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  1. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    Just my impression but you said in the FAQ that the location and time period are set in Japan right? But the background give me the feeling I'm more like in England. And I hardly saw any Japanese letters through the demo. Anyway, the story does catch my interest. Would be best to read this on rainy days.
  2. Visual Novel/Anime OP Translations

    Missing an important note ?
  3. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    How about the mod lock this thread until Ouraibaa Hjyuraa actually has something to update or notify? Just my opinion though ~:>
  4. VNs: Guilty pleasures

    Oh kouhai my kouhai, I'm dying noticing you.
  5. VNs: Guilty pleasures

    Nice thread. Actually, whatever is overused in anime-manga, all happen in eroge/VN. That's how 2D of Japanese is. Fight between big boobs and flat-chest: overused Imouto: Overused -> This creature shows up everywhere. Tsun+bakadere: Overused -> No offense but most Tsun and Baka girls these days are all so stupid and annoying, can't find any cute part in them.
  6. True or False

    False, I prefer coconut. The next person: - If it's a man: He did took a picture of his little friend on the bottom. - If it's a woman: She did name her two sisters on the top.
  7. True or False

    False....yeah false Next person wanna try walking around his house while being naked.
  8. True or False

    False. I ain't have time for dat. The first manga of the next person he will be reading in the first day of 2015 is a hentai.
  9. Clover Days Translation Project

    Inb4 nobody Anyway, good work.
  10. For those who haven't gotten atk by this
  11. This is how translating VN should be. Simply good.
  12. Magical Marriage Lunatics! Official TL Thread

    Update 14/12/2014 (though I supposed to do this 2 weeks ago) Common route at 13534/15935 Got a new TLCer and the TLC is progressing steadily. More helps are welcomed
  13. Oh my, it's nearly 80%. Good job MDZ's team!
  14. Get addicted to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDaUzjArTP0
  15. Anyway to contact him ? I don't know much about tumblr though
  16. Magical Marriage Lunatics! Official TL Thread

    Oops, wrong type. Your joke gave me a good laugh at the very late night here.
  17. Magical Marriage Lunatics! Official TL Thread

    Update 29/10/2014 11856/15935 of common route has been translated! Not much as I expected. Still desperately need more TLCs and Editors. Please come save us. Updated our wordpress site.
  18. 10500 line left. Guess they will finish this before Christmas
  19. Grisaia no kajitsu anime

    So far the anime is But hey, look at the bright side, Yuuji does show how badass he is.
  20. Translators Issue Fixed :D

    Only use VNR when you have a certain basis of Japanese