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  1. RT @TaurusIsMagic: A #Taurus will allow you to think you've fooled them.

  2. RT @AshKetchumTime: Don't lie, everyone secretly wants their own Pokemon.

  3. RT @pickupIines: do you smoke weed because i juana be with you

  4. Tapos na April fools bat kinalolokohan pdin ako.

  5. RT @EssentialFact: By peeing in the shower, you can save 1,157 gallons of water a year!

  6. RT @PapaJackQuote: "Minsan, mas mabuting maging kaibigan nalang."

  7. RT @Astrologysex: A #Taurus is always prepared for whatever may happen down the road,and you better believe they'll be more than able to ha…

  8. RT @TaurusIsMagic: I'm a #Taurus if I cut you off remember you who handed me the scissors.

  9. RT @TaurusIsMagic: #Taurus' don't stress because life has a pace of it's own.

  10. Tag team now with derick. Vi and Cait .. #FTW

  11. #ConfessionHours Hindi ko pa din matangap na may dagat sa ilalim ng dagat kela spongebob.
  12. Hindi pa to bagong araw hangang d pa aq nagigising.

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