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  1. Thanks for running the survey and summarizing the results. It's pretty neat to the predominant arguments, in particular.


    I also made groups based on number of completed titles, as the length of reading VNs and number of completed titles don't seem to be connected at all. For example, a large number of people who have been reading VNs for over 5 years have only read 25 or less (translated) VNs.

    People who start reading untranslated novels are going to stop reading translated novels, which is probably the reason. Also, 25 visual novels played is quite a lot. If you just consider full-length VN's, that 500+ hours.

  2. Gosh, like nothing I've read falls under that category.

    Kami-sama no Game (constant tension, and a degree of realism)

    Fault (fantasy adventure)

    終末なにしてますか? 忙しいですか? 救ってもらっていいですか? (is a LN, but is fantasy with strong pacing and world development)

  3. Well, if you have a story focused on a hero, and then add in the presence of deities, then it very likely becomes a hero's journey. And about the hero's legacy, we humans often seek an explanation or purpose in the world, and adding a legacy that provides meaning for the hero's sacrifice/triumph does this.

  4. I prefer stories with multiple characters... Every hero need not follow this kind of journey, and the world need not revolve around the hero. Enjoyment-wise it feels like a specific movie genre, where all moments supposed to awe you are all the same.

    As well, it feels like its trivializing those individual events those by listing out as a template.

  5. 1 minute ago, BunnyAdvocate said:

    I'm really curious as to how the review content will turn out. Whether it's more short comments, previews with links to longer blog posts, or quite lengthy posts. As you say, I think shorter comments generally work better with this kind of format, a couple of paragraphs per review perhaps, with a link to a longer fuller review should the user want to go into more detail (or spoilers).

    I think it would be great if the reviews section could support all those types. But it might be harder to scan through, being different types of information. Perhaps you could have a review section, and then a compact list of links to external reviews.



  6. Wow I'm so amazed that the community worked together to make this site.

    One thing for the "reviews", I think that it would be better if people treated the reviews section just as a 'comments' section. When you are deciding whether to check out a VN, short comments help as much as full reviews (plus the latter can be overwhelming if there's more than one)

  7. Aww, poor Lesiak.
    The nicest looking sites which come to mind are:

    https://vnreviews.blog/ Conjeurer's Blog

    https://tanoshimi.xyz/ Moogy and Co.

    https://mimidoshima.wordpress.com/ Kastel

    https://gareblogs.wordpress.com/ Garejei

    https://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/ New releases by Micchi and Zen

    I don't really follow VN blogs though, I just go look for reviews or vndb comments after finishing a VN.

  8. I think VN's have more detail and exposition, which does make you a little bit smarter.

    1 hour ago, -soraa said:

    It's just a hobby and like any other hobbys you'll learn something new.

    It dosen't mater if this knowlegde is valuabe or not. For each person it has a different meaning and that's why I my answer is: YES and NO!

    I agree with what soraa said. You'll see and experience new things, but you're not doing analysis probably so it's not a direct brain exercise. Maybe reading various types of prose will make your mind flexible unlike mind-numbing TV. But performance in other areas depends on skill and experience which aren't going to transfer at all from VN's.

  9. Heyy, welcome to fuwanovel. It's nice that you're curious~


    I don't typically use forums, but this one appealed to me because fan translations have always played an integral role in my life and have shaped many of my life decisions.

    So like anime/manga really had an influence on your life? It's become such a part of life that it's hard for me to imagine what things would be without Japanese media.

  10. 3 hours ago, tymmur said:

    I started wondering about what to write here and I came up with this:

    For any age group: nothing specific

    The reason is not that I wouldn't recommend VN reading. It's more if I should recommend something, age is not the primary factor. It's my impression that the difference between two random individuals of the same age is greater than the difference of one person when that person is in the different age groups mentioned here. Because of this, it's more like recommending against certain titles if people are too young, but the age will not tell what people will like.

    I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I think the people who have posted have done a good job answering: "What novel would you recommend to people who fit their demographic."

  11. I think enjoyment and fascination is a state of the mind. While it's rare that you're going to come across exactly the vn you felt like reading, if you try reading a bunch of stories, you might get into a few of them, and that will be just as good.

    The more stuff you enjoy, the more comparisons you can draw, which might help you enjoy other works.




  12. Vn's and lns are different then western media, but after reading a bunch I still don't yet see how Kishotenketsu describes them. I do think that any description/depiction of a world, character and events can constitute a story, even without plot or conflict.

    Western shows usually can't pull their characters away from western culture, or western media tropes. LN's/VN's have their own tropes, but I actually like some of them.

  13. For comedy or faster-paced VN's, it's great to have voice acting. It gives the thing more life. Also in important scenes the voice acting can provide a voice that you couldn't have imagined from the text.

    Voice acting's never going to be able to save a bad story though.

    For English works I almost always prefer no voice acting. It seems fake and not seamless like JP voice acting, iuuno.

  14. Took a brief look. Most of it is translated good, but there are a few mistakes in the difficult parts. But I don't think it would hurt anyone's enjoyment of the game. I'm glad they listened to feedback and improved the translation quality.


    https://youtu.be/crCJ63b9EvA?t= 3924 一通り here means "go measure the room a bit" not "measure every last inch"

    and https://youtu.be/crCJ63b9EvA?t=7664 (two lines with mistakes, but it is of little consequence)


  15. I really like fiction and been wanting to write a few stories of my own (though I barely get any writing done). I'm also pretty interested in game design and development. For gaming I tend to lean towards strategy games, cause I like getting better at things, though sometimes I just try out games to see what the developers made.

    For outdoor activities, I was into longboarding in the past year or two.

  16. Starting playing Magical Charming as a much needed change-of-pace. (before that I was reading the LN series SukaSuka and SukaMoka. Both those were intense and crushingly sad at times). I haven't played much VN's in the last couple months, it's nice to enjoy them some more.

    Not much to say. Basically just recovering with moe.



    I don't think I've seen so much cute since Himawari no Kyoukai.


  17. Man I totally forgot, it might have been Tenshi from Angel Beats. I have a thing for stoic girls haha.

    I also liked that girl from Maeda Jun's PV "Killer Song".

    This was when back when I was high school, before I got into VN's.

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