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  1. I recently finished Kanojyo-tachi no Ryuugi. Going into the VN, I somehow mixed up this title with another VN, Yuri Kago no Naka, and thought it was going to be a hyper-chuuni novel. Well, it definitely wasn't that, but it was pretty good anyways.
    The VN starts out with the MC returning to old home where he sees his older twin sisters for the first time in five years. He is pretty miffed when his older sister Tobari ignores him completely. Especially since he (MC's name is Kotarou) holds a bit of an inferiority complex towards her. She does recruit him to the theatre club in order to perform at the upcoming school festival.  He's going to be playing the main heroine alongside her as the hero. Yep, it's a VN with crossdressing. The MC is voiced, too (hooray!)
    I found the BGM well-fitted for each of the scenes. It looks like they paid attention there. Was really impressed by the voice acting for Tobari, Akane, and Suzutsuki. The early dialogue had  a bit of characterization, but the voice acting really gave it life. Though when I saw Seseri's (blue-haired hopelessly genki-naive type) character I cringed at the thought of having to bear with her for the rest of the VN. 
    I really liked Suzutsuki's (Pink-haired girl) route who I played first. Her route was super short (literally 6-7 scenes!!!), but it had this amazing atmosphere. She ends up being my favourite girl. Next I played Seseri's route, which mostly boring. Then was Akane (the older twin sister). Her route wasn't extensive like I thought it was, but it does provide some important facts about the sisters and their family. After that I skipped the other two minor heriones and went  for the Tobari's route, the true herione's. While doing her route, I still found the events seems pretty underwhelming (just seemed like Kotarou arguing a lot with Tobari). But then the latter part of her route comes, and it's pretty good. At the end of the route there's this big perspective change which pretty much is the culmination of the entire route. It was amazing the first time, but it took me a second read to connect the pieces. Now I finally get why everyone on erogegamescape keeps saying the game exists for the sake of Tobari. Basically the whole game is revolving about Kotarou's (the MC) and Tobari's relationship (or apparent lack of one), and her mental state.
    It's kind of an unexpected work (old, heavy character-focus, and yet not being about the normal romance progressions), but the cg, music, voice acting, and characters are all quite good. Would recommend to someone who wants to read a character-focused story and doesn't mind the crossdressing, the unusual combination of elements, or the short length.
    As a side note, I think the crossdressing was more to allow Akari and Tobari to exhibit some S-traits during the sex scenes. The sex scenes are generally pretty mild, but the thing is, Kotarou is actually in the M position a lot of the time, which makes it feel more 'out there' than most crossdressing vns. I dunno. Kotarou's not bad relatively speaking, but some of the stuff made me groan a bit inside.


  2. Heriones, atmosphere, escapism/being able to feel a different mood, being able to see or discover ideals/values within the story, emotional engagement, cartharsis, things to wonder about, characters to watch. Oh, and don't forget Ero, of course.

    Totallly agree with @InvictusCobra, the combination of music+text+graphics+voice is amazing and almost is what I live for.

  3. 5 hours ago, Nandemonai said:

    The exercises serve a purpose.  People learn by repetition.  That's why in grade school, you covered the same basic material in Math and English class year after year.  Sure, it got a little harder and more advanced every year, but the main thing was to drill the subjects into your head by sheer repetition.  I would not recommend skipping the exercises, or you'll have a harder time remembering how all the grammar items work.

    Fair enough. Personally when I studied genki I just poured my attention to the grammar items. Sometimes I'd write out some of the usages, but that was only for the stuff that I had trouble remembering. You can review the grammar points through multiple passes through the book (like chapter 1-2-3, then chapter 1-2, 3, 4, 5,-6, then 1-9, then the whole book, and then when you get to VN reading, if you come upon a grammar you think you remember, you can look in up in the textbook. Seeing the grammar in context, and looking it up when you can apply it right after is good reinforcement.

  4. On 3/17/2017 at 4:19 AM, Light Darkx said:

    Thanks everyone for their reply.

