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  1. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    In the middle of playing 闇鍋企画 (combined sequel/fandisk to 魔法少女 and some other works). Not much to say, except I'm really happy to see the characters get more time on the stage. Some of the characters were hard to understand in their original works, in this title you get to see more of them. It has a lot of character interactions, some moving moments, but also a fair bit of amusing comedy.
  2. Bad Fapanese: A Bathroom Diary (11月24日)

    Haha...writing natural Japanese is hard. Life is about as hard too. At least poop is soft.
  3. Clephas' list of high-quality writers: Tier One

    My list of notables (not to be taken as exclusive, they're just names which I have seen enough of to know for certain, are capable of doing interesting or well-crafted stuff): Shumon Yuu pretty much makes you go wow. Even if his style of humour exasperates me to no end. Takaya Aya is a hella versatile and generally intelligent. Lucle (only data point is 紙の上の魔法使い, but that was skillfully told and put together in a way an average writer definitely could not do) Hodaka Nozomu (Enjoy his prose. He likes to write short stories which just entrance you with their atmosphere.) Doujin friends ts_tassan: Generally knows what he's doing, but always pursuing his own style. I think he stands out most for how good he as at handling teenage girl characters (Can see in 魔法少女, and also in the old novel he has posted on his website). Though, life is too short to just follow these authors.
  4. Best Visual Novel Writers and Storytellers

    oops, meant to post this on clephas's blog
  5. Most underrated VN of all time?

    Well according to my VNStat: Natsu no Kusari (see this review) The Way We All Go (I've only played Noel's good ending, which I found really touching) SC2VN (Well written, sensible stuff)
  6. I Want To Write A Book........

    I think it's this. If you're accustomed to reading LN's you likely don't care how much telling there is (the 'tell' is hype, or that slightly meta touch is amusing, or maybe you're just accustomed to receiving information that way and it's a drag to get it otherwise.), as long as the character hijinks are interesting and the stage gets set for epic stuff. ("I don't care how much details you tell me as long as I'm still interested.").
  7. Golden, Deep Sunset https://vndb.org/v9208 (OP Movie) Don't get too excited though, the OP's likely the best part of the game. I'd second Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide, the art directing, overall it's just a great vn. It's really hard to find VN with anything close to those kinds of arts -- If there was, you can bet I'd playing it. Sure there is detailed art, but I'd be cool to see art that not only is detailed, but liberating or captivating. Generally, looking for VN's that possess the atmosphere and can extend the world of such images, is a fruitless affair. Oh, maybe this will do: https://vndb.org/v11990 Though it's full of a quasi-science dream stuff, I haven't gotten through all of it, but I wish there'd be more art like the cover (there really isn't much from my experience. It was very cute though, contrasting with the somewhat brain-numbing content.) "Fault" is probably a good one too (check out that main menu bg). It's also fantasy. I'll randomly drop https://vndb.org/v7792 if the color scheme thingies catch your attention. Finally, Buncha PV's
  8. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Thanks! Hope to get to share it with you guys someday.
  9. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Thanks, your support means a lot! Hah, I think that's a pretty natural response. There were some slow months and there was a lot of in-between work, like figuring out procedure and conventions, that doesn't directly translate into progress. Most of that's been sorted out now, which is nice. Can't guarantee the project will go all the way, but atm there's nothing stopping it.
  10. It's a bit of a challenging type of game to play, having to remember all the details and ways of interactions, but it's cool what you're making. The two most important things for me in this kind of game, I think, after story, are consistency (are the behaviors and actions of the characters consistent with each other, at least to a reasonable degree), and user experience (Is it easy to figure out what actions I can try?) Also, branching that serves to reveal more about the characters or story is awesome. You can tell I'm more a fan of narrative objectives, rather than gamey sandbox ones, like dwarf fortress, etc.
  11. Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

    Update and call for Chapter 1 testers Work is slowly progressing. Now that we have a inserted and ready portion of the game, we are currently looking for a couple testers for Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is about 40-60 minutes long, and your job will be to just let us know overall impressions, and if you noticed anywhere where the text was confusing or distracting. This is important cause it lets adjust our conventions before our QC goes further. If you spot any errors, that's great too (The script has been proofread and play-tested, but you never know.) To repeat, this is just for chapter 1. A full call for testers will come later, when were are close to releasing our first patch (first ~17 chapters or so).
  12. Badly describe a Visual Novel

