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  1. Sorry but almost everyone who plays VN in general are weebs not just VN communities.
  2. I thinks its more a lesson that you cant throw up a game like this on steam with a bad description of the game, with a patch that has 90% of the game that your expecting people to find on their own and basically 100% relying on word of mouth for your sales, On top of that wasn't one of people who helped TL the game was trashing it before it came out and minor controversy about the game and censoring. It just seems like lots went wrong for what was always going to be a niche title in an already niche market and lets be honest if there wasn't a fan TL of the game done we never would have got a English release of the game.
  3. Was it really that unexpected though? The story is great but it was always going to have a smaller audience then any other visual novel due to the type of content the game deals with that is extreme even for VN standards and cant be taken out like other games to have a wider audience. It was kick started though and the translation was already done at that point correct so I doubt they took a loss on the game overall
  4. Why can't you use the correct honorific and keep the meaning of the text? It seems that you want translators to go out of their way to ignore honorifics but your argument doesn't hold much weight especially when the characters are still speaking Japanese and using them. There are many scenes that specifically reference honorifics and to avoid them completely means having to completely rewrite a scene which causes it to be completely different from the original, the scene in MLA between Takeru and Sumika is an example of the top of my head that fully relies on the honorific being understood between the two characters.
  5. They really shouldn't though at least in the case of the setting of the VN being Japan its part of the culture and should be kept accurate its kind of the same reason most Japanese dubs of English media dont add honorifics to English names. Personally when I see translations go out of there way to avoid using them or try to use not fitting English words it just makes the quality of the translation look lower even if that is not truly the case.
  6. Root Double 20k Fault Milestone 100k Planetarian 20k Sunrider Academy 70k Grisia had $400k raised through kickstarter The 2 you listed are not exactly close to LB in terms of quality and popularity. Also Fatal Twelve was funded through Kickstarter right?
  7. Say what you want about Sekai Project they do a much better job at promoting their titles. Key should probably leave the publishing to NA companies.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if they decided the fan translation of Rewrite was lacking and had to start from scratch
  9. I got this same error and uninstalling the game and deleting any files left in the directory and reinstalling fixed it
  10. Realta nua has remixed music, 3 new openings for each route and changes some story to remove H-scenes For your other question (HF spoilers)
  11. Subarashiki Hibi was hoping for an English release but after a year with 0 news starting to think it's a dead project and will struggle through it in Japanese.
  12. Your supposed to be confused at this point it would ruin it if I explained it the above post isn't correct but just play through and it will make sense at the end when everything gets explained
  13. Playing on my ps4 using PC monitor
  14. Sharin no Kuni made by the same company if you haven't played it yet its worth playing through and its my third favorite VN after Rewrite and g-senjou
  15. I supported it because on Windows 8 parts are unplayable and the resolution sucks hopefully this release fixes those problems.
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