    I'll try out your techniques.

    BTW I have Genki (with the audio CD's).

    For genki, you don't have to do the exercises, focus instead on the grammar items (go through them and review them a week later, a month later). Though it is important to practice conjugation lots so you can internalize the conjugations. (Don't have to memorize the kanji, but copy out the words. For the stuff that you handwrite, it's good to look up stroke order, but other than that stroke order's not going to really matter to you since it's mostly only relevant when writing by hand.). 

    Just about any J-E dictionary is fine. Most of them provide the stroke order for kanji, which is useful. If you haven't already, go and add Japanese IME (Japanese keyboard input) to your computer.

    https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/kanji-stroke-order/ Also here are stroke order guidelines you can refer to later. Will make remembering a lot easier, since the majority of radicals (and thus kanji) follow these conventions. 

  5. 18 hours ago, Light Darkx said:

    I have learned the kana.

    What should I do next??? (Please don't tell just to learn Kanji, but elaborate)

    Start slow. Study Tae kim's guide and/or Genki 1+ Genki 2

    If you don't know enough vocab, stop and study the vocab, and then go back to studying Grammar. Studying grammar is hard, don't expect for it all to sink in on the first time. Come back and review the grammar items (Genki is better for reviewing that Tae kim, because the grammar is organized into easy to reference items.

    To give some perspective, it probably takes in the range of 80-100 hours or 1.5-4 months to go through Tae kim up to and including Essential Grammar / Genki 1+Genki 2 and an appropriate amount of vocab (like 250 words), for the beginner. The start is where you have to get used to basic conjugation, kanji, learning vocab, and Japanese grammar, and so it's normal for things to feel slow and hard.

    Go and study a bunch for starters, and then you can come back with more questions about what to do.

  6. 4 hours ago, melo4496 said:

    I'm on Amatsutsumi and am liking Hotaru a lot. Most probably I'll go straight with Hotaru, and read Mana and Kokoro if I still have time. 



    I only played the start of Amamtsumi myself, but that conversation was great :wahaha:

    I marathoned Kami-sama no Game for a week and really liked it. The characters and semi-realisticness stood out. Only thing that might be worth mentioning before hand is that in a true sense it's still an open ending. The novel's set up directly for a sequel. Still found it really good though. Overall, the less you know about it going in the better.

  7. Top Vn's I want: (no particular order)
    1. Mahou Shoujo
    2. Kami-sama no Game -Kankinsareta 6nin no Danjo-
    3. Aiyoku no Eustia
    4. Kami no ue No Mahoutsukai
    5. Semiramis no Tenbin
    6. Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide
    7. Komorebi no Nostalgica
    Stuff I haven't played but looks cool
    1. Rui ha Tomo wo Yobu
    2. Saihate no Ima
    3. White Album 2
  8. On 2017-03-02 at 10:15 AM, Deniz said:

    Actually it is quite simple.Because she is so cute while eating those ice creams.

      Hide contents



    For the last two days, I thought that was actually a cg of her eating ice cream. And with that in mind I was like "rather than cute, this is more like wincing cause she's trying so hard to eat ice cream". fffffffffff I've made a terrible mistake.

    My guess is that, while people's states are divided for the other girls, everybody like the cute loli at the end. So Kud represents the feeling of moe and bliss that everyone agrees on.


