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  1. What could this be referring to - a release date for something *ZE3* maybe or something to do with the Infinity games? http://4infinity.co/
  2. Is that store UK or US based? There was a EU 16 (PEGI) rating on the cover.
  3. Hey, I'm posting here - almost forgot I signed up Sometimes I cant spend all day at the PC
  4. Hi, Thank you very much Its working fine now. I noticed when I start the game theres 2 parts/episodes - "Death Rule" and "The Last Code", which one do I read/play first? Thanks
  5. How do I download the game? I thought I got the 'patch' but couldnt get it working
  6. The Phantom Ice Cream Truck (?!) linky doesnt work, I got "This page does not exsist" or something like that
  7. Is it better than Killer Queen? Sounds rather like that but could be interesting
  8. At least the article gives VNs as a genre some coverage. I'm not sure AA counts a real VN though?
  9. Hopefully they'll fix things like that (the type spacing) before release. How do you pronounce "TSHE" anyway? :? I think its probably because neither guy working on the game is a native English speaker (apparently..) But he did say it will be overseen by "experienced translators".
  10. Would you recommend the original version of 5-8 or the one with PS3 sprites? Thank you
  11. Thank you! Do you really need to play Hirugashi (sp?) - I have a demo - before Umineko? I tried downloading Umineko Chiru but couldnt get it to work Killer Queen has an interesting premise but was dull IMO sadly, and not as good as it could have been
  12. Are there any other mystery/twisty VNs (maybe with dark themes) that are worth getting? I downloaded: Cross Channel. Utawarerumono. and Sekien no Inganock
  13. I got Cross Channel, Sekien and Utawarerumono, I hope I'll enjoy them.
  14. Thats true, it was just a massive cliffhanger
  15. Rumours are going round about the last part: https://twitter.com/SaveZeroEscape
  16. Looking at OP's list I just noticed 'Bakudan Handan' - isnt that the same as Sweet Fuse? Sounds familliar.
  17. Symphonic Rain is supposed to be very good according to some here, but from the synopsis it just sounds more like a romance VN about music..? Is it really so good?
  18. Downloading Cross Channel now, maybe its my internet but the speed is horrible
  19. I forgot about Cross Channel and now its gone from Fuwa, doh! Wasnt there a revised translation for that?
  20. Cross Channel sounds interesting, is there much 'mystery' in this one?
  21. Ahhh... I hadnt thought of that either. But he never worked on that originally (afaik?) so why would he be brought in for the remake, is my question. The Yu-no remake was revealed ages ago (comparitively), why post a status and then delete it? Weird... imo
  22. Interesting Didnt he say he was working on a 'sex comedy' or whatever, or did that turn out to be Punchline? If his next game (and its ZE3) comes out on PS4 I'm strongly tempted to buy it just for one game
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