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  1. Feeling so lazy. Literally picking VN's to read based on their visual and atmospheric impression.

  2. Powered by Shoujo-ai, literally.

    1. Chronopolis


      [Ariabl'eyeS] 瑠璃色のローゼンクロイツ

  3. Reading VN's and Posting about VN's~

    1. 傍観者


      Why using mediafire?

    2. Chronopolis


      Hmm, I didn't like how Gyoaza hides your images past the most recent 10 or so, and puush stopped working on my desktop, and I was too lazy to set up a imgr account. I should do that though. One nice thing about mediafire is that if you have a bookmark to a folder you can easily drop other types of files as well...

  4. In an attempt to shape up my writing and critical reading skills, I chipped together a blog recently. Right now it's only has morality and dark things, discussing topics that are brought up in the VN's and other media I read, but in the future I might do straight up VN reviews, provided I can understand the story well enough and have something to say. https://chrolize.wordpress.com/

  5. Someone's wonderful guide/thoughts/analysis/speculation of the VN Giniro. (http://ftcom.skr.jp/game/t3ken/nekoneko/giniroPF01.htm). Very very thankful for that.

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