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  1. Whilst I find light beams obnoxious, and therefore will be looking for that patch that just replaces such instances with the non-light beam versions, the missing H-Scenes are probably not a problem. I'd have skipped them anyway, I just know it.

    At least it seems the original developers wanted to make a good English release without investing too much $$$ and without risking worse attention/experiences than Sony breathing down their necks. That's more than can be said for some companies that ignore criticism (choosing a translation company that isn't very good is somewhat understandable -- the flow of information for a niche market like this doesn't flow very well to the original developers -- but ignoring warnings specifically directed at them does mean they might end up going with SakuraGame for English translations) or are simply xenophobic. That said, I believe it remains understandable that some companies just don't want to release their H-Games overseas. There's been some bad experiences in the past.

    42 minutes ago, Dergonu said:

    @Mr Poltroon and I had a discussion about this very issue some time ago. Not buying the game at all just means the company might lose interest in the western market from poor sales, but supporting a censored release might lead to them doing it again. I want neither.
    I generally try to go with option number three and be vocal about the issue and hope a full version gets released one day that I can support. Hence, my comments on the matter. Not sure exactly to what extent Fruitbait's representative on here deals with the devs if at all, but one can hope our talks abut the issue at least makes it to the ears of the devs through them.

    And I believe this is ultimately the best approach.

    That said, the Western market at the time was a bit iffier than it is now. Now games make it here rather often, whereas at the time releases were far fewer than now. If there's so many VNs you can't read them all, then it's understandable that you'd skip on those that don't agree with your values. As a consumer, supporting the market is not necessarily the primary concern.

    1 minute ago, Dergonu said:

    The all-ages versions of Grisaia is a good example of this issue. I actually feel like people buying those are being ripped off. The actual ending in Rakuen is just staright up missing in the all-ages version. You actually don't see the way the story ends for the characters if you buy that. Yet, people don't complain about anything missing, because... well, they don't know it's missing!
    See the problem?

    No, but I understand how you'd have one and I don't feel like redoing the conversation will be particularly worthwhile. :P

    As you've detailed your perspective, I'll just restate mine:


    It doesn't matter that in actuality you're missing scenes if the reason you're reading VNs is to feel/experience something. The objective of all-ages versions are to provide experiences/feelings that mimic the original (but may be toned down / less scandalous versions of certain emotional moments) and leave you satisfied with a complete product by the end. All-ages is not competing with 18+, they're different versions of the same thing, and if you feel you had a complete experience, then that just means it did its job correctly in leaving you satisfied with your product.

    The ideal scenario is that both versions are always available.

  2. 7 hours ago, Kosakyun said:

    Analogue: A Hate Story was as fun as I heard it to be. Been a long time since I played a VN with its own kind of gameplay, so going through this one was refreshing. The way it told its story was also really nice to the point that I'd call it pretty appropriate for the kind of story it was telling.

      Reveal hidden contents

    You being the judge of how far you want to go before ending the playthrough (via interactions with the two AIs and the logs you show them) is pretty damn nice considering the kind of story it's telling is one of hate. The two AIs represent sides in conflict about a horrible event that transpired on the Mugunghwa, and you choose which side of the story you want to hear more. Either way, hearing only one person's side of the story breeds hate for the other, and honestly, it's pretty well represented by the feelings *Mute had for the Pale Bride.

    I'm not into its romance aspect too much, but it was nice working together with two cute AIs.

    Go buy it if you ever have money to spare.

    Specific note for Analogue: I couldn't take the game seriously at times because I couldn't get it out of my mind how much *Hyun-ae reminds me of @Fiddle and Christmas hats.

    I think I'm one of the few people who prefer the sequel, Hate Plus, but I will recommend it nevertheless. I preferred the events they depicted there.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Ranzo said:

    I finished playing Steam Prison and I liked it quite a bit

    The protag was good, the world building was pretty solid, and I enjoyed playing through all the route, well, except for Valentine's.


    I think the true route was the best out of the bunch


      Hide contents

    being Fin is suffering. I'm glad Cyrus didn't end up with him


    I really loved how the game let you play out the same scenario in so many wildly different ways.

  4. As this guide relies on mandatory save points, it does not adhere to the Fuwanovel Walkthrough Guidelines, and has therefore been moved to this forum.

    Additionally, the guide to Chunhua's route may not be working as intended.


