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  1. I got around to trying Hakoniwa logic and quickly dropped it (played through about 5% of the game, then skipped through about a third of it)


    well first of all I never thought they'll literally "you shall not pass" you got to a route without a key

    The "boku" heroine doesn't do much for me. Kirika was it? I pretty much had the same dead pan reaction to her as the boku herione (was that also the loli?) from irotoridori. The character type literally feels like a youngish (though a bit assertive) young lad, which I don't hate, but is simply disconcerting. Ironically one of my top favourite characters, Kuchiki Touko, from Kara no Shoujo also uses boyish speaking patterns, although the impression is completely different.


    Moving along, there was just too much of just built-with-moe-in-mind characters mingling around. A large part of the novel is just idle conversations, getting to know the heriones, etc. It was different from the slice of life in something like Ashita no sekai yori, which like a meaningful glimpse into the character's world.


    The girl with fantasies of M-play was pretty funny though.


    As a side note, Cabbit's works are very accessible, light on the vocab and lots of context.

  2. White Album 2

    Kazoku Keikaku

    Memories Off Series


    Baldr Sky Dive

    Soukoku no Arterial

    Gekkou no Carneval


    Hatsuyuki Sakura

    Majo Koi Nikki

    Mirai Nostalgia

    Irotoridori no Sekai


    Thanks for the suggestions!


    White Album 2 -- Yeah, that's looks like a good choice.

    Kazoku Keikaku -- I've kinda shirked away from it since it's moenovelized but it's been highly rated in a few places... hmm.

    Memories Off Series -- I've never heard of the series before O.o. The more human characters and drama is nice, reminds me of (https://vndb.org/v10557)


    Baldr Sky Dive = infodump, also very overwhelmingly long

    Soukoku no Arterial  -- already playing something with gameplay

    Gekkou no Carneval -- nitro = fighting with lots some infodump


    Hatsuyuki Sakura -- will check out, damn those ratings are high.

    Majo Koi Nikki -- From what I hear my impressions of this game are... complicated, (https://vndb.org/t5426)

    Mirai Nostalgia -- bad experience from purple's soft's hapymaer, which is supposedly a better game

    Irotoridori no Sekai -- played it a teeny bit, didn't like it. Probably will play it eventually (play at least one irotoridori/hoshimemo-like game)


    Comyu, Narcissu and True Remembrance are what I can think of from the top of my head. Symphonic Rain is a really good read too, but it does kind of take place in a school setting.

    Ah, I took a look at reviews of Comyu and it looks like something that would definitely interest me (emphasized is the sense of community, though each person has motives, and the vn also explores some of the immediate consequences/possibilities that would arise from gaining control of such power).


    Narcissu and True Rembrance I will get to some time. I also saw Symphonic rain, and someone said that the mini-games were adorable.

  3. I've found myself a bit burnt out on the games I'm playing and looking for something new. You can see what I've played from my vndb profile. 日本語OKです.



    Isn't moege. Can be a game that classified as nakige but can't be something just meant to make you cry. No KEY.

    Doesn't primarily take place in a school setting.

    Isn't really dark and screwed up. Simply being sad, gloomy, harsh via realism, or serious is OK

    Isn't super convoluted and confusing.

    Has some plot or is plot-focused (not a huge amount of slice of life, charage's are ok if they come with drama/plot).

    Doesn't have long infodumps.

    Doesn't use excessively grand verbose language (ie. dies irae, hello lady, muramasa)

  4. Here are what I consider to be the four layers of a translation, each of with a TL can be scored against. Generally speaking, if a TL doesn't solidly fufill a layer, all the successive layers are pretty much meaningless.

    1. Basic Correctness (does it mean the same thing?): no excuses here
    2. Tone correctness (are the characters' intent depicted correctly? Are they angry/sarcastic/friendly/bored when they should? Is the tone correct?)
    3. Naturalness (does it sound like natural English?): This is the primary job of the editor. The TL's job is to create a TL version that conveys the original content to the editor successfully fulfilling layers 1 and 2.
    4. Prose and Flow (does the description/dialogue flow well line to line? Does it sound like it was written like it was meant to be in English?): Depends largely on the writing skill of the editor.

