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  1. Its things like this post (and the email i got from you Tay) that remind me just how awesome the Fuwanovel community is.  Travel and life has kept me away, but Fuwa is always in my heart.  You guys kick major ass and im glad to see that Fuwanovel continues to grow and expand. THank you for the blast from the past Tay, ill never forget that day you guys gave me that card. Truely epic.


    So tonight, i will raise a pint, and toast the awesomness that is the Fuwanovel Community.  Vegas here I come






    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kleiner, Keaton and Checkmate!!!!

  2. Just watched Tamako Love Story, the movie continuation of Tamako Market.  Really enjoyed it.  Got away from the more silly Dera story line and focuses almost solely on Tamako and Mochizou's relationship.


    If your a fan of slice of life/romance, I would recommend it.  7/10 for me.  Ill buy the bluray to add to the collection.

  3. Seeing this thread thrive, REALLY makes me happy.  


    Not really excited for much this season.   Between 8-15 hour plane flights and jet lag, and stressful work. i havnt really had a chance to watch much of the new crop of shows this season.



    Ive seen ep. 1 of the following:

    Parasyte - the maxim : interesting premise, too early to judge

    Log Horizon 2: LOVED the first season, but the apparent change in quality of the art is bugging me.  Hopefully it will get better.

    Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works : Really excited for this. (Tay, we need to catch up and talk about this one as it airs.  I miss our conversations.)


    Thats about it.  Now that im going to have more down time, ill be able to watch more.

  4. I knew I shouldn't have casually said that. Now I've waken up Ryoji, he's going to haunt me until I like it >_>


    hahaha.  nah, i wont haunt you.... or will I????

    In all seriousness have you ever finished it? I know before you said U didnt get through the first season.  I think i recommended skipping Season 1 and watching Season 2, (been a long time since we talked about it) think youll like that.  Meh either way, its all good my friend.  Some people love it and some people hate it. 

  5. Hard to say..

    My favorite genres are slice of life and romance. But I feel like i've watched all the good ones although i'm probably being ignorant. (K-on is my favorite slice of life. I can't really pick a favorite romance though but i like stuff with a conclusive ending, preferably if the couple gets together, shoujo is okay as well)

    But it's not like i dislike anything else (maybe yaoi and mecha) so if you have anything you find interesting do feel free to point it out.


    I did plan on starting Hunter x Hunter at some point but that's going to be an on-going thing.


    K-on! is epic!!


    hmm, Romance/Slice of life


    For slice of life I would recommend in no real order



    Bamboo Blade

    Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight


    Moretsu Pirates (not slice of life per say but a must watch for the moe pirate goodness.




    Aishiteru ze Baby

    Honey and Clover

    Fruits Basket

    Itazura no Kiss


    meh, if u want me to go on I can, just let me know

  6. I feel like i'm getting behind on anime.

    Lately I haven't seen much. I started Arakawa Under the Bridge and it's pretty funny but i'm watching it slowly.

    After Jigoku Shoujo I haven't really marathoned anything. 

    How do i fix this? I really need something that engages with me and makes me want to watch more.


    list some of your favorites and ill recommend you some based on that.  Hard to tell what you guys like as i havnt been around much lately to know your tastes :)

  7. Just finished ef: A Tale of Memories. It managed to grab a very very rare 10/10 from me and might be the best thing Shaft has ever done. Hopefully Melodies can live up to that.



    Glad you really liked it man.  Melodies is awesome as well, though i didnt find it quite as epic as Memories it was indeed worth the watch ( and buy )

  8. it's ok, tay. I got this.

    hey ryoji, I know more about anime than you.

    Ok thems fighting words!!!

    Deathnote: Everyone wants to feel like a God

    Lucky Star: Doing nothing is hilarious

    Clannad; humor and friendship will conquer anything

    Hellsing: vampires can be cool without glittering in the sunlight and being Emo!

    On phone will add much more later

    EDIT: just realized I did a double post. On phone will fix when I get home