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  1. I will literally spew forth a list of Visual Novels with a romantic element. I will assume the shorter ones that are more like a nukige are not within your sphere of interest. Most of these will not be to your tastes due to sheer statistic probability. Beware.



    A Profile - It has a couple of interesting twists, I found, and I really liked the protagonist over the course of them. That said, I think people find the twists kind of cheap or predictable and the protagonist infuriating. At any rate, I liked it!

    Butterfly Soup - Like the name indicates, this is a soupy mishmash of themes and stories, and lesbian romance is one of them. One that absolutely excelled, in my eyes.

    Cinderella Phenomenon - An Otome where you play as a Tsundere. Beware, the protagonist is a complete bastard at the start, but there's no tsundere without the 'dere'... Rest assured she learns many a life lesson.

    Crimson Grey - Dating a yandere... The setting attempts to portray itself as mildly sensical and realistic, and you're given a lot of choice on how to deal with her. I absolutely loved the choices you could make to stay with her. If you play this, the sequel (which continues from a good end) is awesome for seeing their relationship and how it has developed!

    Highway Blossoms - A yuri visual novel about a couple of girls going on a modern American adventure. Nothing more, nothing less, but you may love their relationship and their little adventure.

    Heart of the Woods - And once you're done with Highway Blossoms, some of the same guys went on to make this: A modern Fairytale. Probably better as a story and as a romance than the excellent Highway Blossoms.

    Hitomebore - A story about helping and falling in love with a bullied girl with unique physical characteristics. Very sweet, and also very short.

    Katahane - Just putting it here in case you haven't seen it. It doesn't really have much traditional romance, but it has the same artist as something else you've played.

    Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri - Super old Yuri short story. It got a new release recently, so I'm hoping the translation is a bit better than it was back when I played it.

    Love Ribbon - Good story about lesbian incest.

    Muv-Luv - I see for some reason you haven't touched Muv-Luv. Though its sequel Muv-Luv: Alternative and the second part of this game Muv-Luv: Unlimited are not romance, the majority of this game is. So just play Muv-Luv: Extra and ignore everything else. It's completely independent from the rest of the stories and there is no need to play them.

    My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc - Any reason you haven't played it? I didn't either, actually.

    Never7 - Though the series this is from is mostly seen sci-fi and lots of twists on the player, the first of the titles, Never7, is the most traditional romance. Most of the routes end up being pretty good romances, if in pretty unique circumstances. And the extra scenarios once you finish help that further.

    One Thousand Lies - Presented without comment. I recommend you play it, but I don't want to spoil anything. You can just consider this a comedy VN.

    Kindred Spirits on the Rooftop - More yuri. Yuritopia. It's all about gay ghosts trying to help all the gay couples in an all-girls school. The art is super-fluffy and the romances are cute. Also the protagonist is so cool! Despite being completely normal.

    School Days - Say hello to controversy! It is a romance game, and you can get some perfectly legitimate and romantic romance out of it, but you can also get a lot of crazy and evil stuff. If you stick to the more romantic plotlines and fidelity, it can actually be pretty sweet. Shiny Days, if you can get it to work, does the same thing and is slightly less immoral and evil about it.

    Shinigami no Kiss - Surprised you haven't played this. I only played the two girls' routes, but those are straight romances.

    Shining Song Starnova - It's certainly a romance, but it has a niche theme and a pretty dark view on the idol industry it uses as a setting. Ultimately things end well, but...

    Starlight Vega - Demons! Magic! Yuri! - A lot of things happen around here, but it's an ultimately sweet romance.

    Steam Prison - An otome with a mostly harsh story, but things vary wildly from route to route. Some are wholesome and romantic, and some are more difficult with few ways forward that don't bring sadness. Because of the circumstances changing so much with each route, a lot of different romance stories can be experienced.

    The Language of Love - This just came out. A mostly wholesome story about romancing a single mum with a daughter. Let's learn how to become a father figure...

    The Second Reproduction - An otome with a story I very much enjoyed. That aside, the romances are good! Me like! Unlike other Otome, a couple properly does things together.

    Tomoyo After ~Wonderful Everyday~ - A story starring a couple. There are different versions for this game and in the one I played the very true end was terrible. Hopefully it has changed in the more recent version.

    -- Haven't Finished --

    Amnesia: Memories - Otome with crazy happenings that is technically all about dating...? Protagonist doesn't talk. Not that we can see, anyway. She has something else voicing her inner thoughts.