    Absolutely nothing is accomplished. (shit this isn't good cause it's a spoiler, nvm) Cleaning up after art class You know what. Being clever is hard. This must be Oyako Rankan
  13. Learning a language for a hobby is retarded

    This comment is so good I'm glad when I scrolled down I got to read it a second time.
  14. Dear Translation Requesters

    One saving grace, I think, is that your TL will last forever. The person who comes along 5 years later could still potentially appreciate your work the same as someone who read your patch the day it came out. Also, 95%+(?) of the people who read the game won't ever comment. You're gotta remember those people as well, amidst the tomfoolery.
  15. Dear Translation Requesters

    This. With regards to anime, subs are just all there, like magic. Thus, if one's accustomed to that, without much thinking, it's not too farfetched to imagine that you could just request for some vn titles to be translated. They wouldn't know anything about anime-sub groups, let alone VN translation projects. IMO it's less egregious than say, asking an artist to draw for free. As for everything else... is shit, dutifully ignore.
  16. Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki

    Nice, I quite appreciated the comparison with Eustia.
  17. visual novels you consider masterpieces

    PSA: A masterpiece is a title within it's genre/(group of stories which share similar styles and objectives) that does what it tries to do very well and/or uniquely. It isn't by any means the end-all-be-all of all VN's.
  18. Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana

    Really nice review. Glad you enjoyed the VN lots. I tried the VN but got turned off in the prologue by Cabbit's charage style character speech patterns, but I might give it a run someday. Sometimes it's easier to stay reading when you have a reference for what to appreciate.
  19. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    Woah, that's nice cover layout for the english version of re:zero
  20. Being titillated is once. Being storied is forever.
  21. OELVNs: Their Past, Present and Future

    A lot of OELVN's have some side gameplay element. Unless it's well-integrated or unobtrusive that's a turn off for me, OELVN or JPVN. This is because the JPVN's we know about are commercial releases, because of that, there's almost always a certain standard of conformity. If you go to japanese doujin games you get a similar increase in breath of possible story types and style choices. There are many different kinds of stories and some just don't interest me. Romcom's, school slice of life, punky cyberpunk, intrigue, modern world historical, pure mecha are all out. It's hard to tell whether a story is good. The best way is by reliable word of mouth, so you know that the work will either have something you'd enjoy, something good you'd appreciate, or something good to appreciate. The best I can do when I see an advertisement in a genre I'm interested in, is to look for hints that the author has an idea of what they're doing. Example: Elisa the Innkeeper If a story is a type that interests me, and I see a sign that author looks like they have a handle on the story, then I would consider reading the story or supporting the kickstarter. Or just general positive reception from people who aren't blindly fanboying. Such is the case for One Thousand Lies, which I have firmly backlog'd.
  22. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Mm the two pillars of time-consuming. Action info-dumps and alt-history. I have gotten in to them once or twice with Muramasa and Bakumatsu, but not interested enough to want to do them again soon. They are satisfyingly interesting though. --- Reread a bit of Kami no ue no Mahoutsukai. It's a mystery, but on top of that it's a case where the it's more about the characters making interesting speeches and taking interesting action and the whole layout of the story to be baffling uncommon, rather than trying to have the drama be realistic. It's a story which makes sense against it's own rules, even though it's hard to relate it to reality. Because of the strong prose and dialogue in important scenes, it'd be considerably difficult to translate. I don't even want to try translating it, since for so much of it, it's not just what they say, it's how they say it which is cool.
  23. What are you reading? Untranslated edition

    Who was Hinata again...? I've been steadily reading 灰と幻想のグリムガル (actually a light novel, not a VN). Really been enjoying it for what it is: a party-based RPG fantasy story with heavy character focus. Glad it actually occurred to someone to write a story like this. I plan to read Omega no Shikai -Shiki no Hajimari next. The OP/ED's are great (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHQ4YaQAyyI) , and I have faith in the doujin producer to make something good and engrossing. though I might try Tokage no Shippo Kiri for psychological gore.. I was thinking about playing 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を but it's slightly similar in emotion to 灰と幻想のグリムガル so that's on hold.
  24. Good luck on your project! I like MANYO's music and the way the game has the ending list. Haven't played it, but from what people say it's probably Cabbit's best work.