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  1. Update and call for Chapter 1 testers

    Work is slowly progressing. Now that we have a inserted and ready portion of the game, we are currently looking for a couple testers for Chapter 1.

    Chapter 1 is about 40-60 minutes long, and your job will be to just let us know overall impressions, and if you noticed anywhere where the text was confusing or distracting. This is important cause it lets adjust our conventions before our QC goes further. If you spot any errors, that's great too (The script has been proofread and play-tested, but you never know.)

    To repeat, this is just for chapter 1. A full call for testers will come later, when were are close to releasing our first patch (first ~17 chapters or so).

  2. Absolutely nothing is accomplished. (shit this isn't good cause it's a spoiler, nvm)

    Cleaning up after art class

    You know what. Being clever is hard.

    15 hours ago, Caio000 said:

    The tale of a man trying to save his half-sisters from being NTRed by their father while impregnating them all.

    This must be Oyako Rankan

  3. 8 minutes ago, Zalor said:

    I think the guy bragging about reading VNs in their original language was the real dick. Its clear that the comment "learning an extra language for a hobby is retarded" was really just said because the guy was being a huge wanker about it. I think its great that people learn foreign languages for any reason, but that doesn't give you the license to be a dick about it. 

    This comment is so good I'm glad when I scrolled down I got to read it a second time.

  4. A lot of OELVN's have some side gameplay element. Unless it's well-integrated or unobtrusive that's a turn off for me, OELVN or JPVN.



    I'd have to say that they tend to tackle social issues that are more relevant to a western reader, and that they seem to have more stylistic liberties. 

    This is because the JPVN's we know about are commercial releases, because of that, there's almost always a certain standard of conformity. If you go to japanese doujin games you get a similar increase in breath of possible story types and style choices.

    There are many different kinds of stories and some just don't interest me. Romcom's, school slice of life, punky cyberpunk, intrigue, modern world historical, pure mecha are all out.

    It's hard to tell whether a story is good. The best way is by reliable word of mouth, so you know that the work will either have something you'd enjoy, something good you'd appreciate, or something good to appreciate.

    The best I can do when I see an advertisement in a genre I'm interested in, is to look for hints that the author has an idea of what they're doing. Example: Elisa the Innkeeper

    If a story is a type that interests me, and I see a sign that author looks like they have a handle on the story, then I would consider reading the story or supporting the kickstarter. Or just general positive reception from people who aren't blindly fanboying. Such is the case for One Thousand Lies, which I have firmly backlog'd.


  5. 1 hour ago, Bolverk said:

    When I started reading hanachirasu again now it was a lot more enjoyable. Rather than the standard template of fighting scenes. What movements the characters do and fight is described.

    The game gives you info-dumps on martial art swordplay. How it works, the different styles and how they fight. I honestly found this really refreshing. You put yourself into the system the different attacks. And you feel a lot more depth into the combat. Because you know what kind of movements the characters would do. This is makes the combat feel more like a actual martial art. I liked that realistic element. But it does make it somewhat tiresome to read at times.

    There is also the alt-history info-dumps.. I am not entirely satisfied in how well understood the details. So many prefectures, cites, dates etc that has some meaning. But I don't know the importance because I am not native, nor have I studied the history/geography of Japan. I have rather mixed feelings over that. I could have googled all the stuff and read myself up on most of it, but it would take a while. So i didn't bother at the time. There is a time when the time put in isn't really worth it in terms of depth.

    Mm the two pillars of time-consuming. Action info-dumps and alt-history. I have gotten in to them once or twice with Muramasa and Bakumatsu, but not interested enough to want to do them again soon. They are satisfyingly interesting though.


    Reread a bit of Kami no ue no Mahoutsukai.

    It's a mystery, but on top of that it's a case where the it's more about the characters making interesting speeches and taking interesting action and the whole layout of the story to be baffling uncommon, rather than trying to have the drama be realistic.

    It's a story which makes sense against it's own rules, even though it's hard to relate it to reality.

    Because of the strong prose and dialogue in important scenes, it'd be considerably difficult to translate. I don't even want to try translating it, since for so much of it, it's not just what they say, it's how they say it which is cool.

