge on my Vita. I did Muv Luv earlier this year, a handful of otomes (still have like 6 more in my backlog) and recently did Chaos;Child
    And it looks like I'll settle on Utawarerumono. They apparently released the (translated) second and third Uta games Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth a few years ago but barely released the first game retitled Prelude to the Fallen this year, lucky me 
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    Welp so much for September lol, I just binged the rest of Chaos;Child last night, meaning Hana's route, then Uki's route, then Nono's and finally the true route.

    It's a pretty good VN. Chaos;Child takes place 6 years after the key events of Chaos;Head's New Generation Madness killings and the Shibuya Earthquake, but focuses on a new cast, so an indirect sequel. The protagonist is an upgraded version of Chaos;Head's (first) Takumi Nishijou by the name of (first) Takuru Miyashiro: upgraded in that he's less of an extreme hikkikomori (shut in) who avoided social contact at all costs and was a stuttering mess if he did interact with people, and more of just a typical awkward high school boy with his own hard beliefs on him being a right-sider and everyone else a wrong-sider. A much more bearable protagonist if you ask me.

    Takuru is the president of his own newspaper club, with the members being his inseparable ditzy childhood friend Serika Onoe, his naggy but evercaring foster sister Nono Kurusu who's also the student council president and VP of the newspaper club (she's my best girl btw), Hana Kazuki the 'mute' gamer girl who only ever utters "Mmm" and mainly just plays her online ESO2 game in the newspaper clubroom, and Shinji Itou the male protagonist best friend support guy. Other characters include Hinae Arimura: a blonde twintail kouhai who acts very superficially friendly around her friends and Mio Kunosato, the "what if we take Steins;gate's Kurisu and make her completely unlikeable" cold hard facts scientist type.
    Takuru used to be a part of Dr. Sakuma Wataru's household: Sakuma is an easygoing doctor who owns his own Aoba Clinic and he adopted Takuru, Nono, and siblings Yui & Yuto Tachibana- orphans from the Shibuya Earthquake 6 years ago. The family eventually grew fairly tight-knit, always gathering for supper to exchange pleasantries about their days under a "keep no secrets from each other" policy. However, Takuru angrily moved out into his own trailer 6 months prior to the start of Chaos;Child after feeling betrayed when the secrets policy was violated against him by none other than Nono (resulting in him calling her Kurusu, her last name, from that point on. Ouch).
    As president of the newspaper club, Takuru has a thirst for chasing exotic cases he feels would shake the world. Fortunately for him, a new set of bizarre murders start occurring in Shibuya- and interestingly enough they are dated to occur on the same days as the ones that occurred during the New Generation Madness killings from Chaos;Head 6 years ago! Takuru easily gets hook-line-and-sinker'd and begins to obsess over investigating and solving the case, much to Nono's dismay. The first 6 chapters will meander between Takuru's everyday slice of life with his newspaper club shenanigans, his friends, and his adoptive family as the New Generation Madness Killings continue to make headlines all over Shibuya. Will Takuru be able to solve the case, or is he getting in way over his head?!
    Story: 8.5/10. Common route starts off slow with the slice of life and preparing for culture festival but once the term Gigalomaniac makes it onto the screen the story starts picking up. It involves a lot of pseudoscience/supernatural powers that can affect reality jargon and are channeled via Di-Swords (A.K.A. BIG F*CKING exotic supernatural swords) btw so it can feel a bit Chuuni at times. The concept of delusions was interesting. There are a fair amount of plot revelations that change the very nature of characters entirely that can add some "let me go back to this scene now that I know this" reread value. Overall enjoyable.

    Characters: 9/10. Takuru was nowhere near as unbearable as Takumi. Nono would probably be on my top 5 heroines if I did have a list. Idk, the student council president + nagging worrywart but legitimately caring older sister type was a complete and utter win for me. Hinae was the guilty pleasure. Hana and Uki were kind of like the filler heroines, but passable.
    Art: 9/10. Has that clean modern moe look. Particularly loved all of best girl Nono CGs. Some CGs can look a bit low quality though.

    Music: 8/10. They got some good tracks. The title theme World is pretty up there along with their other works like Steins;gate + (0). Visible Essence is the revelation theme and its quite badass when you do get it. 
    Finally can rant about the juicy bits.
    Overall: 8.5/10. Legit did not think I would like this sci-fi adv VN as much due to how much I despised Chaos;Head. It was good enough that I actually want to reread Chaos;Head so I can catch up on all the story beats and whatnot, but ahh nvm. Will look forward to reading Robotics;Notes + DaSH when they do come out to EN on the Switch later this year.

    I'll watch the 6.5/10 MAL rated anime of Chaos;Child real quick because I like to see things animated even though they'll probably butcher it so bad since only lol12episodes for a 30-50+ hr VN.
    E: lol yeah, the anime is only enjoyable as a "let's watch a recap of Chaos;child" right after finishing the VN itself. So many disappointed people who were like I don't get it or it's a rushed mess (which it definitely was, but I obviously was able to keep up and just enjoy seeing everything animated)
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Eclipsed in What are you playing?   
    Still slogging through Chaos;Head Child


    So it's been a little more than a month and a half now that I've been casually reading through this? 

    I've finished the common route, Hinae's route, and currently going through Hana's route, then will do Uki's then Nono's and finally the TRUE route. So ETA completion at this pace should be by September or something 
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Ruvik in What is your least favorite type of route plot?   
    Honestly, I hate it so much when the romance interest/partner in the route suddenly start to treat mc bad and it turns out they were deceiving them for their plan. They didn't tell mc about the plan because they thought mc couldn't keep a secret *rolling eyes* 

    What's worse is, my favorites tend to turn out like this and it makes me instantly dislike them
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Dergonu in What is your least favorite type of route plot?   
    This for sure. Always find these so annoying. It just feels like a forced way to introduce drama just for the sake of it. 
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    Mr Poltroon reacted to Ruvik in Hello!   
    Yes, we might be confusing it because of Hinata's assertiveness.

    And I've never noticed that but it actually makes sense.

    Danganronpa 2 Spoilers!!
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    Mr Poltroon got a reaction from Ruvik in Hello!   
    Interesting response, as you recognise what makes Hinata feel more competent. Yes. I'd say people at large tend to find Hinata to be the smarter one because of his nature, that is more adequate for an ambient of suspicion and deception. He's both more suspicious of others, capable of actually being mad and not trusting a person, and more assertive altogether.
    Until I replayed the games in quick succession, I'd probably share the same opinion.
    Now, because the first game's cases are easier and simpler than the second game's cases, there's something that happens in the first that makes Naegi be, in my eyes, smarter. Simply put, Naegi deduces things during investigations and Hinata doesn't. For the first two cases Naegi doesn't piece together much of anything, and is shown everything by Kirigiri and Togami. However, from the third onwards, he reaches certain conclusions during the investigations (He does not necessarily explain them, though. Often it's just a "That means...!"). And then there's the fifth case, where he actively solos it (Hinata never does anything by himself. He either points out wrong things in others' claims, or answers Komaeda or Nanami's questions).
    It's more a quirk of the games, I guess, but I find it interesting that Hinata's monologue during the investigations never has him conclude anything, but Naegi's does.