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  1. No manga update this week, too sick! #sick #anime #manga #oc #mangaoc #animeoc #ocs

  2. Satan uns Helfen Characters - Q & A Game Starts Now! Make a question to my characters here or on tumblr only! #qa #Q&A #Manga #homestuck

  3. What are some already made characters? I'm making a manga and this is my group so far of ocs. The current cast of SUH with pictures and backgrounds! Gein. 15 aggressive half goat boy, teammate of Kaiser. Joey Hollin Despite being 18 he has the build and facial hair of a man, his right arm is also shorter than his left! Short temper, he will easily cause conflict out of anger or for his entertainment. He’s enjoys killing, war, and work - he is mean spirited and manages to hold his grudges to the Gods. Getting knocked down was a constant event in his life, but he shows no
  4. Making a Fighting Fantasy, school, future, elemental change backgrounds will be needed. Help be credited of course.
  5. I'm Kaiser, or call me Senpai. I'm 17 and been in Sin City ( Las Vegas ) for 16 years. I'm currently working on a fighting fantasy novel I soon want to turn into a visual novel, 2rpg, manga, and than some animation. The visual novel, and 2drpg I'm comfortable with. I always put down my drawings but I really want to this as I love fighters. I'm also a gamer, not a consoler. Fangirl or no console, only loyal to my games. Hit me up if you want to play something! Thanks friends.
  6. Picking 5 OC's to appear and stay on my manga/other(s) msg me for the character sheet. Webcomic/2DRPG/Sim Move/ & Anime. Fighting Fantasy!

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