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  1. Its just trying They're really isn't much more info, Thanks anyways! I made about halfway through, then stopped for a few months, and then when I ran it again, it wouldn't show any of my saves, and its the only visual novel that has done it for me, I'm going to try and re-install the game and patch, hoping that it might work again, if not I could just make it back to the point I was at, its just an annoyance (although trying to fix it is an annoyance in itself )
  2. I also tried doing this, although I couldn't find a solution as I said in the OP, I never tried other patches, I have stayed with the same game files and Patches, I Believe I am using the EX patch from over at http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Little_Busters! (They're the only ones with a full ex patch I have downloaded.. Its been awhile since I installed) For some reason it will only run when my system language is English, when I choose Japanese the game will not fully load, instead it defaults to full screen with a few options when I right click
  3. Heyya! Recently I have experienced a weird problem with this visual novel For no apparent Reason, The program Will not see any of my save files (that I actually use) i'm using Little busters EX, and I have not done any patching or changes I have Tried all things mentioned in this Topic: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/1534-little-busters-save-games-cant-be-loaded-solved/ However this still didn't work I was wondering if anyone else might have an idea or solution?
  4. for the most part, the Dubed version have incredibly poor production in them, not to mention that a lot of the Emotion is missing Its the same when watching a Standard movie that has ADR to change the language, its much better to listen to the original audio. Although there are a few shows that did have good dub, such as Soul eater, but for the most part, Dub is terrible.
  5. Just finished Golden time One of the few Seinen's that I actually liked School days ehhh, Interesting idea but I hated the way the story was, Reading the Visual novel of it, hoping it to be a lot better and zero no tsukaima Passed the time, nothing special Currently watching Vampire Knight and Sakyrasou no pet na kanjo
  6. its doable for IPB, you just need to write a code which reads the Nofitication Variable and add the number to the title screen, could be quite a hassle when incorporating it as an optional though but would you really need one though? isn't a big number at the top of a page showing notifications/pm's not enough
  7. I vote Option Ten this image would be the cutest
  8. Rental agency's and/or landlords (this is a private place that only caters to uni students) Never have I seen people try to grab as much money as they can from people for whatever reason they can think of I used to live in an apartment complex that used E-cards as keys, they were the really shit kind and the magnetic strip always stuffed up a year after living there they decided to make you pay $50 for a little piece of plastic whenever it stuffed up. they then started charging people $40 whenever they left it in their room then they had a fire in the place (caused by them and their shitty electrical wiring) and left everyone that lived there to find their own accommodation, food, clothing and money (since we were evacuated at 4am no one had anything) then after the fire they decided to increase everyones rent by $100, knowing that 90% of the building was full of oversea's students mostly from SE asia with rich parents It meant that anyone who was trying to live on their own back got screwed over now it gets even more annoying. they wouldnt let me stay there unless I signed a contract which made me stay there for a minimum of 12 months, and with a $70 increase compared to $100, and they acted like a saint for doing that I couldn't afford that, but it was either that or have nowhere to live the whole time I was telling them that I only wanted this temporarily untill i could find somewhere else, of course they didn't care Fast-forward 3 weeks and I found a place with my freind, I gave the place several weeks notice, they made me sign a contract break agreement, which I had to pay $300 but ontop of that fee I still am expected to pay the full price of rent every week untill they find someone to take over the place, and they said it will take awhile they're even charging me for things like light bulbs, or $10 for a tin of paint to redo a small section of a door that had a scratch =___=
  9. http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/internet-explorer-quote-button-does-not-work-r41744 http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/internet-explorer-11-copy-paste-issue-r42941 http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/internet-explorer-11-cannot-quotemultiquote-other-posts-r43181 a response from the IPB dev's regarding the issues you can try doing quoting while in the basic editor as one guy said in one of those tracker links, but it might be an idea to simply not use the Virus that is Internet explorer
  10. not really, The Cell Cpu is very different from Intel type cpu systems as its an 8core 3.2Ghz, but Uses differnet SPE's for different things plus the OS and structure of the PS3 makes the CPU do most of the GPU work, as the GPU inside the PS3 is reasonably weak Check out this which explains the Cell Cpu more: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/playstation-three1.htm
  11. 100kb is more than enough even 50KB is enough for a 200 width haha if your needing more than that, you're not using enough image compression on high quality pictures
  12. as said previously you wont see an emulator for quite some time as it takes 10x more processing power example: The PS2 ran on a 300Mhz Processor PCSX2(emulator) requires an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2ghz or better The reason being, that your computer must run your Operating system, then run a program which emulates an Operating system of a console which also needs to emulate a whole new BIOS startup then after doing all that, it needs to run a game in the reverse order of everything Just said, going through the computers operating system without there being any errors in any points and the processing power on the Ps3 is quite good in this day
  13. Also, it might be a good idea to change the max height in your ACP so people cant do massively long ones. just in case
  14. alright, try and beat this longest gif I have seen THE PRINCIPLE IS DEATH
  15. it was picking it up from someone's image I believe, as it linked to a site connected to maleware so Google just blocks the whole page from loading
  16. I love the animation and production work in the anime series everything from the structure of the animation to the way the audio was made and the music they used you can tell they had a heap of fun making this series, it shows by such a great work the actual story itself could be better though, it reminds me of Mushishi and ghost hunt I want to read the novels, but I doubt I will I'm looking forward to kizumonogatari, but I think it will be awhile every year people say "ow yea, it will be out this year"
  17. Imperial Guard, paper men of the universe Ow Corny action movies whenever you see a thread on a site getting weird Yui a few years down the track
  18. Even though I already posted her (no not Manly Mayusii ) Made this Gif from the Op to Monogatari
  19. Tsukihi Human Sunako, But this is definitely the definition of cute
  20. for me the music is the greatest part of an OP/ED, the video is nice but the music makes it here are a few of My favorites: Ghost in a Shell: Standalone complex OP Mirai Niki OP Deadman Wonderland Shingeki no Kyojin OP2 Soul eater OP2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDU2H7q_sJI
  21. its 190 px I believe with 1920x1080 it looks alright as it is now, just an idea of change for the sake of change
  22. there's an option in the system settings in the forum software to change it, at the moment it would be set to 150 or w/e I'm always a fan of having it the widest possible picture with no border so you can have transparent parts in images
  23. there isn't any need for high sizes, 150 is standard at 90% of all places however what would be nice would be an increase in width size to ~250-300 to cover the profile section in post's
  24. all the Cool kids try one word Sora No Woto: Trumpeteh Tonari no Kaibutsu: Nagoya AiR: Gao Kannon: Uguuu~ K-ON: Cupcake Mirai Nikki: yukiiiiiii Shiki: Yukii-kun shingeki no kyojin: Potato Clannad: Dango Ghost hunt: Narcissist Higurashi: Oyashiro-sama
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