    Little Miss Lonesome - Another otome; this time with loads of comedy and sex! I was put off when I thought this was mostly sex, but it isn't really. Most of it is just the protagonist being a giant antisocial mess. There's a guy that sounds like he's abusive but... nope. The people he deals with on a daily basis are just so crazy and stubborn he has to be like that.

    Canvas 2 - Not exactly the best translation, but it is a traditional romance story... except the protagonist is an art teacher and he can romance a teacher. That aside, the voice of Michiru from Grisaia voices one of the heroines here; it's great!

    Otoboku - A VN that surprised me with how much I actually liked the writing. The protagonist dresses as a girl (and is voiced by one and acts like one and...) and though I never actually played a route, it seemed like a normal romance VN outside of the premise.

    Steins;Gate Ryouku Renri no Darling - This is actually translated, somehow. I don't remember much of it, but it's just silliness and fanservice, I think.

    Oblivious Garden - Chinese VN with interesting setting. The translation isn't consistently good, bu there's a number of princesses to romance. I don't remember if I finished a full route, but it seemed pretty traditional.

    --Things I Haven't Played--


    Princess Waltz

    You seem to not have touched the Shuffle Fandiscs. You could do those. There's also a couple of Da Capo ones, about the red-haired girls.

    Check my list here for other stuff I've accumulated but didn't play.

    VN/Game mix:


    Bunny Black series - The gameplay may be infuriating to you, and the protagonist may seem evil, but they do do their best to portray romance in these circumstances. And as far as I'm concerned, they succeeded very well.

    Evenicle - The epitome of romantic harem. The very point of the premise is polygamy, and a whole lot of the story is just the protagonist spending time with his wives or the wives getting along with one another. If you think you'd like polygamy, you should play this! It is, however, a bit grindy and the protagonist is one hell of a pervert. Though he's full of love. (Also has some extreme content...)

    Kamidori - Surprisingly wholesome story where you get into a relationship with a bunch of non-human girls, as well as one main heroine. The whole game is essentially about helping people out. Very nice.


    If you want me to list the more romantic nukige (that means, sex primarily for love, and nothing really going into extremes), just ask.

    26 minutes ago, Naterocks2000 said:

    I've seen this one around, its art style just turns me off immensely but it probably won't be much different than what Kanon looked like. Might give it a read, thanks!

    The comedy was hilarious (to me) and the girls are pretty unique. I just don't get the thing that's going on in the background... It's so weird.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Swim Swim said:

    Seems like an excuse made by the company, I really dislike that they are taking westerners as a fool, selling "nerfed" censored products(reminds me of smartphone market, asian companies ripping of customers in EU, offering less RAM less storage and weaker processor for the same money).

    I agree. They should disregard all their expenses and believe that somehow the VN will sell enough to not bankrupt them.

  3. My list is unreadable because of all those 'have not played', but I included in the tiers all of those I've tried, even if I didn't finish them. My ranks go as follows:

    S - Would gladly replay anytime every time or is just very very memorable.

    A - Good games I greatly enjoyed. Can replay if in the right mood.

    B - Games I enjoyed throughout. Would likely not replay.

    C - Games I am conflicted about. Would not or cannot replay.

    D - Was not enjoying too much and likely dropped them.




  4. 9 minutes ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

    From what I remember, rub a dub wasn't used in Fureraba's localization.

    Oh, it most definitely was. I thought I even had a screenshot of it, but apparently not.
    At any rate, it's the sort of think Kyousuke might say, occasionally. Most characters wouldn't say that and don't.



    Random images I found whilst digging through my screenshots:



    Can you guess the context?



  5. 1 hour ago, Dreamysyu said:

    So, I finished both Bodyguard routes and about the half of Adage's route, and, unfortunately, while the second half of the common route was pretty great, the character routes made me completely disappointed, so I decided to drop this game. Well, this game does have some very good points, mostly in how it handles its route setting, and the setting is also quite unique (though, after finishing both routes focused on Liberaritas, I still have pretty shallow understanding of how the Depth's society functions. The plot might be pretty interesting at times, though its mostly meh due to mediocre characterization. That leads me to the next point - the part that broke the game completely for me is the characters. When it comes to the love interests, basically every one of them follows some very common anime archetype without having any additional depth at all. The female protagonist is a bit better, but not by much. I find it quite funny that, while the story tries to present her as proactive and 'badass', in realty she is actually the weakest protagonist in all four otome I tried so far. She is completely useless in pretty much everything that does not involve fighting with a sword, and even that is a completely useless skill in the world dominated by guns. Her personality is also kind of bland. I mean, these qualities don't necessarily make her a bad protagonist, but this type of mc is simply boring to follow around, and the heroes who could save the situation make it even worse.

