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  1. does anyone have the scripts yet because I'm at the point where I'll translate this from scratch.
  2. Can some one please help me with this. For some reason the text for me was like that to but before it never happened. I don't know when it happened but when I first downloaded it, it was completely fine but now the text looks look all crushed together.
  3. Hey guys a translator just starting out. So what I'm hearing is that people want this translated? Well, my partner and I can begin translated this but I will need a hacker. So if anyone can be my hacker that would be great and also if they can show me the ropes on how to hack the VN to begin translation
  4. So, since someone as introduced this project I would like to introduce myself. I am a beginner to translating and hacking but I know very little japanese so I will be sticking to the hacking. Unfortunately I still need to know how to do all of this hacking and converting. So if anyone can tell me exactly how this works I would work on this right away. As of right now I'm working on another project known as death connection with someone who is already doing research on hacking but I would like to start on this because I've been waiting to get this game for so long and to my demise I have ne
  5. Hey thanks for sending me this link but unfortunately I already knew about it. What I'm trying to ask is how to translate a VN as in I don't know how to translate at all. I looked it up on google on how and I kept seeing hacking, programming, etc and frankly I had no idea what I was reading. I know some programming but not a lot. I was asking for any experienced people that have translated before and could teach me how to do it. Though thank you for sending me the link I will be sure to register.
  6. Hello, people I'm new here on the forums and was curious on volunteering to translate visual novels. I've noticed that some projects on the websites have been dropped and sadly I wished they hadn't. Now I want to pick up on those project and revive them but unfortunately I don't know how. So I was wondering if someone can teach me how to translate visual novels if they have the time that is. Though I won't always be available since I go to school and will be only doing on my free time. So if anyone can spare some of their time and teach me the basics of translating that would be great. Thank y
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