  9. Playing Kamisama no Game. I checked out this title after seeing Dergonu mention it on twitter (thanks!).
    The game's a psychological VN. It takes delight in setting up for the trainwreck to come. It isn't a utsuge, though, and by that I mean "no hope, no redemption". I guess that's typical of the genre, as you need ups and downs to make a gripping survival game. If it was all utsu, it'd be more of a tragic, atmospheric work. 
    The sexual content isn't that extreme (yet), but the hint of plausibility kind of reminds you how depraved the situation is.
    The game offers a plausible view of the characters and their mental states. I don't really agree 100% with all psychological logic portrayed, but that's inevitable. I can say it's not totally bullshit. It's quite interesting. One complaint I have is that the game is a little too wordy with its scenes. I skipped through some bits. I'm also not really invested in the characters, but I can connect to them because some of the points raised about/by them are interesting.
    Overall, pretty impressed. Managed to keep my interest even though this kind of story isn't so much my cup of tea anymore (because of how not pleasant it is to watch such a fucked up situation unfold). It's like a trainwreck you know is coming but you can't not see how it happens. What have I got myself into.
  10. I liked atmosphere and the art. It's a nice little romantic drama. I just finished one branch.

    At first I thought the characters were pretty scummy/vain, but depending what you pick in the options they're pretty sympathizable. The English translation's a little clunky in places, but it seemed to convey things decently enough. One thing that stood out is how the narration is omniscient: it shows thoughts from multiple characters in the same scene. That kind of added to the sense of being an audience, watching from on above. If you like watching a story that's like a play, you'd like this. 

    Like I said, I've only finished one branch...

    In the UI department, the text skip is painfully slow, and you can't set the text to show without delay. But maybe I can forgive this, since the start game screen is so nice.


    Edit: Spotted @Dergonu in the credits O.o. Thanks to him I got to experience the pain of expecting my name to show up and not having it show up (it's a *gasp* higher-tier reward!). Curses!

  11. Claymore has some shounen elements to it, but other than that its a dead serious supernatural story set in a fantasy world. You'd read it for the serious fights, the setting (their powers, the organizations), and the intrigue. The anime compared to the manga has some annoying, but otherwise, it's a matter of whether the above's your cup of tea.

    I watched the anime and then skimmed through the manga (too fast to really appreciate it) many years ago. The manga's something I'd consider revisiting, if I'm ever in the mood for that kind of stuff.



  12. I finished watching Simoun this week, really loved it. Didn't think I'd see an anime with so much dedication to its characters.

    From the first episode, it looks like some strange fantasy series with yuri tied into it, but it actually turns out to be a really memorable and well thought out show. Without spoiling anything, the characters, drama, and setting all played huge parts in the story. Now it feels pretty homey reviewing the show and noticing details the second time around.

  13. 1 hour ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    I suggest you establish your own rating system. What things must 10 tier VNs possess? What qualities does 9 tier VN need to possess?

    Alternatively, you could do it like I do and rate them based on how much you enjoyed them. I find that by the end I just know what they deserve, or have a very good idea.
    Surprisingly, given that I give 9/10's left and right, I only have a 10/10.

    For the rating system I have, most of the VN's I appreciate and did something admirably well get a rating between 8.2 and 8.6. The reason why I don't give out ratings higher than 9 often is that at those highest levels my scale isn't even really well defined. It's hard for me to tell what properties a VN had that made it excellent in many areas, or outstanding in something it did. So upon finishing a really good series, without further examination, I can "this is probably at least a 9"

    At the end of the day, the numerical rating is just a memory jog for what things you liked/disliked, and what you thought the VN did well or not. Different VN's are trying to do different things, so their ratings aren't comparable to other VN's unless the two are closely related in genre. That is to say, there isn't much meaning in directly comparing their ratings and trying to draw something from that.

  14. 41 minutes ago, Vorathiel said:

    I came here to get answers to my question...but this thread is not about it.
    So I will attach myself here:

    How good is Ebi-Hime? Somebody read his/theirs work and ca nwrite something about them?

    They're mostly introverted or quirky and maudlin works, though there's quite of range, but if that's your cup of tea and you don't mind the art she's pretty decent. Definitely much better than your average OELVN writer.

  15. The author said on twitter a while back that StP would be about twice the length of the previous installments.

    Anyways, I love Fault's combination of stunning visuals and the world view (plus the fact that story is respectable).

    I'm guessing the story probably will be more involved and psychological than the other episodes, seeing as its Ritona's whole backstory. Looking forward to it.

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