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  1. 4 minutes ago, Dergonu said:

    Yes, because they are meant to pay for the route. It’s a part of the game, just like the rest. What, are you saying we should start selling visual novels route by route from now on?

    Yes, as long as the price with all of them together would equal the price of one full game and their individual prices were evenly distributed.

    It is fine if you do not agree, but at that point I have nothing more to add.

  2. 18 hours ago, Dergonu said:

    I think it's fucking hilarious that they are legit charging you extra for this, as if it's some kind of DLC. They were clearly working off the PS3 port assets, and the Akari route is a part of that build. The fact that they took it out just to sell it as "DLC" is really money hungry and scummy, tbh.

    Their translation quality is all over the place, but at least there's no porn for them to censor in this particular route, so I guess it's a safer buy than everything else Moenovel does. Still wouldn't recommend supporting them though, as scummy companies like these don't deserve your money.

    There's a lot of crappy translations (at least in the past) and content cutting going about, certainly. But charging 20 dollars (or 16,50 euros) for a VN fandisc is not money hungry or price gouging. Partitioning and making DLC only helps the consumer so long as the overall price of the product is not above the norm for the type of content, and here it is most definitely not.

    It'd be the same bloody thing if they made no DLC and instead sold everything for the 20 dollars it amounts to, except it'd have taken longer, people only interested in routes other than Akari would need to pay for the route they don't want, and people interested only in Akari wouldn't feel strangely 'cheated'.

    (The 20 dollars = main game + DLC)

  3. On 18/04/2019 at 9:12 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

    It's quite a contrast from the last season, isn't it? Senko-san is quite lovely though, I like where I think its going with the neighbour character. :3 I also quite enjoyed the opening episodes of Hitoribocchi, although I guess most people are sick of those intensely moe middle school comedies... :P

    By last season, are you referring to the currently airing shows and contrasting it with Summer's, this season, or are you referring to Winter, and contrasting it with the currently airing?
    Having Spring and Summer threads at the same time is confusing me.

  4. Well, no discussion thread seems to have popped up yet, so I guess I'll make it.

    As always, I'm plenty excited for most things coming out. In particular, I'm excited for Isekai Quartet: Chibi, Comedy, with my favourite series's. Could not be better.

    I've also watched the first episode of Fruits Basket. Weird to hear it in Japanese this time. I think I'll wait for the dub, since that's what I originally watched it with.
    Fruits Basket is important for me because it's among the first few shows where I actually read the manga after the anime. As it happens, however, the anime deviated heavily from the source material at points, so it'll be interesting to see how this new one does it. It's certainly shinier, if nothing else.

    One Punch Man sequel is something I'll watch. For the comedy, as ever.
    Other than that... I'll keep an eye on all the romances and comedies and see what I might like.

  5. 7 hours ago, Stormwolf said:

    Sounds like romance isnt this vn's strong suit. 

    I'm not so sure. Have you played it?

    From what I've seen, entering into relationships and developing the bonds with the girls is phenomenal, though there's more than a fair bit of everyone just growing to like the protagonist.
    It's after the relationship starts that it devolves into, uh, an H-fest.
    At least, the full route I played had a very gradual transition and lots of handling of feelings delicately. I liked it.

    8 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:

    yeah because the MC uses all his time on the library. she can only know him by his grade following that logic, unless i missed something.

    She got interested in him because of his grades, that much is certain, but they've known each other for a while by the time the VN starts.
    I think she's also impressed with his ability to resist against her and dealing with his daily life and other people in the particular way he does (avoiding problems).


  6. 3 hours ago, onorub said:

    I just go for the love interest that seems to have the most chemistry with the protagonist.

    Yes, this seems like a good description.

    When nobody in particular stands out as being a good match or being placed in a position where the protagonist would get close to them, I pick my favourite...ish? Favourite or second favourite.
    I often like more than one or two characters, so I can't quite tell who my favourite is beforehand.

  7. 2 hours ago, Flutterz said:

    Come on now, I have more than half of his posts 364211472093413377.png?v=1

    You'd need nearly as many posts as I've ever made to catch up with him, and you're already a highly qualified spammer of ages past.

    3 minutes ago, Fred the Barber said:

    That's exactly what tiag said, Mr. Nobody.

    Oh, I seem to have missed this one. Where did this 'Tiag' comment?

  8. 8 hours ago, Skypie said:

    but is this okay asking them about restoration patch? (I think restoration patch is from fans patch)

    If you've applied external modifications to the game, then they may not be able to help you.

    Have you tried reinstalling the game (deleting everything you have at the moment) and seeing if you can get it to run without applying any fan patch? If you have no issues at that point, then you can safely assume the cause is the fan patch, and troubleshoot more easily that way.

