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  1. When the translate done . Will you/they upload the game too ?
  2. If any of you gonna download 18+ pirate version , I think it hard because when you search it will only show steam version . It gonna be pretty hard to find pirate version.
  3. Search for torrent when the day come......Limited Edition if can. Pirate version as always :3 .
  4. No can do about it ....sigh...! I'mma gonna download pirate version....if there someone who willingly upload it 18+ experience....and l losing hope here T.T !!!
  5. It a shame that Steam version of NEKOPARA Vol. 1 will be an "all ages" release.I would rather have the complete 18+ experience .Better than the Steam version .
  6. Nekopara also will released here right ....!? I mean at the main page of fuwanovel .! After correcting the english in the game right ? Please replay asap !!!
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