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  1. idk if it's just me but the download links for each visual novel is gone. This may be a noob thing to ask but, how can I download the visual novels now?, clicking the translator's page links usually bring me to the translation patch and not the game itself, should I just rely on other sites now to download and leave fuwanovel as a reference page?
  2. a chance to win a collectors version of my favourite visual novel? HELL YEAHHHH SIGN ME IN PLS d-(^-^)l
  3. thanks, it fixed the problem quiet nicely ^^
  4. I'm having a problem with most other visual novels where the text is all jumbled up, I try my best to ignore it but every now and then it becomes completely unreadable and its at the point where it's pissing me off, does anyone have any idea on how to fix it?
  5. So as my topic title says, I saw this picture of Gonzou and I couldn't help myself but turn it into a meme... Do you guys think it actually fits the picture at all?
  6. Omg Ikr?, honestly I would have finished the entire thing in such little time but I accidentally spoiled it for myself when I was looking for a G-senjou Wallpaper and accidentally came across a and I'm all like FML, so I barely continued reading it after that, I finished the tsubaki and shiratori routes but now i don't feel motivated to finish it when I found out that one fact , i'm still reading it but like very slowly now along with other vns lol
  7. Well its all about motivation really. But for me there are 4 main reasons why I read Visual Novels; I am outside from home and there is absolutely no wifi available and I don't have a mouse to play osu or any of my FPS games I pull up a VN (Of course I have to be extra cautious about a wild H-Scene coming out of nowhere),the story really does entice me, and I cant stop reading (G-senjou no maou got me marathoning for like 10 hours), don't judge me when I say this one reason but, sometimes I actually play to reach the *Inhales* 'H-Scenes'... Let me explain this one a little more further. Let me
  8. Make sure none of your files are set to read-only. Select all files > Right click > Properties > Untick Read-Only. (you may have to do this for individual folders) we think it's utorrent doing this automatically through one of its settings. See http://puu.sh/3gNZt.png. OR anti-virus issue. copy and pasterinoed from the troubleshooting section from https://fuwanovel.net/novels/yandere idk it seems that its only utorrent that has this problem, if you ever do decide to try to download a vn with utorrent again (Worked for me and I'm a utorrent user)
  9. ok so for this visual novel https://fuwanovel.net/novels/yandere It seems to be working just fine, I can hear the character voices anywhere on the game, like when I exit it I hear the in game voices and anything else menu related. EXCEPT for in the story itself, Idk why but whenever I start to play the game all I can hear is the effects and the BGM, but not the character voices itself. The sprites seem to be working fine. When the dialogue pops up where the girl should be talking I don't hear anything. I tried configuring it, and according to the options the voices volume should be at
  10. ok so, I'm having trouble running the game to the point where I now want to re-download it, or install it. but everytime i click the uninstall app this happens. is there any other way to do it or am I doing it wrong?
  11. seriously? I actually completely forgot about that... wow i feel like an idiot, how do I lower the screen resolution again without opening the game though?
  12. ok how do I uninstall this game?, I wanna see if I can install it again to see what will happen. I tried clicking the uninstall application but i only got another japanese error window
  13. Idk, I downloaded it from the fuwanovel site, my computer is in japanese unicode and I tried opening an audio or video file like "Help! Stuck on black screen" readme file told me to, but the thing is that I'm not stuck on a black screen, its more like a white screen. Whenever I try to exit the game I get a wierd error message that I can't read because its in japanese. Ultimately the only way for me to close the game is that I need to bring up the task manager. Any help to fix this problem to make it more playable? http://imgur.com/u1JLsRH
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