    If somebody ends up correctly formatting the guide or finding what needs to be changed in Chunhua's route guide, do tell me about it and I can correct this one/move your own to the Walkthrough forums.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Nier said:

    Isn't he saying that the game is censored the same way that the PS4 version was censored after Sony Interactivbe Entertainment headquarters were relocated from Japan to the USA and started forcing japanese devs to sensor their games?

    The game's console versions had two stages of censorship.

    Normal consoles had light rays covering exposed genitals. This seems to be what we got on Steam.

    PS4 had light rays covering most skin.

  6. 27 minutes ago, Hakunon said:

    So, I just finished a route on Yandere. I can't understand how people can enjoy this and say that it's good unironically. 

    Just now, JoshB2084 said:

    Yeah, pretty bad. I finished it, then deleted it.

    I don't think anybody actually likes Yandere unironically. At least, I've never seen a single positive comment about it other than some shock value.


    If one is looking for Yandere games, I wholeheartedly recommend Crimson Gray.

  7. 3 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Soo, I couldn't sleep much today, but on the bright side, I was able to binge the rest of Mahoutsukai no Yome and... Eh, it was kind of disappointing - in the end the series felt 40% brilliant and 60% pompous, overstylized mess. I was absolutely charmed by the prequel OVA, as they showed the best elements of the show: awesome production quality, climate-building and Chise herself, who's consistently an interesting and compelling protagonist. The main series however was very hit and miss, often feeling just weird and overindulgent. The further it went, the more inconsistent it got, leaving me with seriously mixed feelings. And that's a real shame, because I really for this series to be special and its main building blocks - the characters of Chise and Elias, their backstories and the peculiar relationship that grows between them - are quite excellent.

    As a whole, this anime has its share of 10/10, deeply touching moments, but even more 6/10 or 5/10 ones - it all sums up to a fairly weak 8, although the prequel story and the first few episodes of the main show are still a solid 9. And well, I guess even a weak 8 sounds pretty good in the end, but it could've easily been much more than that...

    Okay. It's not just me that really wanted to like it but ended up stalling it midway through.

  8. 12 hours ago, Kosakyun said:

    First show was Made in Abyss. At first I thought it was going to be full of furry bait and despair

    Right, this. I wanted to ask, is this show just despair misery suffering or not quite? I got that impression from hearing people talk about it, which is why I haven't watched it despite really appreciating the art style, but a friend said otherwise the other day.

    Is it one of those where every time things seem to be looking better it just goes DESPAIR!!1! ? I can't handle that. I've given up on Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist over that sort of thing. Please reply in a spoiler tag.

    (Which is admittedly ironic considering I love Danganronpa but whatever. If it's funny despair it's ok.)

  9. I have three VNs which I dropped rather quickly (5 minutes or less had passed when I dropped them). Two were dropped because they didn't engage me and hooked me. They seemed generic and boring. The last one was dropped because I actively disliked it:

    • Glasses Girl - Tried it out, it started by throwing childhood friend cliches and the like at me. Stopped for the moment. Which turned out to be a very long moment.
    • Sounds of Her Love - Tried it out, it was kind of boring, stopped, never returned.
    • I/O - Seemed like a terrible pretentious mess. The narration in its initial segment annoyed me. Just gave up.
  10. @Funyarinpa

    One of the central pillars around the formation of these eroge communities is the content. People all come here because they, for whatever reason, consume such content and want to discuss it or see others discuss it.
    A large percentage of eroge has extreme content of the kind you are attempting to denounce and condemn.

    The content itself, VNs and Eroge, covers many many areas, but the more extreme areas will naturally drive out those that cannot ignore them or enjoy them in the same way.

    What remains is a community composed of people who tolerate or appreciate such content, or recognise that others do, accepting it.

    If, one day, someone arrives and starts explaining how bad this all is, they are likely to get ignored or told they are wrong themselves. It would upturn the very base of the community that currently exists. If a ban on fictional content that were considered morally bankrupt were suddenly passed, 80% of the community would just leave and go somewhere else (Incidentally, I imagine people such as I and Plk_Lesiak would remain--though I cannot really speak for him--as long as some people remained).

    Though I entirely understand what you are attempting to do here, I think it should come as no surprise that your position is not one shared by most people present here, and the amount of people that would change their views because of somebody else's story on the internet it somewhat low. The internet is a very tall barrier, and sometimes people can only get emotionally engaged/involved to things that occur near them/to them, or things that are similar to other events that have taken place near them.