    Besides these four layers, there are some "Side things" (imo not that important, if you mess them up it doesn't automatically bomb the translation):

    • Annoying stuff (Adaptation of Jokes, Cultural Stuff): Do what ever the heck you want. People spend an inordinate amount of time debating this, which is quite fine, except in the case where the translation's correctness (layer 1 and 2) are in question, which is in the case of many VN projects, even official ones ( -_-).
    • Choosing how to adapt language-related literary tricks: This falls into the "Flow" category, and, as such, is quite advanced. Like the other "annoying stuff", there often isn't an obvious solution. If you don't have all the previous layers of the translation solid, just find something workable and do that. Otherwise, anyone sharp enough to appreciate your adaptation of the literary device is going to cringe hard at your lack of correctness/tone/naturalness, defeating the purpose. Or just pick a different work, this stuff is really hard.
    • Censoring: Nope, please don't.
  5. Prioritize getting across the same tone of the novel and impressions/intent of characters. Also, get the translation "right". This necessarily demands knowing both the source and target language well. A native-japanese speaker with OK english is going to need a lot of support and direct consultation with the editor for the lines to turn out well. A japanese learner english native better know enough Japanese and have the decency to recognize and lookup expressions/grammar that they don't know.


    For most VN's it shouldn't matter, but with those with a particular writing style, if possible explain that style (short sentences, "punchy" narrative, flowy text, or grandiose description), and more importantly, any impression it should give, to the editor. Honestly this is beyond me and only people who have experience and nailed down the above items should even try this.

  6. I'm sooooooo excited that I'm gonna explode lol, this guy is my favorite vn writer, he just touch my heart like no one else!


    also, listen to this:






    can't wait !!

    Mah, maybe it's not me, but I hope they don't play spam that kind of song along with death scenes.


    Maybe I'm wierd, but it'd be cool to see more unusual stuff. A character who was lost before but (fatefully? or maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all?) found themselves during the death game and burns the brightest. Instead of mourning some passed, you stand in awe of a person who in a true sense, lived their life in but a scant few days. Of course, I don't really have an idea of how you construct a character and plot to execute that, but...

  7. TL of the image above:




    "Until I stand alone, this game will not end."

    My lover, ____ while wielding a drawn blade, spoke those words.

    One peaceful spring day, the coastal countryside village  ____ knew was turned upside down.

    At the school he was so used to attending, the threat of violence spreads an air of unease. No evil "foe" was to be seen, but it was unmistakably drawing closer.

    To protect those dear to them, the boys and girls each took hold of a weapon.

    To forestall leaving a last one, what took place was a --- tender, compassionate war.

    A moving human drama which paints two souls the toys of cruel fate.




    Man, I dig this kind of a battle lined with kindness, cause it combines utsuge and characters in the crucible with my love for compassionate characters.This type of stuff needs multiple routes to make the best of it, it's also very easy to screw up and make stupid.

  8. I'll be here to serve solely as an adviser, on non-story issues (to be blunt, it is a straight path for the story, so there is no reason to need advice for that).  Chronopolis's estimate of progress time is a bit optimistic, because while it isn't as hard as Dies Irae, it is definitely harder than the average VN.  The average reader (just got beyond beginner level) is probably only going to be able to manage about two to three hundred lines an hour... meaning he might get to five hundred... but the average reader will probably only manage three to four hundred in a two hour period (assuming something close to full comprehension).


    If you want to ask questions about the setting, feel free... I know as much as most, lol.

    Thanks for the pointers, Clephas. It's unfortunate that you read them (well you could say you've been through the ride already) and your guidance is heartily appreciated . Everyone three cheers for Clephas!

    I'd say most of the readers in the group are ... intermediate readers at least, people at least 5 or so japanese VN's under their belt. That's why I didn't stray away from intermediate to on-the-hard side VN's like Rui Tomo, Hello Lady, Tokyo Babel. If 2000 lines a week is too overwhelming, we can always adjust it.


    Edit: Finished the prologue. Actually read the tutorial. As someone who hasn't really played gamplay VN's, the gameplay itself is a big change. I can't wait for the setting and characters to develop. Immediately the setting is different from all the VN's I've seen so far (non-gamplay). I wonder what the interaction between gods and the heros are. Eustia had some backstory, but it wasn't any expansive like nordic legends, etc. Kizuato had some lore to it, but they were more like urban legends, folk lore than dieties, age of gods, the grand type of lore.


    I liked how the narrative at the end the prologue wasn't just throwaway lines. The rape, and how they took it fairly seriously afterwords, kinda set a serious/harsh tone. Eustia also depicted a harsh side, but using the thief Caim beat up, guys getting killed, beggars, and people who in the same way have lost the light in their eyes, instead of rape. Of course, the perpetrators are different here, but I'll just chalk the difference in choice and the fully present H-scene to the gameplay-eroge effect.




