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    eclipsezero reacted to Sieg in What are you playing?   
    Nice, P3 is my favourite RPG of all times xD
    Did you know they're making a movie? My guess is that there are going to be four movies (much like Kara no Kyoukai).. The PV seems amazing =D
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    eclipsezero reacted to Via in What are you playing?   
    THE Nyx from P3, owner of one of the greatest battle themes I've ever heard.

    Yeah, after finishing it I decided to wait a little to play Unlimited Blade works, both because I wanted to go back to it fresh AND because I felt it'd be rather long and I wanted to finish some other things first.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Tay in Make a VN - Looking for Brainstorming Team   
    Well, that's a good idea, too. My writing experience is still pretty minimal - I've published some poetry and short stories, and have taught a few community classes on creative writing - so I'm going on the advice of others here. From what I've heard, most writers suggest giving a writing team some room to come up with/mash together ideas (especially ideas they don't outright love). Then the writers, having come up with a basic outline, can go to a community for feedback.

    Community-collaborative writing from start to finish is hard to do and takes a long time.

    If we want to produce other VNs that way, I'm all for it! But for this one, I think I'm going to try the process described above: take good ideas and a team, get some space, and merge and melt until one plot comes together.

    Criticism and thoughts welcome!
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    eclipsezero reacted to solidbatman in Agarest: Generations of War on Steam Greenlight!   
    The Agarest War games just aren't that fun for me (not too big into SRPG), but regardless, it gets a thumbs up from me in hopes that we do see more of it's kind on PC.

    Higurashi is on Greenlight as well, so if you haven't given it your vote yet, please do.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Ryoji in VNs you would like to be animated~   
    I know that it was a short VN but Phenomeno would make an awesome Anime.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Daeyamati in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    I would sell my soul to Ufotable if this were to happen. Their animation for Fate/Zero & Kara no Kyoukai was just absolutely gorgeous.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Metaler in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    Hey guys, name's Metaler. Or just Mets, Meta, or what have you! I've been registered in these forums for a while now, but I never managed to post anything, much less write an introduction!

    So yeah, I'm your average guy, studying linguistics in college and generally just lazying around, haha. I've been interested in anime and manga ever since I was a little brat, when I watched DBZ, Pokemon and Digimon. Around my first year of high school, I discovered visual novels after the Tsukihime anime was dubbed here, and I found out it was based on one. I had already heard that the anime was terribad, so I decided to try out the VN and I was hooked. Loved it to death, and it's a memorable classic to me. Afterwards, I tried out Yume Miru Kusuri, and shiiiiit son, that turned out to be one of my personal favorites. I still remember Aeka's route like it was yesterday. Later, I tried out some other classics like Fate/Stay Night and Sharin no Kuni, most of which I still have very fond memories of.
    Lately, I've been trying to expand to trying out VNs in Japanese, so about a year and a half ago, I started studying Japanese after finding Tae Kim's guide and Aaeru's blog post. Ever since then, I gotta say my Japanese improved a lot... At least in terms of reading, haha. I finished all of the Sono Hanabira games, having understood most of what was writter, and I'm currently playing through Dracu-Riot. I also tried out Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu, but damn, that's too hard for me. But I'll read it someday! I ain't gonna leave that adorable Rui waiting forever.

    Apart from that, I just generally try to take it easy as much as possible. I'm pretty lazy, but at least I don't let it get to me, haha.
    I love reading, and I generally enjoy pretty much any kind of story. I don't have many preferences, even within the realm of eroge... I just stay away from rape games and I have very little interest in nukige, mostly (though I did try out Bishoujo Mangekyou...)

    I'm also interested in philosophy, and I've been pretty interested in Taoism lately. Good vibes, dude. I love easy-going and peaceful thoughts.

    Aaaand, well, that's it, I suppose. I'm sure we'll get to know each other better with time.

    Aw hell, I'm just blathering about like crazy. Cheers, and take it easy!
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    eclipsezero reacted to Sieg in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    I can kinda relate why Tsukihime fans are in denial with the existence of that anime..
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    eclipsezero reacted to Down in こんにちは, fellow dudes and dudettes.   
    You know what the worst is? The OST is pretty damn good, therefore you can't even completely deny the existence of the anime. I actually played a part of Tsukihime with the anime OST instead of the VN OST, cuz the VN OST quickly becomes a bit boring.

    Now, a Tsukihime anime remake after the VN remake... by Ufotable... That would be a blessing.
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    eclipsezero reacted to solidbatman in JRPG's on PC   
    Ys I & II are being released on Steam soon. Just a heads up.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Mikel in What are you listening to right now?   
    Oh, Peter Hollens is great. I've been following his Youtube channel for some time now.
    I love his collaborations with Lindsey Stirling

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    eclipsezero reacted to Mikel in What are you listening to right now?   
    You should watch it righ now then.

    Is one of the greatest mindfucks in anime.
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    eclipsezero reacted to Snowtsuku in Hello from Rya   
    Electronics Engineer? (I hope)

    Anyway welcome to Fuwa

    Where's Pyachu btw?
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    eclipsezero reacted to trhvmn in Lets collect all versions of Emiya(an OST from Fate/Stay Night) into one topic~   
    All remixes are small time compared to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgtxb9yBggc.
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    eclipsezero got a reaction from okami55 in JRPG's on PC   
    Some info:
    There's a new version of Persona 4 coming for the Playstation Vita, called Persona 4 the Golden, it contains added features like new epilogues and more social links, so if its at all possible, get that version over the original PS2 one.
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    eclipsezero got a reaction from okami55 in I ask of you, are you the forum I seek?   
    Should be easy to guess the reference in the topic title dohohoho~ And if it isn't, it should make itself obvious(I think) once you finish reading my introduction :3

    Hello! Nice to meet you peeps.
    I am a fan of both Japanese and Western material.
    Favorites include:

    Japanese - Anything by Type-Moon and any Shin Megami Tensei title, I am a total fanboy for both.
    Other favorites include the Ys series(THAT MUSIC OMG)
    The Metal Gear series(Only played a few so far)
    The Last Remnant(I guess I am one of the few fans of this title, welp. Haven't completed yet though)
    The Zelda series
    Rune Factory(3 and above. Not a fan of the first two sadly...)
    BlazBlue(I suck at this series, still like it for Trollzama)
    Durarara/Baccano!(Anime and light novels)
    ...well, I won't list more, not gonna list anime either. Don't want to turn this into an even bigger post than it is already herp.

    Western -
    Mass Effect(Still a fun series despite that end.)

    Alan Wake
    Elder Scrolls
    Sleeping Dogs
    L.A. Noire
    Game of Thrones(Books and show)
    ...and I will stop there. Again, quite a few more I like :V


    And uh, well, that's it I guess. One thing I should mention is that English is not my first language, if you spot any huge errors, please tell me so, so I can learn from said mistakes.
    Came here due to the visual novels, and joined on the offchance that I run into any problems regarding VN's, hopefully I get help and you peeps don't mind that too much >>;
    I will try to be active of course, as this seems to be a fun community, and I know of no other visual novel sites like these, so yeah.

    Which brings me to the question I want to end this post with, its just due to curiosity, if possible, I hope you can answer:
    When was this community/site founded? I had literally not heard of it until yesterday! Came across it while looking for some visual novels.
    Are you merely providing visual novels, or will you perhaps do some stuff in the future to help spread visual novels? Not sure what exactly, just a general question.

    Anyways, hope to have fun here with y'all!
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