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  1. I can guarantee faster releases now. The guys at Doki are very good. With this merger, it only spells GOODNESS for us fans in the future!!
  2. Greetings!

    Hmm. I am a fan of Key, thats for sure. Anime has been a huge part of my life. I watch the new shows every season lol. I guess you can call me obsessed. I have over 30 bluray and 150 dvd's. I have a HUGE manga collection as well. A lot of my collection as I said is on VCD and VHS, therefore unavailable in the bluray or DVD. In regards to what genres, i like pretty much everything. However, i will say that Naruto and Bleach have gotten stale and lame. As far as VN's go, I want to experience it all. Well except Yaoi, no interest in that lol. @ Harry, You'd be surprised how many soldiers love anime. I have several friends who have huge collections. Actually, a few will be coming to join the forum soon and trying out our great VN's
  3. Sharin to Kuni

    Thanks Moekou and Starfighter for reporting the dead links.
  4. Nice thanks for posting it on your blog.Those guys are great people and really good at what they do. This is Awesome news. More translated VN's a lot faster is a win win for us all!!
  5. Im downloading now from Fuwanovel, will install and see if i have any problems. Will report back soon EDIT: Yeah game crashes at startup. Same problem as Lunchbox!
  6. Greetings!

    You know its funny you say that. I have over 300 VHS tapes and 250 VCD, or Video Disks, which are as big as old school Vinyl records. lol Lots of money spent on a media that i cant play anymore lol. Anyway, thanks for your welcome!! I just discovered the joy of VN's. Ive played Clannad, Kanon and Tomoya After to completion. In the middle of Deardrops and Ever17. Im hooked lol. Ive always know about them, but never had the time to play any due to being active duty Military. Now that im retired, i can enjoy all the time