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  1. Dude, if you know of some issues that led to the Aokana things happening, I think you should look into them. This is off of second hand information, but I don't approve of how you dealt with astro during translation project. Translators/people aren't just people you can 'manage' into doing what you want. Anyways, do take it easy.
  2. Ahhh gin'iro the music and VA is so nostaligic. I don't have gin'iro installed on this computer, but think I might have played straight through. I remember listening to the opening a couple times trying to catch the VA lines.
  3. https://vndb.org/v9208 This game is alright, this game is shit.
  4. When I browsed sites like http://yomou.syosetu.com/, I didn't see that much touhou fanfiction, and not even a single eroge fanfiction. Kinda makes sense...one of the more simple reasons to write fan-fiction is for pairings that didn't exist in anime. Another pattern is for open-ended character based series, like mariaXXX(?) or fruit basket. Eroge are mainly closed story for games that have a memorable characters, and already have pairings covered (if there are even any shippable pairings). Lastly eroges have pretty high amounts of text already.
  5. You get more review sites of course, some live play videos (実況) with entertaining commentary, twitter, but yea there's not that much discussion. #tanoshimi (Ore tsubasa ga nai, Rui Tomo, CC, Saihate, Dies Irae, KKK, Muramasa, Subahibi, Sakura no Shi, JQV, Amatsukaze, Railsoft works. RPG's: Rance and Kiseki)
  6. 1. The production value is miles short. Especially when it comes to graphical effects and OP, even doujin japanese games often have better OP's. I'm pretty sure this is a technical gap as well (there might be resources in japanese for OP making). If it were up to me, people would study how to make OP's in particular. Make them look less cheap. In lieu of 1: 2. The story/characters/level of story-craft skill isn't great. Generally for all-ages japanese doujins, the people playing those types of games very strongly graduate to stories which leave a lasting impression, while also h
  7. Oh, well, that can't be helped. Might be pretty entertaining actually. Seem's pretty interesting actually. This setting is pretty まとも, and good non-human heriones are coool. Only that, have a hopeless record when it comes to getting through charages. I would quote my fantastic taste, but it's more like with plot games, you can hardly not finish it, the VN kinda makes that choice for you. I'll add this the list of good charage+ 's for a rainy day.
  8. Grats on 1000 posts and 3 years. Now come to think of it, why is it that my "kouhai" been around fuwa longer than me ? Me too, I really appreciated the sentiment at the time I joined the site in early 2014. At the time, fuwa was the only welcoming place to talk about VN's. #tlwiki, vndb, and 4chan were out, for obvious reasons, while /visualnovels/ was mostly filled with funny images and posts from people finishing Grisia/MLA/Rewrite. Tay was pretty active back then too. Arr, Tay you're the man! I'm curious how fuwa will go in the year 2016: what new people will come, what the existing me
  9. There's obviously a culture gap (real life), but I don't feel like I encounter it very much in most VN's. I feel like the typical VN and LN as 'medium genres' both have their own set of tropes/patterns you have to get used to, nether which bears that much resemblance to Japanese culture. What we're used to is this genre, not Japanese culture exactly. There are things which make reference to normal Japanese school/work life, but I don't and can't really identify them all because I'm not intimately familiar with those places. You do pick things up gradually though. Haven't played any V
  10. Kikan Bakumatsu does have great pretty sweet visuals and sound compared to Tayaka's other games.
  11. Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai: I liked the prominent characters (main heroines), and unusual plot. The prose and delivery was also pretty nice, it was almost like a little 'play' of sorts, set it's own little world. Also Kisaki, best girl.
  12. I have a few that I discovered... , but they aren't going on here ;D...Thanks CeruleanGamer for reminding me of my sexuality. There's so many fetishes I *don't have* that I kind of go "huh?" (THAT WAS NICE!) and stare blankly when something actually hits the mark. That and searching vndb can be fun.
  13. It's a shame, but people going for the (apparent) easy money has always been true. What we might consider crappy, a good chunk of it actually appeals to people in some way (light adventure story with some porn!~), and the rest of it does its best to pretend so. Gotta find those dedicated creators who have either the vision/passion and/or the skill. I mean, think of it backwards. You're not going to find most of those people advertising on reddit, much less on kickstarter. Try Lemmasoft or other communities which produce games which are not VN's but with high amounts of narrative (th
  14. Kikan Bakumatsu. I just love how much umph it has everytime you open the game.
  15. It pops up sparingly in some VN's, but never significant parts of a VN. A few passages from Muramasa. Including the 'noh play'. Dies Irae definitely features some, and Kajiri Kamui Kagura definitely contains a bunch. Kikan Bakumatsu has a bit (phrases, idioms). Subahibi has some, because it quotes shit. It's more like it shows up uncommonly in phrases/idioms or artistic exposition (that's why I want to learn the basics). I'd doubt anyone would write a VN in it because it'd be a pain in the ass for most Japanese people to read.
  16. It's not long, but there's two following the same characters. Seems interesting enough. https://vndb.org/v11956 https://vndb.org/v11957 It's futanari though. But I'd imagine the undertones would still be yuri.
  17. Perhaps https://vndb.org/v5841 when the English release eventually comes out. Apparently it has some dark and sinister undertones so it ought to be a pretty good fit. You might have better luck scouring for anime or movies? Maybe there are some translated horror rpgmaker games that draw from japanese mythology.
  18. Just noting some questions I had trouble answering. 17. Do you talk to other people about visual novels? This should be a multi-answer question. I use a mix of forums, reddit, skype (=chatrooms?), discord (chatroom). 25. At what level do you speak Japanese? Like most people who learned Japanese by and/or for reading VN's, my reading ability is much higher than my speaking proficiency. This should be kept in mind. The whole culture transfer thing is quite interesting. I'm not sure where to begin to look for what kind of an effect the Japanese media has had on this
  19. I read the poems lightly and didn't really think about them much, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the impressions, and feeling of the words. That's some impressive creative powers you got there.
  20. The OP makes some statements about the trend in eroges being made, which are correct, but he also says things which could be taken as derisive statements against various types of eroge readers. And then everyone (myself included) feels inclined to put those people down, or put themselves down. That's human nature for you . Just do what you like, and don't be ashamed of yourself. There's not a huge difference between wish-fulfillment in fiction, challenges in fiction, and challenges in the real world. It just comes down to what you want.
  21. I know the feeling of when things are clearly aimed at someone different from you. I usually settle for stories where the journey that leads up to the two being together is long and varied, and most importantly, feels like it's theirs. Can't think of any VN that includes "the approach" though.
  22. I posted this somewhere a year ago, but I think it's relevant here. I don't like it when people mis-guidedly think utsuge's are just anything that ends badly. That can be, and often is an utsuge, but an utsuge is not 'that.' Games with happy ends can still be utsuges. --- Utsu elements in Utsuge. Currently, the term is thought to mean "a game that depresses the player", or "a game which has no good ends". I'm not fond of this, as it says nothing about what the nature of and focus of the story is on. If you take all the games which are depressing and look at the main themes/happe
  23. No heroine I would really put above all the others, but Minamori Minami from Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori I'd consider closest to waifu material. Caring, playful, enduring (can hold each other up), endearing, a dreamer. And a few more:
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