  6. 1 hour ago, Deep Blue said:

    I tried to read white album 2, it was a bit hard to follow and the theme overall didnt click for me(musical themes are not my thing), to spend so much effort into it is not worth it... I'm finally going to play ashita no yukinojou (while finishing hinata's route in giniro)

    Who was Hinata again...?

    I've been steadily reading 灰と幻想のグリムガル (actually a light novel, not a VN). Really been enjoying it for what it is: a party-based RPG fantasy story with heavy character focus. Glad it actually occurred to someone to write a story like this.

    I plan to read Omega no Shikai -Shiki no Hajimari next. The OP/ED's are great (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHQ4YaQAyyI) , and I have faith in the doujin producer to make something good and engrossing.

    though I might try Tokage no Shippo Kiri for psychological gore.. 


    I was thinking about playing 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を but it's slightly similar in emotion to 灰と幻想のグリムガル so that's on hold.


  7. 4 hours ago, Deep Blue said:

    I tried reading muramasa, it's fucking nuts, I think for me it's harder than dies irae, they use vocabulary that I've never seen before but it's not impossible to read just tiresome also when they use the yellow text (at the end of the prologue) I cannot understand a shit, that font they use is a pain to read :( 
    It's fucking epic but i wont read it right now, btw I knew I recognized the voice of Kurusuno Konatsu she is the same voice actress of himeko from narcissu :wafuu: 

    Haha, I think I turned into a Buddhist monk in the process of reading Muramasa.

    Progress? What progress? There is only the act of reading.

  8. Bought Rizuberuru no Ma, the whole series of 4 volumes. Expecting it to be grand and dashing like Muramasa, but in comparison it's a lot more bubbly and warm.
    Man if only there were these kinds of things (VN's) sold on shelves in North America. If I didn't know I'd probably think it was some stylized shoujo mecha anime series. Which isn't the far from the truth, though the story is more storybook/fantasy than shoujo.








  9. 29 minutes ago, Decay said:

    I know Owari's art will always have its haters, but man, I think that looks great.

    Not necessarily a fan of the content though, lol.

    I really like soft styles like that, and she's does the expressions well and also makes the non-cute characters look decent and in-style as well, which is rare for artists with peculiar styles.

    Well hahahaha. Shhhh. Let's say I appreciate the whole package.

  10. 白詰草話 (Shirotsume Souwa)

    I'm loving it :DDDD

    It's like Gunslinger Girl but in a (very detailed) VN format and with a more mellow atmosphere.





    If you didn't see the horribly compressed OP, you'd never think the game was released in 2002. The artist is godly for drawing so much...the whole game is animated in a 'manga'-esque fashion, same as Quartett.

  11. 2011 Summer, start studying Japanese seriously.
    2011 Summer or Fall, hear about saya no uta from a friend. Get depressed for 3 weeks. Depressed but hooked.
    Early 2012, play Katawa Shoujo just as it releases.
    Rest of 2012, play Ever17, bit of planetarium, Steins gate, Tsukihime, G-senjou no Maou, Kara no Shoujo
    Late 2012, Subarashiki Hibi OP catches my eye, over three months I play 50% of it. Never finished it to this day. Also played some of Une Fille Blanche. Sometime I also play some of Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori, but get bored.
    December 2013 After a 8 month hiatus, the internet's out for a week, so I pick up Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori again. Takes a month and I finish Minami's route <3.
    February 2014-July 2016 : I start reading UnTL'd novels continuously, along with a bunch of people from some old(!) Japanese VN skype group.
    There's been very slow months, but more or less I've been reading VN's (+ a few light novels) continuously since than.

    It would take more time to think about any trends or standout VN's from the last 2.5 years.

  12. Eris Floralia

    Eris from Aiyoku no Eustia.

    The flowers in the hair are both pretty and tasteful. Actually wow, she has a lot of accessories on.
    Shoulderless outfit *heavy breathing*
    Intelligent-looking, wit & good discernment combined with looks is sooo attractive.
    Long hair is almost almost always a good thing.

    I thought she was going to be my favourite character when I first saw her. After the game... I don't give a shit about her, mostly.

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