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  1. Introduction

    That's why I disagree with telling people to be ask people for pronouns. It's an action that catches people's attention (and scoff), but isn't really the important one. It's not really practical to wonder forever (that someone could be any gender-orientation), so I suppose the take-away is to not to unduly assume. But people's environment is affected by their decisions. Also as a person, you can influence yourself by the lines in which you choose to think. I mean, probably not for gender and sexual orientation, but that could shape the finer things. It's possible that a person couldn't help but becoming the person they are. It's also possible that, they had a mental want or desire that influenced their mind, actions, and thoughts, and eventually lead to a different identity. In a way, these people came to possess that identity because doing so makes them feel comfortable. This would sort of be their choice. As an outsider, we have no way of knowing whether it was that person's choice. In a ideal world, we should respect people's choices regardless, but to the modern person's sensibilities, there is a big difference between 'choice' and 'had no choice'. People react differently: they are a lot more sympathetic if the person 'couldn't help it'. Just a thought, maybe those two shouldn't be treated as differently as they are now... Anyways, I agree that one shouldn't have to change who they are (besides the extreme case of not being able to coexist), even if choice had an effect on that part of their identity. No, I don't think others must always understand nor do I expect that to happen. People don't need to understand to respect something. It's like atheism. I didn't mean 'significantly understand'. (I agree with what you said in the atheist example, and the acknowledgment part after. I guess I get the impression from the people that present this information, that they are seeking "learn and propagate" out of you, rather than "acknowledge". The way I take what you said was "people must make these courtesies/adjustment for these minority groups". To be able to do that, you'd have to know a something about of what those groups entail. I suppose the purest form of disadvantage minorities have is a lack of understanding. Spreading information (strictly information) in the hopes of increasing awareness, is not a bad thing. Though it's not the the outsider's responsibility to learn about every minority. Some assumptions are necessary or preferred. I think the minority groups should acknowledge this, and recognize the other person's perspective. The fact is not that these people are special, it's that they are different and they should be allowed to be different. I see consideration from the other side as: Not acting like you're special. (Ideally, this is the same as doing so without the gender/identity elements.) Not telling me how someone must treat you differently. (This is different from an atheist leaving in a religious family, as it's not like the other person isn't rejecting who you are or treating your worse for it. Beyond that, I really don't think one should act like people should adjust to you, as that is an effort on their part.) Then it's up to the other person's to be open-minded and not to reject that person's identity. This is what I think should be the goal.
  2. Introduction

    Your second blog post disappeared, so I'll go reply here. Firstly, two reasons why people react warily to people who announce the unusual state of their identity, or preach in a SJW manner, is that those two actions can be driven respectively by people seeking attention, and, people wishing to attach themselves to a Great Cause, making themselves feel better by perceiving the rest of the world as 'uneducated' or 'wrong'. Now actually on to my reply. The reasons why I don't ask people their pronouns: 1. By current sensibilities, it feels silly 2. Inertia 3. In the current socieity, doing so will lower many people's impression of me. The third reason is the largest reason. If it was acceptable, after getting over the change, I wouldn't mind saying that as a courtesy. Though imo that's all it is, a courtesy. The issue I take with how you present otherkin (thank you google-sensei), etc. is that identity is a lot of things. Going off of personal experience, there are things I really liked, that really meant a lot to me, so much that I would consider the state living while 'rejoicing or revering' them part of who I was at that given moment. Heck, there was a time where I thought all characters of a series to existed to me. I'm pretty sure that counts as something spiritual. I think there's some other forum members who for this kind of thing holds true too. What I'm saying is that identity is who you are at this given moment. None of it is worthless, of course. What I disagree is giving such thing a label and elevating it to being something that others must always understand. Your basis of elevation is that for that element of your identity, you did not choose to become that. I'm not sure I agree with that. I think identity in this context is often a process of exploring areas until you find something which feels right to you. When you say "I was meant to be like this \ I'm sure this was how I was born", you really are just attesting to how right it feels, which is a subjective feeling. To take a part of one's identity and share it, and tell people to acknowledge it, is basically putting oneself as a topic out there and wanting people to notice you and share (by understanding) in that part of your identity. However, doing this outside the appropriate times is still a social faux paus. Understanding someone is requires time and effort by the other person. It's inconsiderate to impose that on people automatically.
  3. Introduction

    Okay, I'm listening. I warn you that, having stated that you are open-minded (a surprisingly hard thing to be, additionally so when you have a mission), if that turns out not to be the case, I'm going leave the discussion immediately. I personally, can't stand people who do that. Also welcome to the Fuwanovel.
  4. regarding eroge sales numbers

    Interesting. Guess there's no magic in eroge sales.
  5. Ne no Kami discussion

    I played a bit of it but not that much. Didn't like the graphics as much as I thought I would. Personally, I was looking for something epic.
  6. Mahou Shoujo (Mahosho) Translation Project Progress TL: 11/40 Chapters (updated 2/28/2016) Editing: ~3/40 Chapters QC: 1/40 You can always check the Live Progress Report on google docs. That page will always be up to date. Project Introduction Description Game info (and screenshots) Staff Timeline Looking for: None at the moment Contact
  7. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Happy Holidays everyone! Chapter 9 translation's finished. This marks (the TL progress) being half-way to the first patch release at 17 chapters. I checked, it's about 4450 lines translated with the whole game being about 20000 lines. Seeing as this project was started in March of this year, I hope to have the first patch by August or September next year. Honestly I'm just dying to polish stuff up and share it with people. I also might be looking for an editor/QC'er. The text is almost completely dialogue, and while it has some sci-fi-like supernatural, is pretty character-centric.
  8. Final Fantasy 8, level scaling and the need for levels