    Week 1 Check point: Finish Chapter 1 (11/25/2014)

    Anything below may contain unmarked spoilers up to the end of chapter 1. If discussing anything beyond chapter 1, please put it in spoiler tags and mark it.

  9. All story discussion for Ikusa Megami Zero goes here. If you see a post that marks the week's check point, any posts below that could contain spoilers up until that point. Conversely, don't post spoilers of anything past the stopping point.



    Week 0: Install VN. Get to the first check point by next Tuesday. (11/25/2014)

    Week 0 Check point: Finish the prologue (about 1-3 hours).



    Comprehensive Mechanics Guide:
    (the most important things probably being how physical attacks and magic damage are calculated)

    Attribute Effectiveness Table:
    Formation Information:

  10. Deep characters aren't that common in VN's, and the pool is smaller for male characters. I guess it turns out to be the MC a lot.

    For sure Minato Kageaki from Muramasa. He is open-minded when assessing others, very humble in his speech, incredible demanding of himself morally and against the law. He's got a vast pool of trivia and domain knowledge for a man in his late 20's, meaning he can (attempt to) small talk with any almost anyone. And he likes big butts. And doesn't deny it.

    I wouldn't have made it through all Muramasa's long fight scenes and eccentrics characters if I didn't have his constant train of thought reaction all the way through.

    There's Caim from Eustia. He's got lots of snark, but sometimes its very resigned snark, the kind you get from being bashed around and been through a form of hell. He tries get them to act in a way that seems obviously right based on his experiences and values, but those change as he does, and the solid existence of 'right' starts to crumble away under his feet.

    Oh right and Okabe Rintarou from Stein's Gate. It's been so long, but I know I loved the parts where he would speak with bravado but at the same time he'd be quivering or contemplating or scorning himself inside.

    All three of Kageaki, Caim, and Okabe are voiced, and while they both were sufficiently deep characters aside, I think places where they really benifited from the voice was for expression emotion. Voiced characters definitely have the advantage when it comes to shouts of desperation or gasps of utter bewilderment. Also, having a voice emphasizes the following thought in cases when the MC speaks a line, and then immediately has a thought about it after.

    Kageaki and Okabe were the strongest characters in their stories and indispensable. Caim, rather than him being the strongest character, the interaction between him and the main heriones was the most captivating thing ever. Though, beneath the shiny stuff, a lot of the story 'belongs' to him, so it is hard to think of the novel without him.

    There's also minor characters like Ryu (the MC Subaru's dad) in Asuseka. In a game where the MC is deeply rooted in his friends, and equally so his family and neighbours, Ryu is makes you feel lucky to have him as a dad, and makes you want to succeed for him.

    Kanda Kosuke from Futekikakusha, I just like his voice.

  11. I might play Hakoniwa. I like Cabbit and their cool menus/chapter selections. The mystery/lots of splits excites me and somewhat ends up being my cup of tea, now, it's only a matter of the characters and the charage portion of the game. If the branches are relatively grounded and consistent like in Midori no Umi, I'd be happy for a mystery that stretches the entire novel instead of dropping off halfway like in Midori no Umi.

  12. Personally, what has me off suicide, is there's just too much interesting things to learn and experience in the rest of my lifetime, to throw it all away. I do, want to meet more people, discuss stuff with them, hear their opinions and reactions to stuff. I may be a introvert, but even for that I've spent far too much time alone. I like people. Having interesting conversations with them is one of the things that brings me true happiness.


    I've identified one of the reasons I love caring for and wishing the best for characters is it that I can understand them and on top of that care for them. It's like "Ah, such a character existed! How awesome/impressive/terrifiying/lovable/heartwarming/noble!"

    IRL there are some people who I care for and a few people who I know well, but there are arguably none for whom both apply.

    In recent months, I've been trying to think about the stories I'm reading and connect them, because I want to eventually understand the VN medium, it's stories, their composition, characters and the ideas behind them. I also want to get a sense of what are the other reactions people have to the same works, and why.


    I think I felt a need for progression and so as I thought about stories and started to recognize archtypes and other structures, as a side effect, I've began to see through the most paper-thin characters/stories, and stopped being able to truly care about them. They are too thin to provoke anything more than an instinctual "ah, I like characters/events/moods with this trait 'squee'.


    Depression for me takes the form of hesitating to do what I'm going to do just because it might go to nothing, feeling like I can't possibly start on one of the few important matters to me, and yet still suffering from some anxiety when I delay it (procrastination), and feeling like a failure.