    So, in the end, this VN made me pretty disappointed with otome genre in general. I already tried to get into the genre four times, but, while there were a few good games, none of them really made me impressed as much as some male-oriented VNs or as some works in the other anime-style media. Don't know, maybe I'm just unlucky. I will still try to read more otome in the future. But now I'm keeping my expectations at minimum.

    5/10. Some people might enjoy this more than I did.

    I was wondering whatever happened to your playthrough.

    So, in my case, I felt somewhat differently. At the start, I thought the characters were all generic, but the more endings with them I got the more sides to them I got to see, and began to think they were rather interesting.
    But fair enough. I haven't played many games with such different scenarios depending on my choices, so that, at least, was very interesting.

    Since you've finished, here's some good moments you might have missed:


    On the topic of kissing:


    "What was that???"


    On the topic of cooking:


    On the topic of lizards:



    On the topic of cooking:


    The nice doctor:


    On the topic of romance:



    On the topic of important religious figures:




  6. Just now, Stormwolf said:

    Not one word about the way it was posted .You don't post evidence and follow up with stuff like "You guys suck, fucking learn japanese or stop translating" And say it was a constructive post. That was an exaggeration to prove my point, but not far from what was said.  You'd have to lack some serious social skills to think this is acceptable behavior, or to post it in the first place. If someone wants to be constructive, pm the one who needs it and don't try to publicly humiliate the ones working on it unless you post it in a proper manner without being insulting. This shouldn't have to be explained now should it?

    Oh, the post was absolutely disrespectful. But as you say, I was not addressing that, and neither was Ange.
    That said, asking the patchmakers about their grasp on Japanese because what you've seen has cast it in doubt is a fair thing to do.

    If the makers and thread owners say they don't want this sort of comment publicly is one thing, but until their stance is known, let's not discuss the validity of the post over it being a bit disrespectful towards the work that was regardless put into making the patch.


  7. 28 minutes ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

    It was only a matter of time before the big brain "JOP fan" picky critics stepped on in.

    In this instance, they have presented evidence and concrete problems in the lines (I do not know Japanese, but those with cursory understanding of it could perhaps understand the evidence). This takes work and effort. It is most definitely not one of those instances you are referencing, where they claim the translation is bad and put no further effort into the criticism. This is constructive.

    As for whether the fact that the translation may have issues affects the experience of an English player, that is a different beast entirely, and not in question here.

  8. 5 hours ago, Leonor said:

    wait, the vn is cancelled?! D: Why??

    It was never officially cancelled, however, for a VN that would supposedly consist of multiple beats (4 or 6), there has been precious little progress in making them. This may be because Jun Maeda is suffering from health problems. As such, until he recovers, it may be that no sequels will release.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    She more or less turned into a vegetable that Chris no longer could interact with, but it was never properly explained what actually happened. Was it brain damage caused by lack of oxygen when Grave strangled her, or what? That's the only thing I can think of.


    That is indeed it.

  10. 6 hours ago, Decay said:

    I'll post from the perspective of someone who has had a hand in coming up with multiple localized titles now.

    For most English VN readers, all Japanese titles sort of run together, since they can't understand them anyway. From a marketing standpoint, translating a title will make it more identifiable and memorable. The catchier it is and the more it pops, the better. "Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome" is a phenomenal title for this reason. The flipside of this, though, is that there ARE a lot of games that are talked about in the English community using their Japanese names, so there is some justification for keeping those (or parts of them). As much as I hate the "When They Cry" title translations, it makes marketing sense to at least keep "Higurashi" and "Umineko," since everyone and their mothers have been talking about those games using those words for years. Though I'll maintain that using "When They Cry" for the individual games' titles is still confusing and misleading (I seriously thought "Higurashi: When They Cry" was for a sappy drama when I first saw the title. For months.). It was meant to be the overall series name, not the individual game titles!