    If I were part of a country that regularly sacrificed a person for fun (gladiators-ish affair?), would everyone suddenly agree with me if I told them it was wrong to murder people? My answer would probably be no, and that is what I see on this thread as well.


    Now, since you've gone to the trouble of exposing a lot of your personal views, I'll go ahead and do the same. Not something I usually do, because I believe it creates a lot of conflict that really isn't worth it.

    I find that I am an extremely tolerant person, probably lack empathy on many aspects, and have an extreme belief that the end justifies the means.
    This is why none of this kind of extreme content bothers me. I cannot even begin to imagine how it would hurt a person. Most of the talk about porn and sex are foreign to me. I have never masturbated and I am fairly certain at this point in my life that I will never engage in sexual activities (but I can't predict life). It is beyond my means to even begin to transfer all this fictional content into actual reality.
    Therefore, I cannot empathise. I don't see how discussion of this content hurts others, even through your own story.

    Your own story brings up two aspects, morality a feelings, as the main cause for the hurt:

    Now, when you say that something is morally wrong, I will ask "Why is that?". "Hurting people is bad." "Why?" "It causes pain and suffering." "Why is that bad?" "..." -- There are many responses, but ultimately I believe that human life is only seen as precious because we are humans.
    If I care about other human beings, I care on the level that I can empathise with them. "I wouldn't want that to happen to me." or "I like this person, so I don't want things that'd make them feel bad to happen to them. It'd make me feel bad too."
    I like seeing other people happy or enjoying themselves. It is an enjoyable thing for me.

    But ultimately, this is just a question of feelings. But who or what controls feelings? Are my feelings right? But what if everyone around me has different ones?

    A lack of empathy. Is that a flaw? Is that something the person can fix? Is that the person's fault to begin with, or were they born this way? Should they be forced to fix it?
    "I do not believe it is my responsibility to watch what I say on this space on internet. If others get hurt by it, that is their own fault for continuously reading/participating. Anyone who has come here has done so willingly, and, knowing what sorts of things are allowed here, has chosen to read on."
    Is this lack of empathy? Or is it something else?

    I don't know.

  11. Just now, Funyarinpa said:

    @Tiagfvarela I've always seen you as a companion, of sorts. We joined around a similar time, and talked on many things together. I don't know, I just feel like we've seen a lot together, which is a weird thing to say to someone I haven't talked to in a long time.

    Ahem. I should, at the very least, let you know that my name is Tiago. Tiago F Varela. (And I have not said this in years!)

    That said, know that I feel the exact same way. The first few moments are very memorable, I suppose. Please, be happy with yourself.


    On the topic of this topic, I really recommend Cute Demon Crashers to heal your soul. Happy, consensual experiences are my domain.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Since there are so many choices in the game, I can't really narrow it down to a single cause.
    I first tried doing Chunhua's route over again from Save 1 (specified in the Fuwanovel walkthrough) but with the choices from fredward666's GameFAQs guide, but that ended up putting me on Masumi's route instead. After that, I replayed the game in its entirety and followed fredward666's guide for the common route as well, and that properly led me to Chunhua's route and made me eventually reach her ending. I saw several scenes with her that never happened when I used the Fuwanovel guide, and the story continued on at the point where it should, rather than give me the bad ending I got by following the Fuwa guide.

    In other words, to be absolutely sure to reach Chunhua's ending, you should pick the choices listed in fredward666's guide for both the common route and Chunhua's route.  I doubt the save points in the Fuwanovel walkthrough would still be applicable if you go with these other choices though, so you'd have to consider this a completely separate playthrough.

    Thank you!

    That guide should never have been accepted to begin with for other reasons... but as it is now... I'll probably leave it in the unformatted walkthroughs forum along with a warning that at least the guide to Chunhua's route is not working as intended.

  13. 1 hour ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Found out today that the walkthrough for Family Project here on Fuwanovel is incorrect. I've been doing exactly what it says and finished Matsuri's route yesterday, but today when I went for Chunhua's route, I hit a dead end. Rather than the route continuing with

      Reveal hidden contents

    the part where Chunhua meets her mother, it just abruptly ends with Tsukasa leaving the house and hooking up with Kei. I assume that's actually the bad ending of the game.

    I had to start the entire game over again with a different guide (from GameFAQs) in order to access and finish Chunhua's route.

    If you could share what needs to be fixed, I can go fix it.

