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  1. On 9/29/2016 at 10:13 PM, Haiyami said:

    So I played through A-1 with the patch for the first time. It probably could do with version 2 for clean up on inconsistencies for names. For instance the History Teacher's name is sometimes translated as Maro, other cases Moro, and again as Mario (no this is not Super Mario.... :vinty:).   Also I think there might be a problem with the patch and my version of the game. I've downloaded it multiple times maybe I keep getting a corrupt download or something because sometimes sentences just suddenly end, making it seem broken. The game then rfeezes for a bit and then after about 45 seconds it unfreezes and continues. Text will have jumped a few lines ahead as if it were on auto text play.


    On another note wish there as a small bit with Yamato's mom, yup. And I can't wait for Majikoi A-2 and A-3 to be translated. Currently I'm working on Tsujidou-san project but my machine doesn't like the python script used to extract the files. Keeps crashing. A buddy I know who is taking post-graduate classes in Japanese says he'll help me out if I can give him the Japanese script before graduating in 2 months.  Don't think it's gonna happen. At this point i'm having to copy and paste every single line on to a text file. Stupid python extraction script won't run. :saber:

    If you want to comb through every single line in the game, find every error, and send them by route, month, and day, we'll consider it. Or, as is more likely, you can just complain some more.

  2. 45 minutes ago, Jun Inoue said:

    Well this is one senseless discussion, but I'll just add that what you did say is "we have 2 threads cuz the original is too spammy". But just like you said, you have quite more than 2, unless you mean relating to A, in which case yet again it doesn't make much sense, cuz the Unlimited Works thread "died" quite before the A project started.

    We have two per project, for every game we've worked on, ever since unlimited chat works got taken away by those rascally mods.

  3. 1 minute ago, Jun Inoue said:

    You do realise it still never was a "proper" project thread, as it had about 300 pages of random talk for every message remotely related to the project? You wrote your message on friday; that thread stopped being anyone's proper project thread a few years ago, which is why there were different threads for the announcements and discussions, as with S.

    That thread is the reason we have to have separate project and discussion threads. We had to remake them for the first game, then for S, and now for A. And that is exactly what I said.

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