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  1. Oddball heroines and those who love them

    I would say I like mahou shoujo heroines...but I'm not even sure if that's the case. A couple of these are cool/entertaining, but I don't love any of them. I guess I'll go for cold-blooded/pragmatic heroine. It feels good to watch resources being used well, if nothing else. I like characters who I can relate to, admire, or adore.
  2. Anything with an aura, presence. Strong fighters. Heroines who roam, or who have perhaps, at once point roamed the earth. A real magician. AI. The exoticism is something, for sure. But usually I like it best when it serves to heighten one's sensitivity to the relationship (as it is unusual). You know what? Witches. A witch could be absolutely anything. It hasn't been explored as much, plus even in a single setting, witches can be quite different from each other. But I think, part of exoticism is besides their different nature, and is just the fact that the things they care about and deal with are not the usual things in *our* world: the ultimate mundane. In that sense, unless you've read enough VN's to have lived in them, even a simple charage herione has that sort of advantage. edit: black long hair is a winner for me.
  3. As for the steam page...... it's less grammatical errors, and more like an utter lack of appropriate English style. I actually don't notice it that much. When I'm skimming I'm not judging how it reads, more just picking up keywords. When I read it and pay attention, then it's terrible.
  4. What is Your Most Tragic VN Death?

    You have to be invested in the character, or the VN has to do it in a way where the loss or the process really is something. Visual novel name: (The ending involves a showdown in space (the title also doesn't end with a vowel), if you haven't seen the novel and care, don't click) And the person in question is:
  5. What a article bait title. It's just obvious (well, always-present) communication strategies. Learn how to adapt to who you're communicating to.
  6. Hentai As An Art Form

    I think what you have is a strong feeling of emotion and admiration towards hentai. A person can share this kind of feeling for many different things, but to the outside person it's all very hard to understand. Don't underestimate how difficult it is for someone else to understand. Now couple that with the fact that people are often non-receptive to this. Basically, in most cases, its not a good idea to share(?) At the very least, don't push the issue.
  7. Fault Milestone Series

    Probably this? https://www.patreon.com/posts/milestone-update-7298082 It seems like they are doing fine, the writer/director just has goals in order to put out jaw-dropping bg quality.
  8. Anyone use Twitter or other social media often?

    Just because its being used widely for nefarious and asinine ends doesn't mean I won't use if it suits me. You just gotta not let the circle-jerk get to your head. Something like twitter doesn't work as a primary community, usually (how can you discuss/debate with tweets?). But it's nice to connect and share.
  9. Plot vs Writing

    Apologies for wording it unclear. The content of the dialogue would be like what the author plans the characters to talk about in a scene. What I meant by 'how the dialogue is presented' is how well that plan got executed and turned into a dialogue. All I'm including in writing is the technical writing ability: the ability to make narration, dialogue, and sentence shine. When I read 'story' in the OP, I'm thinking about everything else. Not just the plot or original idea, but also the characters, and thought put into character development and interactions. When I see a very skilled author carve a metaphorical pagoda out of just a carrot (a story which hasn't that much thought/meaning/substance to it), it's still a carrot to me, even though you can appreciate all their skill.
  10. Plot vs Writing

    Well it's not just plot, it's the premise, character development, character interactions (not how the dialogue is presented, but ,) the content of the dialogue, the topics it touches, etc.
  11. Ooh, bakumatsu..... I feel the urge to play it when it comes out just so I can have played two historical games based off the same event.
  12. Your favourite male leads

    I............dang, that's a good point. Haruhiro and co. from grimgar. (you can just really get into his shoes after a while....and you get the whole deal) It's been a while, but I also enjoyed Okabe Rintarou's perspective. That was actually quite good. I find it hard to remember male characters because a lot of them are trapped in the role of VN protagonist... The story has to have a bit of realism before I can identify with them.
  13. lol for veterans is the best click bait. Gets me everytime. Jokes aside... I don't usually carry a burning passion long past having finishing a VN, but I do still think strongly towards them and remember them either treasuring their existence and/or being moved by their actions. My current list is probably: Flourite from Komorebi no Nostaligicia {Her AI nature, frankness (素直さ), and amazing sincerity} Eusurize from Gurenka {The way she gives consideration to lesser beings than her. Even though she isn't bound by a knightly code nor is a particularly charitable person. Also her backstory is a little wistful.} Rizuberuru from リズベルルの魔 (recentish) {very cute, considerate, more girly than childish. Not often that a little girl character gets to be of the main characters of a plotge. (most of the time they are not as developed as the rest of the cast and do not play much a role) Noel from All the way we go (recent) {Really left an impression, having gone through her good ending. Her pained clarity, her actions, the things she appreciates, her way of being.} Lily from 魔法少女 (recentish) {To introduce her, she's a half-English (half Japanese) person who nonetheless cannot speak English. She strives to emulate certain ideals of Japanese beauty (ie. Yamato Nadeshiko). She also happens to be very good-looking (美人). While the other characters find her a little strange and it hard to interact with her, by the end of the story, she might have been the most valiant of them all.} Past favourites which have faded over the years: Lily from Katawa Shoujo Minami from Soshite, Ashita no Sekai Yori (though as a sweet girl (a little mischievous, but caring) who likes to dream, I can't say she isn't my type.) Honorable mention to Maimi from 無限煉姦 {Not really a love intersest, but there were a bunch of moving parts in the VN. In particular I remember being so god damn relieved when it got to chapter 2.}
  14. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Congrats! Yeah, I also found the backstory in chapter 2 to be incomprehensible. About Ichijyou's attack, iuuno what is like Iuuno, read it 2 years ago. I think the fights excluded might be in the anthology addition, the Muramasa fandisk.
  15. Aiyoku no Eustia script dumping

