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  1. Just Flourite's route. Flourite so likable :D. It was cool in that there were a lot of moments where you discovered something new. Actually Cinema got me very interested in AI for a while, such as imagining exactly what components would be needed to replicate level of functionality/awareness she, and then Flourite, demonstrates. But the slice of life segments and other characters were only lukewarm interesting for me. In this respect Bakumatsu's is a huge improvement.
  2. Lol thanks for the reccs. I'm fond of them, I guess I just don't find them besides OP's and positive and specific reviews. Those two titles wouldn't stand out to me looking from the vndb screenshots or ratings. The OP atmosphere is a really big indicator for me. Not that the art isn't nice, but if the OP vocal was different it probably wouldn't have caught my attention.
  3. So soothing~ (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪ . I have a special thing for truly 癒し系 vocals and VN's. I'm kinda suprised you liked the routes. From the heroine information I have no idea how a coherent plot could be formed. Guess I just haven't played one of those supernatural-based vn's.
  4. Kids or are very good or very sharp (none of the stupid, kid stuff) are awesome. There's nothing like complementing angelicness or wit/intelligence with varying amounts of childishness.
  5. Started playing Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier recently. Thing's a friggin' textbook on the Bakumatsu Era. Here's part of the list of terms I looked up. And those were just the pages I bookmarked. But the art and music is good, and ofc, the dialogue and setting is quite interesting. I'm really enjoying it and I want to play more, but it's such an exhausting read I can only concentrate on it for a few hours a day. Made it to the first choice...it seems fairly important. Ahh, what to do what to do. I do want to make sure I follow the true history routes first, but I don't want to u
  6. Huh. I normally don't like sprawling harem(?) rpg's but this looks really good, lot of epic/pleasing character designs. Everyone's based off historical and mythological figures lol, I'm lost in the novelty of it all.
  7. LOL. It's like a gag in an otaku-anime, but in real life. Back when I first started playing VN's, my older sister saw me playing Saya no Uta and got curious. Didn't even know that VN's had H in them at the time. When I ran in to the first H-scene I was like wut? She was like "yeahh...so it like that in it." She played the game (seperately) up until the really nasty part (with the neighbor) and noped the fuck out. I think that ruined VN's for her.
  8. Ugh, I feel the same pain. I think the problem is this question. "What is your favourite" only works when the probable set of answers falls within the knowledge of both parties. So they either implicitly think that most anime are the ones they know, or that your favorite ought to be one of the ones they know. Gotta start shallow and then test the waters.
  9. Close-minded, ignorant, assuming, presuming people, just busy existing. ご苦労さん. I'm happy I don't have to try justifying what I like to people like that. Just stay apart and both be better happier for it. You should make a list of the 10 most annoying things from within the fandom.
  10. I'd fail my classes...so no. If internet was strictly allowed for academics, or equivalent offline material was available, sure I would. I would blow a thousand dollars or so and go have fun cosplaying or photoshooting or something. Have fun doing karaoke (with my lovely voice :D). Even if you don't make the best use out of the time, it'd be awesome just knowing that you spent X days with a different appearance. Even regular cosplay (or make up) can be liberating like that.
  11. According to my VNDB: 29 VN's Finished, 15 of which are full-length titles in Japanese, 10 of which of I played in English back in 2011. 34 VN's Stalled 17 VN's Dropped Total: ~80 VN's Tried. About 100 other titles which I am decently interested in, and about another 100 mildly so. So ATM, I've only finished about 1/4 of the VNs I've tried recently, dropping a 1/4 and not finishing the other 1/2 for now. I wonder if other people's reading tendencies are similiar.
  12. Subahibi, meeting god. A million scenes within Muramasa. If I had to raise one in particular it would be the "bomb"(?) dropping scene in the true route.
  13. I played it as my second VN. I played up to 1 or two different endings, didn't really understand what was going on though. It reads like a flowery novel. It's hard but not crushingly hard. The art is quite nice. I'm kind of interested in the main mystery and some of the scenes you can see in on the vndb page. It's probably a decent work, but not especially satisfying to read compared to how long it is. I heard complaints in japanese that there are too many ending, some which only differ slightly. Just read it as long as you feel like it.
  14. Still playing Kokuzai wo Ukerubeki mono. Seriously, the author has a penchant for utsuge developments. I'm feeling pretty sick to my stomach. If the VN didn't have it's own charm, genuineness, and impression-lasting characters, I would have called bullshit and quit already. Edit: Finished the game (Kokuzai wo Ukerubeki Mono) Honestly, I should have known from the opening chapter where this was headed. Oh, the thought passed by mind. But I think I took for granted the structure this VN would take. "Maybe this game is about giving someone something and then slowly taking it away f
  15. I love it when the visuals or audio style of the VN complement it or define it's own unique identity (doesn't have to be a unique style). From my experience as well, VN's that utilize the audio and visual aspects draw me in a lot quicker than normal novels. This is even if the base story or depiction is comparable. As I found out from Subahibi, Dempa's not really my thing, but maybe I'll come back to this VN. Even though I kinda know what is happening in the VN, somehow getting a hint as how to interpret the (what would normally be) madness makes the VN a more agreeable read. I quite like
  16. should we make even ANOTHER group maybe lol. one that actually focuses on japanese learning and japanese vns in general? Yeah, it doesn't have to be the most active room in the world, but just have it so it isn't flooded by other chatter.
  17. I'd say it takes about 2 hours a day for about 6 months (about 360 hours of study) to get to a decent place to try starting reading VN's. This is focusing on grammar and reading (not conversation or writing). A few people actually get through this in 6 months, but most kind of wind through it in 1-1.5 years. Another reason why the start takes longer is that its the part where you have to get used to studying Japanese, and also figure out what you should be studying about. It's very disorienting for the first while since you'll have no idea how close you are to being able to read. After that, a
  18. Wow, I didn't expect this VN was going to be a full blown jidai-saku. Takaya Aya, you've out-done yourself. I have a question though. Do you think one can enjoy it without missing to much one doesn't have much knowledge about historic Japan?
  19. I got it working already, thanks though. The game data's in .arc and then inside those, extension-less script files.
  20. にーにー seems the most intimate (in a sibling way) :3
  21. Would any one know a way to properly insert the script files from Aiyoku no Eustia? The Engine's BGI. I tried using BGITools (http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools) and Crass. Everything seems to unpack and repack fine, but when I put the new encoded extensionless script files into the game directory and run the game, only the names are translated. Never mind, it works now. Looks like the problem was I copy-pasted just the the bgitools python files into another folder and tried to use them, while there were in fact a few other files the program needed. And also the the program can't re-encod
  22. Hapymaher is a little bit prosy. I had quite some difficulty reading it when I tried reading it last year. I have it rated as Moderate for vocabulary and a Moderate+ for prose. Where as the stuff you mentioned might be in the Novice or Novice+/Moderate- range.
  23. Favourite Visual Novels of 2015 Huh, out of these, SC2VN is the only one released in 2015, with Kami no ue having came out last December. They're also mostly pretty dark VN's (*shivers*). Now that I think about it, people have been playing a lot of dark vns these last 6 months. Favourite VN hype thread of the year: Maggot baits. Who would have thought I would get that hyped up for a VN only to go "nope" at the content. It was silly but the best kind of silly. Favourite VN reviews/suggestions: xReaper in "what are you playing", clephas's enduring blog, and decay's euphoria review. Even though
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