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  1. For comedy or faster-paced VN's, it's great to have voice acting. It gives the thing more life. Also in important scenes the voice acting can provide a voice that you couldn't have imagined from the text. Voice acting's never going to be able to save a bad story though. For English works I almost always prefer no voice acting. It seems fake and not seamless like JP voice acting, iuuno.
  2. Around four years is about how long after I find I'm able to comfortably replay VN's. After that long, even the trite portions I probably will experience in a different way to how I remembered. Besides replaying for interesting scenes and details, one could also replay to enjoy the atmosphere of the VN. That'd be something I'd replay a charage for. There's also catharsis like Clephas mentioned. Charage's lose a lot on the replay because you can never have that feeling of warm anticipation wondering what will happen next. Unconventional stories might actually gain on the replay, becau
  3. Took a brief look. Most of it is translated good, but there are a few mistakes in the difficult parts. But I don't think it would hurt anyone's enjoyment of the game. I'm glad they listened to feedback and improved the translation quality.
  4. I had this experience where I was playing f2p for a long time, and then finally gave in and bought premium. At that moment I felt like everything in the game should become trivial. Like when you activate cheat mode in a single-player game. But it didn't and I felt disappointed, lost motivation and quit. A lot of my friends play these games with everyday routines, which kind of makes me want to stay away from those micro-transaction games. Usually it isn't the routine gameplay that appeals to me, but the combination with voice acting and art. Because of that and the fact that I don't play
  5. I'm still curious what you'll think about Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi the second time around.
  6. That sure is some detail for a nakige VN. Gonna try this one out. Been ages since I've properly played something (just been reading LN/Manga/Anime).
  7. I really like fiction and been wanting to write a few stories of my own (though I barely get any writing done). I'm also pretty interested in game design and development. For gaming I tend to lean towards strategy games, cause I like getting better at things, though sometimes I just try out games to see what the developers made. For outdoor activities, I was into longboarding in the past year or two.
  8. Merciless Utsuge...don't think I'm in the mood for that atm haha...
  9. Starting playing Magical Charming as a much needed change-of-pace. (before that I was reading the LN series SukaSuka and SukaMoka. Both those were intense and crushingly sad at times). I haven't played much VN's in the last couple months, it's nice to enjoy them some more. Not much to say. Basically just recovering with moe.
  10. Man I totally forgot, it might have been Tenshi from Angel Beats. I have a thing for stoic girls haha. I also liked that girl from Maeda Jun's PV "Killer Song". This was when back when I was high school, before I got into VN's.
  11. It's pretty cool seeing these old adventure titles, this kind of "merry adventures" you don't really see in modern vns. (There's fantasy adventure/harems in gameplay vns but the feel is still kinda different).
  12. Dunno about the others, but I would warn you from expecting much from Biman 3, that game was so disappointing. Good atmosphere/world, but weak as hell story and characters. I might check this one out though.
  13. I thought it was basically a classic "spend time with these pretty girls" game. If you find your waifu in one of those two, then you have a pretty well-balanced game. I personally was lukewarm towards them and so the VN as a whole. The setting's not bad, but the characters/drama aren't strong enough. Also the mystery takes too long to piece together. My god, if I ever have to go through a wall of choices again. This kind of detective work much better for point and click games, where the clues you get provide feedback to your actions. Picking some choice (or every choice) is just laboriou
  14. I like having the original sketches, and the in-progress or concept art. Like you guys said, the original cg isn't that hard to get. Anything setting related is nice too. I imagine the artist has their own ideas of the setting and characters, esp. if they were the ones who did the char. design.
  15. I recently finished Kanojyo-tachi no Ryuugi. Going into the VN, I somehow mixed up this title with another VN, Yuri Kago no Naka, and thought it was going to be a hyper-chuuni novel. Well, it definitely wasn't that, but it was pretty good anyways. The VN starts out with the MC returning to old home where he sees his older twin sisters for the first time in five years. He is pretty miffed when his older sister Tobari ignores him completely. Especially since he (MC's name is Kotarou) holds a bit of an inferiority complex towards her. She does recruit him to the theatre club in order to
  16. Heriones, atmosphere, escapism/being able to feel a different mood, being able to see or discover ideals/values within the story, emotional engagement, cartharsis, things to wonder about, characters to watch. Oh, and don't forget Ero, of course. Totallly agree with @InvictusCobra, the combination of music+text+graphics+voice is amazing and almost is what I live for.
  17. Not any that I know of, and grimgar is one of my favourites. There really should be, the premise could totally work in a VN.
  18. Haha, I can see why you aren't in the mood. That veil of gloom is thick. I like the potential of this one for having more of a setting and less wacked up shit of Kamihamo, though the its hard getting into the protagonist's view. I'd be happy to review Istoria later this month after I get through term exams.
  19. Chronopolis


    The setting screams Koromoebi no Nostalgia lool. It's different when you use an issue for it's gloom/depress value first, instead of intending to develop it evenly. Haven't investigated into minori's games that much but I'm starting to feel like they aren't my cup of tea either. Nice job on the level review.
  20. Serious with some comedy >> Purely serious >>>> Comedy all the way through >> Mostly comedy, with one serious part >>> Uninspired bland shit
  21. Don't really have high hopes, as the scenes in the OP looks a bit generic, and it's obviously a light-hearted comedy. The OP is great though.
  22. Huh, thanks for the review! Saw the game a couple times on vndb and got curious what it what it was like. Probably not something I'll actually play (Japn mythology is as bonkers as modern dempa mindfuck imho), but nevertheless interesting!
  23. むぅう、馬鹿にしないで! I wonder why they keep having typos, though. They should just get someone to proofread it.
  24. Oh, Suisou Ginka no Istoria came out. The EGS readers loved it, so I think its going to be good!
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