    I thought I was, while not altruistic in the true sense, sometimes liked to help people. But after thought, I realized I mainly wanted to help people because I want their learning to be more effecient. I respect efficient things, and it somewhat pains me to see people clearly wanting something but struggling with procrastination or bad methods. For the procrastination part, when I see that frustration, I see myself, both a few years ago and a bit now, in them. So, sometimes, I just help people just because I want things done with some semblance of efficiency. In the I'll try to care more about the people who matter to me, but I've been able to accept that. Besides, if not at that particularly moment, on an ongoing basis, I do probably wish them the best.

  13. Though, I would suggest we might create a similar separate thread for those of us who play untranslated, setting the cycles at three months rather than one, since even a moege can take many something like a fifty to a hundred hours when they read it in Japanese (people like me who can read one in ten to twelve hours are rare, to say the least). 


    Edit:  Choose a single untranslated VN, linguistic difficulty between 4-7 out of ten, with broad appeal or by an established company that has followers in the community, and have everyone read it at the same time.  I don't think it would be hard to gather seven or eight people to read an untranslated VN in here together...

    Pick and run 2 concurrently, just in case. Groups have died just because a certain VN wasn't appealing to everyone. 3 months of non-participating just because I can't get into the VN is discouraging.E


    Edit: I am up for the untranslated group. Hey,  It seems like we have well over 20 names for the main group, and 7 for the unTL'd group. I should have guessed, I think many people are dying for a more social vn reading experience.

  14. Well, finished Atori's route in RuiTomo. Due to the forced order, both of the routes felt quite incomplete, though if I had to pick between the two, then... Rui's was better, I guess? Atori's had a pretty interesting plot line, but man do I hate that ending cliche. I didn't mind it that much before, but the more I come across it, the more I dislike it. It's just so damn cheap.

    Rant alert, and possibly vague spoilers

    Seriously, if you are going to use epilogue senes just to back out from the 'bad' ending and degrade it into a poor shock ending with no value instead, don't use an after-credits scene at all. It seems like those scenes serve no other purpose but to retcon the last twist every single time. This is not just RuiTomo's problem, but plenty of VNs do this. Ugh... if you're going to go for a sad ending, commit to it. Otherwise it just comes across as incredibly half-assed and lame.


    That said, I still like the main theme and story. It all really depends on if they will be able to explain the stuff that only looks like overly convenient plot devices so far (curse being evil only when the story needs it, yay!). Not really looking forward to Koyori's route for this reason, though I am very interested int he true one.


    Might take a break from RuiTomo for a moment again, maybe finish Secret Game/Killer Queen first. Or maybe I should just go with some no-bullshit utsuge, any tips? :P


    Gin'iro...or Konakana ("the gentle, strengthen your faith in humanity, utsuge"), which I'm reading atm. Actually Catagra is a good timely choice here depending what you want on the side with your utsu. Based on the 1 thing I heard about tenshiwake, I wouldn't recommend it yet...


    Like I said earlier, having finished Muramasa


     a bit ago, I'm reading Kona kana. I tried resuming asairo, but the bizareness turned me off and so I'm pushing it off one cycle or so. Also tried Catagra. For some reason, it's only now that I'm super aware of the fact that if you take away the murder mystery, Innocent Gray's games are literally just spending time with a bunch of bishoujyos. Innocent gray is good enough to make heriones that stand up to a first impression, but their characters are rarely deep.

  15. Reading fast is definitely an asset. Might I also add (or repeat)


    Reading comphrehension.

    Critical thinking (such as in dissecting and understanding stories).

    Being able to express said critical thinking in writing.

    Communication skills.

    Use of active (deliberate learning).

    Sorting out what really matters to you.


    Are there any good resources on speed reading you'd reccomend? I read sort of average speed in English, in practice 300 words a minute in novels (maybe about twice as fast reading online forums), but then my japanese reading speed is pretty slow (comparing to plp of similiar skill level), even in cases where I ought to have enough knowledge.

  16. I thought I had enough of Innocent's gray's setting, but somehow the Catagra PV appeals to me more than the Kara no Shoujo one. The atmosphere is just as strong in either game, perhaps its the more distinct character design (in later games, all the heroines look similar) and much more vivid/dazzling cg+scenery shots versus the abstract theme of the "egg and shell", which I felt didn't come across in KnS as well I would have liked. I wonder if Catagra has a branching story of any length.

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