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  1. So, can someone explain to me why Narcosis hasn't been banned for that? Doesn't this forum have some basic rules? Just editing his racist bigotry out doesn't really cut it if you ask me.
  2. Uhhk? I've had this hair since I was 10 (21 now) and the beard since.... well, since I could grow a beard. Nothing spiritual about it, it's 50% lazyness and 50% I think it's cool.
  3. An older picture, this is the one that's on my public transit pass and the best one I have that's not 2+ years old Back when the ole Beard was still trimmed
  4. For me the most important thing is imagery. As long as the girl is hot and the art looks good, I don't really care about the script. Well, I guess VA quality also makes a big difference, moreso than what's actually being said. I also don't care if a scene is relevant to the story or not, if it isn't I can just go back to it later in the replay mode. Another really important thing for me is that both (or all) parties are having a great time. Rape doesn't do anything for me. Best is when Protag-san just completely fucks the sense out of a heroine, in a good way. As a last thing, I'm not quite as pessimistic as many people here when it comes to "all scenes are written in the same cliché way", I actually think there's quite a bit of variety in it. Of course, none of this matters as long as there's ANAL
  5. I don't know if I really count as a Fuwa member, but I am very active in FSG. It's a blasphemy that a list such as this would include Jay of all people, but not myself. You people need to work on your knowledge of human nature.
  6. My sincerest apologies if this has been asked before, but will you guys release partial patches, or just a complete patch when the whole thing is finished? How much of an added effort would it be to patch each route separately?
  7. Those in the FSG should recognize this face Taken with my webcam, which is literally a potato, so..... Edit: How do I get it to show a picture instead of just the link? Ah, found it
  8. Time to read this thing and report every single tiny little spelling/grammar error like an asshole. Such is the way of the Joris All joking aside, you did well. Thanks. Also I was 100% serious about that first bit
  9. Closing a thread without discussing it is not cool. What else is not cool? Well, I'd say playing a compulsory hunger-games-esque thing that results in the closure of the losing thread. Like, what the fuck kind of forum is this? I literally can not even begin to grasp what would drive people to invent such madness. You want dictatorship? Because this is how you get dictatorship.
  10. As one of the frequenters of the Skype group that is neither insane nor pervy, I feel obliged to question the validity of the parenthesized part there. At least the nice part is true Instead of pervy, I'd prefer to say we're all normal people, except that the FSG is a place where we're all a bit more honest than you might expect people in everyday life to be.
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