    That's weird... I tried translating a bit this summer, and after some fiddling I managed to get those tools working. If it's of any use here's the first 250 lines of Chapter 3 (TL'd and edited) from back then. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1CZ2Ai5gEW-RE1GZ0x5SUNHXzA/view?usp=sharing
  16. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    In the middle of playing 闇鍋企画 (combined sequel/fandisk to 魔法少女 and some other works). Not much to say, except I'm really happy to see the characters get more time on the stage. Some of the characters were hard to understand in their original works, in this title you get to see more of them. It has a lot of character interactions, some moving moments, but also a fair bit of amusing comedy.
  17. Bad Fapanese: A Bathroom Diary (11月24日)

    Haha...writing natural Japanese is hard. Life is about as hard too. At least poop is soft.
  18. Clephas' list of high-quality writers: Tier One

    My list of notables (not to be taken as exclusive, they're just names which I have seen enough of to know for certain, are capable of doing interesting or well-crafted stuff): Shumon Yuu pretty much makes you go wow. Even if his style of humour exasperates me to no end. Takaya Aya is a hella versatile and generally intelligent. Lucle (only data point is 紙の上の魔法使い, but that was skillfully told and put together in a way an average writer definitely could not do) Hodaka Nozomu (Enjoy his prose. He likes to write short stories which just entrance you with their atmosphere.) Doujin friends ts_tassan: Generally knows what he's doing, but always pursuing his own style. I think he stands out most for how good he as at handling teenage girl characters (Can see in 魔法少女, and also in the old novel he has posted on his website). Though, life is too short to just follow these authors.
  19. Best Visual Novel Writers and Storytellers

    oops, meant to post this on clephas's blog
  20. Most underrated VN of all time?

    Well according to my VNStat: Natsu no Kusari (see this review) The Way We All Go (I've only played Noel's good ending, which I found really touching) SC2VN (Well written, sensible stuff)
  21. I Want To Write A Book........

    I think it's this. If you're accustomed to reading LN's you likely don't care how much telling there is (the 'tell' is hype, or that slightly meta touch is amusing, or maybe you're just accustomed to receiving information that way and it's a drag to get it otherwise.), as long as the character hijinks are interesting and the stage gets set for epic stuff. ("I don't care how much details you tell me as long as I'm still interested.").
  22. Golden, Deep Sunset https://vndb.org/v9208 (OP Movie) Don't get too excited though, the OP's likely the best part of the game. I'd second Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide, the art directing, overall it's just a great vn. It's really hard to find VN with anything close to those kinds of arts -- If there was, you can bet I'd playing it. Sure there is detailed art, but I'd be cool to see art that not only is detailed, but liberating or captivating. Generally, looking for VN's that possess the atmosphere and can extend the world of such images, is a fruitless affair. Oh, maybe this will do: https://vndb.org/v11990 Though it's full of a quasi-science dream stuff, I haven't gotten through all of it, but I wish there'd be more art like the cover (there really isn't much from my experience. It was very cute though, contrasting with the somewhat brain-numbing content.) "Fault" is probably a good one too (check out that main menu bg). It's also fantasy. I'll randomly drop https://vndb.org/v7792 if the color scheme thingies catch your attention. Finally, Buncha PV's
  23. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Thanks! Hope to get to share it with you guys someday.
  24. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Thanks, your support means a lot! Hah, I think that's a pretty natural response. There were some slow months and there was a lot of in-between work, like figuring out procedure and conventions, that doesn't directly translate into progress. Most of that's been sorted out now, which is nice. Can't guarantee the project will go all the way, but atm there's nothing stopping it.
  25. It's a bit of a challenging type of game to play, having to remember all the details and ways of interactions, but it's cool what you're making. The two most important things for me in this kind of game, I think, after story, are consistency (are the behaviors and actions of the characters consistent with each other, at least to a reasonable degree), and user experience (Is it easy to figure out what actions I can try?) Also, branching that serves to reveal more about the characters or story is awesome. You can tell I'm more a fan of narrative objectives, rather than gamey sandbox ones, like dwarf fortress, etc.