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  1. Original manager here. Unfortunately, things obviously didn't work out. I don't know if anyone from the old team is still working on it or if what has been translated and edited is still saved anywhere. I just wanted you all to know I personally apologize this didn't go according to plan. If I get in touch with the other members from back in the day, hopefully we can at least give you all something after all these years of you guys waiting. I want to personally thank you for your continued support, and I'm sorry the translation and all that never came to fruition.
  2. Been a long while since I was on this forum. Glad things have been going well.
  3. Yeah, sorry I fell off the face of the earth. Things happen. But I do still love ya guys, and thanks for the support.
  4. Sengoku Koihime 18+....well, if I recall correctly, one of our translators could not care less, but he's also got a different side project. I personally have no complaints about working on it, so to me it'd just be a matter of having some manpower to work on it without taking away from Koihime Musou. If it took as long as SKM...we'd never get to Eiyuutan. So it's something of a maybe right now. Bummed that we aren't getting a PS4 edition. I'll probably end up importing. And I do feel the need to stress that neither us nor MG have anything to do with Koihime Enbu. Though props to the publishers who are working on it. Would have liked to have helped a bit, but no biggie.
  5. Agreed. I feel like that possibly could've been handled better. It's weird that on this after route, they introduce several new characters and just kind of bundle them up as a harem route on the last chapter of the last game in the series. Still, no complaints. They seem interesting from what exceedingly little I've seen of them.
  6. From the look of the CG Set, Margit's Route comprises like half the friggin' game and is her entire military battalion. Takae has less than two pages of CGs on hitomi, and Margit's whole thing has like eight out of twelve pages.
  7. I'm sure as hell not gonna complain if you wanna help out as Editor. Let's get this going.

  8. Completely forgot I went by MKDude here. It's TheRetroGoat literally everywhere else. Need to figure out how to change that. But yeah, we did originally have the support of MangaGamer to release it, which is partly why we haven't done any type of partial patch. As for US licensing? HELL NO. WE do not have the consent of BaseSon to personally license this, we have no damn clue how we'd divide up the pay for anything we've done, and we have give or take ZERO experience in actively releasing a visual novel as a "company." As such, something like a Steam release is entirely out of the question. Ignoring ALL the other issues with a Steam release, we would get a C&D the SECOND we try to make a personal profit. We don't even accept donations. It's been awhile since we've discussed things with MG, people keeping up with us know we had a slow year in 2015, and deadlines and burnout and (etc) would all just make this harder. The additional help would be awesome, and we are still open for recruiting right now (which I'll make a separate comment about later), but right now any official release isn't happening in the next week or two. Frankly speaking, the main reason we'd want to do a partial patch is to show how far we've come along and see if anyone else would like to join something that has proof it won't get abandoned. But it would still be best to see what MG would want to do about some type of partial patch, if any (and they probably don't), and we'd currently like to just keep working at our own pace without having to worry about various deadlines.
  9. We thought about it, and we realize translating a hentai anime and an H-Scene in a visual novel are two different things. Though it was not a bad idea. That's a possibility, and we've been pretty back and forth on whether we intend to do a patch or not. Our original goal was to work with MG to release this, and though we haven't talked to them in a very long time, it still may be best to clear it with them beforehand. Who knows? It could happen.
  10. Work has definitely stalled, I won't deny 2015 was a pretty slow year for us. It's a mixture of burn out and high turn over rate. But we are hiring if people wanna help. Think I have things updated on what we'd need help on. Thank you guys for your continuing support by the way. We know this is taking longer than anyone would like, and it really does mean a lot to us that you're still rooting for us.
  11. I miss this forum being active. Ah well. Updated March 18th, 2016.
  12. Come to think of it, a main page Percentage Update would probably help calm everyone down. Doesn't seem like that's been updated since you guys started on A. Even if it isn't quite so bragworthy, it doesn't hurt. Unless you plan to just up and say 'It's done!' out of the middle of nowhere.
  13. Huh, interesting little trivia. The seiyuu for Benkei is the same seiyuu for Aisha/Kan'U from the Koihime Musou games. A1 English patch confirmed, has full support of manager for Shin Koihime Musou translation. Majikoi X Koihime Musou coming soon.
  14. Eh, everybody gets sick of a single project or goal after some point.
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