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  1. Hi, Just wanted to give another thank you to the team. The Eushully games were a ton of fun and have been what I think of as a reference when I want to get my jrpg fix. I don't know if there's any way I can help at the moment but I started learning Japanese recently (English primary) and would love to help with this or another Eushully project once I'm at a level capable of it. These games should be what help represent the VN/anime jrpg community, not the short hentai cash grabs that have been getting localized lately. Thanks again and good luck!
  2. Ikusa Megami Zero: A project?

    Sorry for posting in a dead thread but is this project still alive? If it is/still needs help I can help out as an editor, and after finishing this game do you plan on translating other Eushully games? Most of their games are really good but only have interface patches (which are more often than not wrong/not enough to complete quests).