    Anyway, the result is that companies now like mashing Japanese and English together so they can reap the benefits of both. I'm not really sure how to feel about this (I say, as the editor for "Senren Banka: A Thousand Colors of Love"). People's minds are generally trained to ignore or forget subtitles, and having to relegate the English to a subtitle makes creating a memorable title much more challenging. But I also understand and accept the need for preserving some of the Japanese titles when working with well-known VNs. Just gotta make the best out of the situation. When working with lesser-known VNs, though, I'm all for ditching the Japanese entirely. Nobody knew what an "Otoboku" was in 2012, and the first time the vast majority of the English VN community heard of Yotsunoha was when Sol Press announced it (let alone the broader VN-buying market). It doesn't make any sense to me to keep the Japanese aspects of these titles.

    From the perspective of a fan, I really enjoy fully localized titles. When titles go untranslated (very common in fan translations), they're a thing the Japanese audience gets to enjoy, but the English audience doesn't. A good title doesn't just catch the eye; they're a big part of a work of fiction's overall aesthetic, and they set the reader's expectations and often influences the way they view the work they're reading. It feels sad sometimes not knowing what the title is for a thing I'm reading, and I very much appreciate whenever a company (or fan translator) puts in the effort to make a good localized title.

    The fact that things such as Fxxx Me Royally!! have come into existence is more than enough to justify wanting the titles for VNs to be translated.

  11. On 04/05/2019 at 11:08 PM, Stormwolf said:

    Why is 18+ visual novel romance so wholesome, but romance genre which is more all ages and in anime etc, almost never follow through? Not even a kiss, confession or anything, even if they're tagged as romance. Only 18+ romance visual novels usually always end up in an expected way where they become a couple, yet in anime etc it really, really rarely happens. 

    THere must be some reason for this. Shoujo etc include even sex a lot, yet shounen or seinen seems to shy away from these themes. Is it some gender thing where girls are allowed to read more "lewd" things then boys? It's always been a funny thing where the reader looks at "lewd" stuff while the protagonist doesn't. I don't get it. It's like they're trying to teach young boys to be prim and proper while looking at lewd stuff anyway. Like i said, i don't get it.

    Ok, was a bit of a mess of a post but it's Saturday and i'm bored, whatever.

    On the topic of harem titles:

    Harem, by their very definition, involve multiple people. Due to the traditional standards of romance, polygamy is not often in the cards outside of outright sex stuff (much to my dismay). This would mean that any title that pursues the avenue of multiple romantic interests will have to either choose one, changing genres and killing some of the audience, or never come to a resolution.
    These are the kind of titles that can only live off the premise, and they will end should it be resolved.* That is why I believe that titles that can somehow find a way to continue after breaking through this limitation (without introducing a new such hook and limitation) are best. That, or titles that are never inconvenienced by such limitations, like the slice-of-life genre.

    However, despite these obvious limitations, harem titles and their ilk are by far the most popular. Teasing with only minor pay-off (a kiss after three seasons that gets misunderstood and reverts back into the status quo) does wonders at keeping people addicted. It also often happens that harem titles are somewhat sexual in nature, skipping over the romance in the process. This is, of course, to offer some stimulation and pay-off even without needing to commit to any one person, and maintaining the hook and status quo for as long as there's money in the business.

    There is also something to be said about multiple girls being interested in the same person providing a great scenario for all sorts of drama and 'best girl' moments and competitions. Anime such as Nisekoi made they living by giving everyone a chance to be best girl and Re:Zero has the famous debate over Rem and Emilia. A lot of wonderful scenarios can be concocted by having multiple romantic interests, but it is usually not in the makers' best interests to let the hook end and reach a conclusion.


    Visual Novel's inherent advantage is that they CAN choose everyone, and they don't even need to make it a polygamous relationship. Multiple paths enable these possibilities that are mostly shut-off to the other mediums. The thing with VNs is, as a PC game in Japan, they usually need porn in order to sell, as it's the one thing they have over mobile and consoles, which are far more popular in Japan.

    So the reason VNs do well on the romantic front is two-fold:

    1. They can establish hooks like anime and manga, but since VNs are necessarily finite in length, they cannot let the hook carry them indefinitely and will need to commit. Thankfully, it is easy to pull that off with VNs, as they can offer multiple paths, dedicating to everyone a full path of sole romance.
    2. As a PC game, they tend to press their one advantage: sex. This usually brings along with it a plethora of other romantic shenanigans in order to provide context.