    I think with a level system you can choose your difficulty by keeping your experience to a reasonable amount and adding clearing restrictions. Level-scaling...if you do level scaling you might as well not including leveling at all, just getting more skills or locking progression all together. Nothing worse than leveling up and getting weaker relatively.
  9. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

  10. Introducing myself

    I think most of us have no idea how to respond to your OP without becoming heavy or harsh, thus resorting to expressing ourselves with the 'lighter' anime face reaction.
  11. Ryuukishi Bloody†Saga

    Wow, I had no idea that Ryakudatsusha was the prelude. Talk about genre shift. I have an admiration for dark stories which lighten up after time, so this has my interest piqued some more.
  12. weeb novel choice awards 2016

    Well, Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana's the only thing I can vote for (haven't read anything else that came out this year). For what it's worth, It's been awesome so far.
  13. Ever met someone from the forum in person?

    Nope. Though I have seen 2 posting members who apparently live in my city.
  14. Wow the, first one is pretty adorable. Mimikko's, they don't draw me in automatically, but each type (I prefer wolf or fox) has its subtle and not so subtle draws (the type of ears + their appearance hints and what their nature could be like, which is a bit removed from normal human). Even oni horns is similiar. Though, the ears and other features usually need to work together with the character's general appearance to have an effect. Three Mimikko pictures. Third picture is NSFW (nothing explicit though) Artificially created being is just super interesting. (when you don't have to factor in the possibly of getting caught in the crossfire and wrecked ala in-person sci-fi). I would say youkai in general, because they too can have very remarkable backstories and can emanate that dramatic aura, where for a human heroine its usually situational.
  15. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Started playing 枯れない世界と終わる花. I have to say, the voice acting is awesome. All the comedy and moe are so much more awesome because the CV's are so expressive. I think this is the only VN where I've not mind leaving the system voices on. Haru's CV must be the same as Lavria from Eustia (which has been ageees). It's nice to hear her voice in a title where her character isn't a side-role and always stuck in a distressing situation. Some interesting imagery coming from the title. Took some time to realize what was weird about it. All four of the heroine so far are a hit for me on a moe/dialogue level, which is mindblowing, as I barely played any commercial VN's in 2016. Hope this experience continues.
  16. Oddball heroines and those who love them

    I would say I like mahou shoujo heroines...but I'm not even sure if that's the case. A couple of these are cool/entertaining, but I don't love any of them. I guess I'll go for cold-blooded/pragmatic heroine. It feels good to watch resources being used well, if nothing else. I like characters who I can relate to, admire, or adore.
  17. Anything with an aura, presence. Strong fighters. Heroines who roam, or who have perhaps, at once point roamed the earth. A real magician. AI. The exoticism is something, for sure. But usually I like it best when it serves to heighten one's sensitivity to the relationship (as it is unusual). You know what? Witches. A witch could be absolutely anything. It hasn't been explored as much, plus even in a single setting, witches can be quite different from each other. But I think, part of exoticism is besides their different nature, and is just the fact that the things they care about and deal with are not the usual things in *our* world: the ultimate mundane. In that sense, unless you've read enough VN's to have lived in them, even a simple charage herione has that sort of advantage. edit: black long hair is a winner for me.
  18. As for the steam page...... it's less grammatical errors, and more like an utter lack of appropriate English style. I actually don't notice it that much. When I'm skimming I'm not judging how it reads, more just picking up keywords. When I read it and pay attention, then it's terrible.
  19. What is Your Most Tragic VN Death?

    You have to be invested in the character, or the VN has to do it in a way where the loss or the process really is something. Visual novel name: (The ending involves a showdown in space (the title also doesn't end with a vowel), if you haven't seen the novel and care, don't click) And the person in question is:
  20. What a article bait title. It's just obvious (well, always-present) communication strategies. Learn how to adapt to who you're communicating to.
  21. Hentai As An Art Form

    I think what you have is a strong feeling of emotion and admiration towards hentai. A person can share this kind of feeling for many different things, but to the outside person it's all very hard to understand. Don't underestimate how difficult it is for someone else to understand. Now couple that with the fact that people are often non-receptive to this. Basically, in most cases, its not a good idea to share(?) At the very least, don't push the issue.
  22. Fault Milestone Series

    Probably this? https://www.patreon.com/posts/milestone-update-7298082 It seems like they are doing fine, the writer/director just has goals in order to put out jaw-dropping bg quality.
  23. Anyone use Twitter or other social media often?

    Just because its being used widely for nefarious and asinine ends doesn't mean I won't use if it suits me. You just gotta not let the circle-jerk get to your head. Something like twitter doesn't work as a primary community, usually (how can you discuss/debate with tweets?). But it's nice to connect and share.
  24. Plot vs Writing

    Apologies for wording it unclear. The content of the dialogue would be like what the author plans the characters to talk about in a scene. What I meant by 'how the dialogue is presented' is how well that plan got executed and turned into a dialogue. All I'm including in writing is the technical writing ability: the ability to make narration, dialogue, and sentence shine. When I read 'story' in the OP, I'm thinking about everything else. Not just the plot or original idea, but also the characters, and thought put into character development and interactions. When I see a very skilled author carve a metaphorical pagoda out of just a carrot (a story which hasn't that much thought/meaning/substance to it), it's still a carrot to me, even though you can appreciate all their skill.
  25. Plot vs Writing

    Well it's not just plot, it's the premise, character development, character interactions (not how the dialogue is presented, but ,) the content of the dialogue, the topics it touches, etc.