    11 hours ago, Skypie said:

    I don't know if this allowed but I think better 2 topics become 1 (if not allowed tell me I'll edit this part out) :OurLordAndSavior:
    My friend have this error when he launch the game. 
    after he try find solution for that missing file new problem occur which this one happen instead.

    I assume this is for the same game? In that case, I do recommend contacting Mangagamer for support.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Anyway, quite an excellent little game. Makes me want to try Dorei to no Seikatsu even more, even though I feel like I should wait for when it gets more or less finished. It looks like the author still pushes out major updates and the fan patches aren't exactly up-to-date...

    I think the fanpatches are up to date, right now?

    That said, I do not think that game has too much to offer. Unlike the other two, that one has minimal story content besides like 4 or 5 scenes. Its continued development mostly focuses on adding more outfits/art, more H-Scenes, or trying to optimise the code.

    I do hope it gets some more 'story' content someday, though.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Novel21 said:

    Beacuse of the text and I'm not sure it have gone throught quality translation

    Ah, then let me elaborate.

    If Daitoshokan has any big issues with the translation, they are most definitely not with the editing. That is to say, the English reads fine and I actually rather like a lot of it.
    It is still possible that the translation from Japanese to English isn't good, but I wouldn't be able to tell or comment on that.

  11. 1 minute ago, bakauchuujin said:

    Well I gues it wouldn't be that smart of an idea then.

    State of release
    50+ hours
    50+ hours

    Does this work on white background?

    Yes. This is visible.

    You can quickly change the theme of the forums on the 'Theme' button somewhere around the bottom of the forums screen. I use FuwaFabulous myself, but it seems like 3 have a black background and two have a white one.

  12. 13 minutes ago, bakauchuujin said:


    MangaGamer (Store)





    State of release


    4000+ votes

    Umineko When They Cry Question Arcs


    50+ hours

    07th Expansion



    2000-3999 votes

    Umineko When They Cry Answer Arcs 


    50+ hours

    07th Expansion



    Higurashi When They Cry Hou


    30-50 hours

    07th Expansion



    Sengoku Rance


    50+ hours

    Alice Soft

    Not released in english yet


    I am wondering if this type of settup would be better for my list than how it currently is. It would take me quite some time to change the format of the list, though I could do it little by little over a long time if people think it is an improvement. It would be nice to hear some feedback from people about whether or not you think this is an improvement or if it makes the list look worse.

    Whatever you made there is practically invisible on white backgrounds.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Stormwolf said:

    How does the americanized official vn's do in that respect though? 

    That will also depend on your definition of accuracy.

    If you have a funny joke about kanji you can either keep it, explaining the kanji, or you can make up new wordplay.
    If you have a reference to a (non-international) Japanese model you can either keep it, or replace it with a more familiar Western name.
    Which methods you prefer are up to you, but I think you'll fine most translators with some experience prefer the latter options. As do I, because I tend to laugh more at a joke in English than at understanding what the joke in Japanese was meant to be.
    One is concerned with the words and meanings of the original (the former), even when they don't exist or have different connotations in English-speaking countries, whilst the other is more concerned with the intent (the latter).

    Incidentally, in the interest of the topic, I do think this particular fan translation is fairly liberal. Even with my poor grasp of Japanese I could notice a number of adapted references, especially the lines in which they replaces a honorific conversation with something else. Example:



    This line in particular might not be adapted. I can't tell since it wasn't voiced.
    I've definitely heard others that were localised, though.


  14. 5 minutes ago, tera said:

    A couple throwaway lines don't result in the entire VN being difficult to understand. 

    The problem being raised has never been that the game is difficult to understand. It is simply that the lines and the meaning does not match the original Japanese, an argument that only those who know Japanese can really tell.
    They can try to explain by providing their own translation but... That doesn't really change much, most of the time. It's still about believing that one translation is better than the other, because to an English-only speaker, faithfulness to the original is practically impossible to judge.

    So then, the translation can in fact be very enjoyable for me to read. In fact, it is! But I cannot say that it is accurate to the original. When I start seeing a number of Japanese literate people pointing out translation mistakes, it makes sense to suspect that the translation does in fact have issues in the accuracy department.

    Thankfully, I don't really care about the original. I quite like the translation as is.

  15. 18 minutes ago, JoshB2084 said:

    I did mention it on my last post:

    And more save time, so don't have to stroll up and down again and again, less confusing.  I like @Shaun 's elements version better.

