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  1. 1st: 8900 2nd: 12,700 3rd: 11,400 4th: 16,500 5th: 5000 6th: 5700 7th: 25,400 Total: 85,600
  2. How are there still people here? Anyway ... anyone else play MGSV ? I've already got 100+ hours in it, and it's amazing. Quiet best girl / buddy.
  3. As far as I can tell it got fixed, there also isn't anyone complaining on the forums, so it's probably fine again.
  4. Honestly I'm not sure, If you give me a couple of hours I can probably check, but I'll only check one scene so it might not have been fixed all around.
  5. Oh I didn't know that. Apart from the game engine (Unity as far as I know) it got ported to, it is a really good game. Thanks to the port though there are far more bugs then it used to have, altough by now it's probably mostly been fixed.
  6. You do know that Sekai Project hired the same team that already did the fan translation, right? Imo the quality of the translation hasn't changed one bit, and is still what I'd expect of koestl, absolutely amazing.
  7. Well I'm quite alright with the "all-ages" version, which in all likelihood will release earlier, and I also don't mind waiting, as long as it's not an incredibly unreasonable time. After all koestls translations are some of the best I've ever read, and I can only assume, that official support from the original game developers will only accelerate the process. Altough I'm not yet certain if I like the engine (Unity) they ported Kajitsu to. Unity itself is not bad, but if I compare the bugs I get from the localised version to the original the difference is just astounding. I guess those bugs will be squashed at some point, and Unity games are compatible with lots of devices, but I kinda still want some sort of edited engine, based on the original engine. Huh that turned into a ramble faster than expected
  8. Considering that I haven't read Meikyuu or Rakuen, there's a good chance that it's from one of them, but unfortunately I can't find a complete CG set of either. People only care about the h-scene CGs, apparently Sadly that is true, but hopefully we won't have to wait for that much longer for the other two games to get localised. Thanks for the link, mate !
  9. Zeno is your profile pic official artwork or fanmade? I have a feeling I should ask you for your Sachi wallpapers and whatnot. Anyways a link to the original picture in your profile pic would be greatly appreciated ^^
  10. Are you in a soup store? Please don't tell me you are... Just don't try to buy any clothes there, cause, you know, it's a soup store.
  11. Anyone ever tell you that you are great? Cause you are. Also, welcome back Sammeh. Hope you been doing well.
  12. Happy Birthday to thee.

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