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    As far as Visual Novels are concerned, these are my current preferences:
    Romance - Comedy - Psychological Thriller - Mystery - Chickens

    Action, and Fantasy don't affect my enjoyment much.

    I despise Horror, Drama, and Sports, however.
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    Proofreader: One Thousand Lies; Noble☆Works; Dracu-Riot!;
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  1. hsDCRJD.png

    I'd say this is the first moment in Seinarukana where I didn't consider it to be a bundle of generic tropes.

    I wonder why I feel the same about both games in the series? Their starts manage to be really stale despite being no more and no less than the average moege I read. I believe it may have to do with my mentality going in: If I started playing it, I want gameplay, not unoriginal slice-of-life.

    On the other hand, once I do finish it, if replays become necessary I may feel that I don't want to go through the gameplay again, meaning I employ HAX.

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