  14. On 13/03/2019 at 7:15 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Well, if you ever decide to check it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. At the very least, I've found it very inoffensive, which is in direct opposition to most Dharker games, not just those super-early ones. :)

    So, I played a route in Highschool Romance and... I really really like it!
    I had an inkling that any trap protagonists that aren't in a nukige will, by necessity, fit into my tastes, but I really like Shoji! He basically fits this

    Once he gets used to the idea, after the first week or so, he becomes able to casually interact with everybody. And, unlike normal protagonists, he isn't constantly thinking about people's bodies or sex. Wonderful!
    In one of the common route paths a female friend fell asleep on his shoulder and he ended up going to sleep too.
    Do you know how much I love having a protagonist that doesn't go "I-I can't sleep." "I didn't sleep that night because my friend from school was sleeping over." Urgh, horrible.

    (He's also smooth as h*ck once he knows somebody is interested in him but that's an aside)

  15. 2 hours ago, N_G said:

    The third list please, the Romantic nukige list

    Nukige with Romance - For this, I will be considering romantic routes to count, even if there's other content.


    --Completely Consensual--

    Boku to Nurse - You're working at a hospital, but then meet a nurse who used to be a friend in highschool. You end up falling in love.

    Cute Demon Crashers - Perhaps my favourite sex game. It's cute, everyone's incredibly sweet and respectful, and it's great all around.

    Momoiro Closet - This one IS extreme, but in odd ways. It has two routes: One is sweeter and more grounded in reality, and the other is off to pervertedness. Still, it is funnier than it is sexy, I found.

    Mutiny!! (Gameplay) - It isn't quite a nukige, but close enough. The story is mainly about adventuring, but has a romance with one of the crewmembers as an aside. The protagonist (and some of the crew) are very open sexually, so all kinds of stuff goes on, but by the end you can end up getting together with somebody. I loved Nemui's route in particular, and would recommend anyone and everyone to start with her.

    Sacrament Sheep - The more inconspicuous younger sibling of Ne no Kami (which I haven't played, but would recommend anyway), this title is short and plays on a simple gimmick: When the two main characters are together, you can switch between perspectives at will, allowing you to see the thoughts both are having at the same time. A short though relatively intense romance.

    SonoHana series - Whilst on the topic of yuri nukige, this series is the father of them all, having been one of the first getting translated. If you keep in mind this is a nukige, the characters all love each other plenty.

    Wanko to Kurasou - The nukige/moege mix people hate because of the protagonist apparently being some sort of superman. He's not the nicest of guys, but he grows out of it. I loved this one because in one of the routes he lives with his girlfriend, who is kind of a pervert, so a lot of funny stuff goes on. There's also a bunch of anthropomorphic pets and a whole society around that -- See Karakara and Nekopara.

    Sweet Home and Sagara Family - These two are the same sort of thing: You move in with a family with only girls and things happen and you can end up choosing to romance one (or all). I think you're forced to have intimate encounters with more than one person before you get into a route. Nevertheless, Risa's route in Sweet Home is very sweet indeed.

    Koihime Musou (Gameplay) - At the start it doesn't seem like it, but... By the end you'll be ploughing through romantic events one after the other. Relationships are pursued with multiple people, though you have three main ones to choose from, like Kamidori.

    --Not Quite Consensual--

    Desire Dungeon (Gameplay) - A dungeon populated by monster girls that you're not allowed to kill, and won't kill you, either. I suggest you venture down the dungeon and attempt to figure out the secret of the dungeon.

    Re;Lord (Gameplay) - A somewhat deluded yet somewhat powerful demon goes on a quest to defend his homeland from attacks from witches, and someone really stupid managed to get it inside his head that he should rape those he defeats. The girls are... kind of too befuddled to really mind? These are supposedly rape scenes, but everyone's too confused to care during or after the affair. They attacked first, I guess. Not a clear-cut romance, so you may want to skip this.

    Quest Failed - For the most part, you like the monster girls and they like you, but they end up getting carried away too much...

    I can also add a couple of RPGMaker games with what is probably romance:


    The Dungeon of Lulu Farea (Gameplay) - You are an adventurer that loves monster girls, so, when you encounter them in dungeons, you show your love, forcibly. The girls end up resigning to it. Everyone's happy by the end, I suppose. Puzzle game. Needs external patch.

    Do you have AKIRA points? (link NSFW) - A childhood friend moves in with you, using a free room. In order to pay you back, she begins concocting strange situations to tease you...


    Also, here's two I forgot to add to the previous list:

    The Confines of the Crown

    Sisterly Bliss - Yuri game with both dark and happy routes for each side of the relationship.

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