    *For example, the other day I saw a manga where the entire premise was that the romantic interest is a huge tsundere that is only true to herself... when she becomes a ghost, as she has the power to do so at any point. What she doesn't know is that the protagonist can see her. The whole story is around the protagonist pretending he can't see her whilst she goes super dere-dere all over him in ghost form.
    A reader will spend the entire time hoping that the two get together, but it is plain to see that there's nothing to the manga outside of this tease and premise.


    On the topic of manga:

    Shoujo can include sex as something that happens off-screen, assuming it happens at all. Where sex happens more often is in smut titles, and those would generally be considered josei more than shoujo. The reason why shoujo include sex more often is because when seinen and/or shounen do it, the titles are usually just hentai by that point. That is to say, seinen and shounen tend to be more extreme, leading to borderline-h titles that you're likely not interested in, whereas shoujo scarcely ever goes this far, instead becoming a form of smut and josei you're also not interested in by that point.
    So the question becomes: "Why is there a clearer separation between all-ages and 18+ for male stuff than there is for female stuff?"
    I would theorise that that would be because porn is more widely spread as a thing among the teenage male population than among the teenage female one, and that would mean that including light stuff in shounen and the like is not as much of a selling point as it would be to the teenage female audience.

    So, when you say that shoujo manga has more romance stuff, I reply with

    • Girls are believed to have more interest in romantic matters where as boys are believed to prefer more raunchy stuff. It follows that stories aimed at girls more often include romantic things that boys'. This includes very romantic and non-explicit sex scenes, the exact opposite of what you find in seinen and some shounen stuff.
    • More popular shounen usually have a harem than shoujo stuff, which impedes romance severely (shoujo have love triangles, which are their own kind of hell, but don't sabotage romantic interactions as much as a harem intentionally does).
    • Shoujo plotlines traditionally follow a girl falling for a guy who's nice (or mean) to them once, and tend to involve more one-on-one and romantic interactions, whereas shounen doesn't usually even focus on romance to begin with, unless it's a harem. The reason why this is is because plotlines where a guy falls head-over-heels with a girl and is led around by the nose aren't as popular as the shoujo versions.


    In the end, then, why is it that the titles are usually at one extreme or the other: Full-on hentai VS endless harem/romance with scarcely a bit of progress in sight.

    The reasons are all spread out throughout what I've mentioned previously. Romantic titles tend to garner more interest by placing a hook or dramatic situation that, if resolved, would either end the story or cause a sharp decrease in interest. This is the reason why romance anime and some romance manga tend to be long and inconclusive. If progress is made, it'll usually be towards the end. They use these methods because they air/publish continuously, whereas VNs are single titles with a set beginning and end.

    It is not that there are no titles with proper romantic progression over the course of the story: consider these two lists I made (that are now rather outdated, as I've come across many more).
    It's just that the popular ones aren't usually these. They're the others. Because of their hooks and more continuous nature. The more romantic titles will always, due to the absence of strong hooks and drama, be less popular, despite offering more romantic progression.

    The reason why all-ages stuff doesn't tend to include sex or intimate nudity is that it is a very large jump to make. You'd be jumping from something that can be sold everywhere to something that's have more limited sections to be sold in, and that is simply not a worthwhile sacrifice to make unless you're going for full-on porn.


  12. 29 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    I wonder what the reactions would have been like if it was a young male in a relationship with an older female instead. I have the impression that people don't consider that as bad for some reason.

    You may only have that impression because it is a rarer phenomenon (either because it happens less frequently, or because it is brought to your attention less frequently). If games with young female characters are more common or popular than those with young males then, naturally, the amount of like and dislike you see for it would scale proportionately.

  13. 31 minutes ago, sanahtlig said:

    What I remember about Shuffle is that it was scene-based--it jumps straight to the notable moments, much like an anime.  This is likely one of the reasons it is popular in the West.  Many games try to fill out each day from the protagonist's perspective, from when he gets up to when he goes to bed.  It's very difficult to tell a compelling narrative like this unless your protagonist or setting are extremely unique and you can make each moment meaningful and fascinating.  Most attempts fail.

    Correct. Shuffle was memorable in that it kept jumping to whenever something happened. Though I like both approaches, I appreciate this one all the more because it is not the most common.

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