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  1. I can’t thank you enough! Kamidori was the 2nd visual novel I ever played (Katawa Shoujo was the first) and when I realized there weren’t anymore Eushully games translated, I was a bit heart broken. I’m trying to learn Japanese, but in the mean time my 7 year wait is over. I’m so freaking jazzed right now. Best of wishes, and have a sincerely good 2020. You rock!!
  2. So, I decided to boot up Sengoku Rance after not having played it for years. Pretty much as soon as I got to the action select screen on turn 1, there was this odd beeping noise. I looked multiple places online and couldn't find anything about it. I tested it and was able to narrow down that it is NOT an ingame sound, because if I mute the bgm and sfx the sound still plays. I also figured out that it has something to do with me moving the mouse when the auto move mouse cursor is on. Specifically, if I move the mouse from its path when it is travelling to whatever option it autos to. The easy solution would be to turn off auto move mouse cursor, I know... but I've played this game on and off for 7 years now, and I'm extremely used to having that option on. It feels alien to turn it off! Does anyone know what this might be? The beeps are short and not that loud, and it never beeps more than twice no matter how much I move my mouse. I don't hear these beeps in anything else that I play, but this is the only game/vn I have (that I can think of) with a slow travelling auto cursor option. The issue didn't used to occur, and I have tried the basic troubleshooting solutions like resetting my PC, unplugging and plugging back in my mouse, restarting the game, etc. Anyone got any ideas? I'm stumped.
  3. You are awesome and I can't thank you enough for your hard work. If I was further along in my Japanese studies I would be happy to help, but alas, I only know basic stuff. Add another person to those rooting for you and your team!
  4. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    Yeah, I've noticed nobody mentioned that I brought up ToHeart 2.... Hopefully that's just because it's totally different from the other 2? ha...ha... Damnit, I'll read it no matter what! Thanks for your thoughts. I'm already a little lost on Subahibi, it makes me feel like an idiot.
  5. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    Ha, that's true. I just want something good to read that I can get absorbed into. I'm enjoying Subahibi alright, and I've wanted to read ToHeart 2 since I was 13 (10 years ago). I saw the anime trailer on an old OnDemand type service, and when I looked into it I discovered visual novels for the first time. Might not be worth a 10 year wait, but hey, it's about time. As for Dies Irae, I've hear great things before the translation, and I'm excited to read something in a genre I don't have much experience with.
  6. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    You've convinced me. I love pretentiousness (does that make me pretentious as well? Ha!) and I'm sure if I like the story and characters enough I would go back to it later. I'll start playing it tomorrow. I've been itching for a new chuuni (haven't quite started reading Japanese language VNs yet) and 11 Eyes wasn't really doing it for me.
  7. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    Ah, so a date was never set in the first place. At least officially? Hmm. Would you say that it is worth reading without the H content and the trimmed CGs? Or should I just read Subahibi and To Heart 2 while I wait?
  8. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    It seems a lot of people around here saw this VN as a letdown but I still want to try it. I have been waiting for the 18+ patch and still haven't heard anything about it, except for a 2017-9 sate that is nearly passed. Hoping someone has miraculously heard news on the status of it that VNDB hasn't gotten wind of yet?
  9. Learning Japanese Through Visual Novels?

    Yeah I agree, I've been using Tae Kim's guide.
  10. Rance 3 Help

    Nah, don't worry about it. It was a pretty good idea, I thought for sure it would work haha
  11. Rance 3 Help

    Unfortunately it seems that the snapshots only saved the html code and the "Are you over 18" blog page, but thanks for the idea
  12. Rance 3 Help

    Hey everyone! I've been playing through the early Rance games and found out that there is a pretty big bug in Rance 3 that requires you to save after every battle. In the walkthrough on the Alicesoft wiki I saw that the English patch was re-released with a fix for that bug, but the links I've found for it lead to the old Rance translation team's blog, and that doesn't exist anymore. Anyone know where I can find this patch?
  13. Any fantasy/action VN that has romance ?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Ayakashibito, so I'll add that one to the list.
  14. I know frontwing is going to stream on twitch, maybe the other companies are as well?