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  1. Just finished the whole game. THe nostalgia lens is probably strong in me, but I cant help but feel nearly everything is perfect as it can be for Overdrive's final game. 10/10.
  2. the later parts was 1:1 with google translate and yet it says something about the VN itself that I slough on thje story even with that. THank god it's voiced.
  3. so all thats left is purely QCing if each text is incorporated in the right place?
  4. wait this is a nakige? i thought this is just the usual moege
  5. *raises hands* probs a dumb question but what does this mean to the rest of Majikoi A translation (if it exists/still ongooing)?
  6. *raises hand* whats the route reading order recommendation?
  7. i honestly would say some of the 18+ scene, including but not necesarily only the erotic ones, helps a lot with the atmosphere.
  8. the common route is unique in that i was extremely bored but i also laughed my ass off i didnt know its possible to feel 2 disticntly different things at the same time before playing grisaia
  9. again, taking FSN as the example, i think you will find out that this particular one has a lot of combination of purple prose that is further enhanced by visual effects if you read it through the end. Example you showed is for slice of life scenes, which is kinda nitpicking but an acceptable point. During scenes in VN that does require explicit, enhanced atmosphere such as action scenes and eerie/scary scenes, youll find out that visual enhancement does improve the experience somtimes quite immensely. i mean this kind of scenes really doesn shown lazily in both Grisaia or FSN. If
  10. actually, now that i think about it, literary merit comes from prose, poetry, or drama Im pretty sure FSN and Kajitsu and Kanon have those
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