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  1. True or False

    Nope, want snow and cold, not sunbathing. Next one has set off firecrackers to wake someone up
  2. True or False

    True. Next person has worked on five TL projects before (roles don't matter)
  3. What are you playing?

    Witch's Garden and Madou Koukaku
  4. True or False

    False, I spread them Next one up has walked up to their high school teacher and demanded anime to be put on the curriculum
  5. Kamidori Alchemy Meister

    Said sign won't disappear until you beat all the Deadbeat dungeons, which should at least five? (not sure). In any case, the deadbeat status is there to stay for most of the game.
  6. True or False

    False. Next one is a teacher or professor of some sort (only educational)
  7. True or False

    true, (I believe its a cross between a nodachi and a tachi) not sure about that bit, just using estimates on curve and length Next one has a replica of excalibur
  8. True or False

    Yep, true. Next one is part of an ongoing translation project
  9. how do you get a custom title?

    Does working on translation projects also count to this?
  10. True or False

    False, never sleeps this week Next one up doesn't belong to a religion
  11. True or False

    False, they can buy it from me (not exactly cheap) Next one can analyse someone's personality by just listening to them
  12. True or False

    Not entirely true, only applies when they are roasted Next one knows Chinese martial arts
  13. True or False

    False, takes too much time to train elephants. (Much rather take up rhinos or tigers) Next one up can fly without the aid of machinery
  14. True or False

    True, been waiting for the anime adaptation of WWIII. Next person had designed anti-gravity ships
  15. True or False

    Nope, I'm a cross between a cat and a dragon. (A drat, or a cargon, whichever way you want to see it.) Next one up has an embarrassing photo of them online