    Understood. I can see why you'd prefer the shorter one. But since the walkthroughs for each route on Fuwanovel must be from beginning to end, I don't think there's any way to help you.
    I recommend using external guides that rely on save points for the routes.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  16. 11 hours ago, UnHolyFiretruck said:

    @Mr Poltroon this thread contains a different and in some ways better approach to the game, i much prefer being able to load saves like in this walkthrough instead of playing from the start on every goddamn route like the submitted walkthough

    As Wildbreed has stated, Fuwanovel formatting requires that each ending have a guide from the start until the end of the game. Feel free to check out any other Fuwanovel guide to confirm.
    However, having save slots on top of the full guides is still permitted, and they will be added to the guide in question.

    11 hours ago, Shaun said:

    No one follows that rule and it shouldn't be a rule to begin with as it is very stupid and unnecessary to not allow that.

    By 'no one', who do you mean? We're aware other sites don't use this rule, but it's this rule that makes Fuwanovel formatting specifically ours. You can open any route you want and play it from start to finish without ever spoiling yourself on other routes' systems.
    That said, adding save points can still be done, for those who want to use them, and they will be added to this guide.

    11 hours ago, JoshB2084 said:

    I like @Shaun's version better, more easily to readable than that version, and there save slot so we don't have to doing over again.

    I've addressed the save slots, but could you explain what you find 'more easily readable' in Shaun's version? I'm not at all against bringing in elements or formats to the Fuwa version if it doesn't violate the traditional formatting.

    11 hours ago, Shaun said:

    The walkthrough guide you made is also very hard to read and poorly formatted, what I did on my reply looks several times better just minus the extra info it needs.

    I'm not sure I see how. Both posts are: Heroine picture + Heroine name + Choices
    The difference is the save points, so far as I can tell.

    11 hours ago, UnHolyFiretruck said:

    i never meant to belittle or discredit anyone's work, i simply wished to express a desire for more "options" rather than a single "correct" approach

    An interesting thing to bring up. I myself prefer guides that give the player choice, rather than tell them exactly which choices to make. That's why my guides often use 'Your Choice' in places where the choice you make is not important. However, in this case, both guides seem to me like they leave no choices up to the player. The only difference is that one guide provides walkthroughs from start to finish for each route, and the other starts routes with 'Load save X'.
    As such, I'm not certain what you mean here. Unless you're talking about guides using save slots being allowed. In that case, they're allowed, but only in the unformatted walkthroughs section, if no formatted guide already exists.

    8 hours ago, Shaun said:

    Looks to me like you have the wrong choices for Nagi's route choices 28 to 30 (they shouldn't be choices that appeal to the girl on Nagi's route at all making them wrong also choices 17 to 19 appear to be wrong as it should probably only be one of those not all 3) and you have wrong choices on the true ends for the 4 main routes as too many of them are the same when the choices should only be ones that fit for that girls route not the other way around.

    The choice you have as "Same Age" should not be the same choice all of the time since that only is for the 2nd year girls not the first year girls, "Join in with the First-years" is also wrong that should only be used on the true ends to Senri and Kana not the other two, "How cute" should only be used for Shirasaki Tsumugi true end and none of the others yet you have that on all of them which is wrong, "Answer with a smile" should only be for Senri's true end not any others, you have way too many wrong choices.

    It seems to me like you would prefer for the choices in each route to fit with the context of the situation. That is: If you're aiming for Nagi's route, you should make no choices that give you points with other girls. However, the official guide has such choices, probably because they don't stop you from being able to get Nagi's ending anyway.

    I understand your concern. I myself prefer it when guides are at least contextually sound. But as long as the guide results in the desired endings, there will be no need to change it (That said, if you want to change it, Wildbreed, please do!).

    8 hours ago, Shaun said:

    Also you got one of the choices wrong on how it's spelled out "Sure, whaddaya wanna know?" is wrong, it should be "Sure, whaddaya want to know?" as it is spelled that way in game.

    Got it. If you or anybody else find terms you think are inconsistent with the fan translation, post a screenshot of the fantranslation for me to check and I'll fix the guide where necessary.

    8 hours ago, Shaun said:

    You have too much wrong with the choices, it should never have been okayed.

    A note for the future: Fuwanovel's guides are not actually tested by the staff. The only thing the staff does check if the formatting is correct, and implement feedback or fixes in the future should users come across errors.


    Wildbreed says following the guide gets you to the correct endings. Does following the guide not get you to the right ending, @Shaun? Have you tested it in-game?


  17. As another user has submitted a completed Walkthrough for review, and it was accepted and moved, this thread will soon be hidden to avoid overlapping in search results. The guide can be found here:

    However, thank you for your work on the guide, @Shaun and @Azero. Thanks!


    This thread will remain open for a while in case anybody has any suggestions or feedback for the new one linked above.



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