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  1. Lol wow. That's just wrong on so many levels.
  2. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    GITS: Arise is really good. Can't wait to see the other movies in this series. Really really liked #1.
  3. lol at Barak Obamas twitter handle @spermilk I always figured him for a freak. This proves it!!
  4. welcome to the forum

  5. nice. Cant you resize it?? I can do it for you if you dont know how
  6. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday dfallengod!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!

  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    I wanted to say, im re-watching Tamayura (the OVA and first season) before Tamayura - More Agressive starts, If you like cute slice of life anime, this is a good one. For anyone who cares, watch the 2 OVA first then the 1st season. I'm doing a marathon right now with the Mrs. and it really is a cute show.
  9. What Anime are you watching now?

    I rather watch 100000000 episodes of Zero no Tsukaima then another episode of Bleach or One Piece. Seriously make it stop Please note: I will bask in the hate Bleach/one piece fans throw at me. Bring it on
  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Metaler!!
  12. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Just watched the 1st episode of Brothers Conflict. I went in with zero expectations (since im not a fan of reverse harem anime) and I gotta admit, I like what im seeing so far. Its silly but pretty damn funny and has a lot of promise. EDIT: Watched episode 1 of Free. About what i expected, not impressed at all. We'll see what happens, ill give it a few more episodes.
  13. Hmm..... VN: Id have to say Kanon. It was the first VN I played and since then I haven't looked back. Anime: there are Anime that have really stayed with me over the years, but I will have to say, Mobile Suit Gundam. The original one from 1979-80. I watched it as it aired (i lived in Japan) and now Ive seen thousands of hours of anime. Hell i ve spent thousands of dollars on my collection.
  14. Favorite character breakdown?

    Good thread but there's no way I can pick. Over 20 years of anime... Yeah no way
  15. Let's Be Friends!: Social Media

    Actually made a Twitter acct not to long ago. @Oldmanryoji I don't do Facebook. I have one but its used strictly so I get extra shit from games lol Edit: be warned I'm known for random vulgarity when dealing with the twitter verse. You've been warned
  16. What are you listening to right now?

    Love it. Always make me smile!!
  17. solidbatman's AMA

    Not a fan of multiple accounts Kagura
  18. What are you playing?

    nice. great idea to space it out like that.
  19. Welcome to the forums!!

  20. Help Write Rin's Mysteries V2

    Indeed, we would love for everyone to submit ideas. The more ideas, the better the community involvement, the more awesome this will be. Come on guys, lets see what you can come up with!!
  21. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    lol its only been 1 episode. WAAAAAY too early to tell anything.
  22. Well, hello there.

    Hey there, Welcome to Fuwanovel!! Hmm, nice list, I would recommend Rewrite or Hoshizora no Memoria next. Rewrite is very long, but very good. ANd since you played Clannad already, im sure youll love it.
  23. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Yeah just watched episode 1 (the web rip). Have to admit, I haven't been wowed by the start of the season. I really hope that Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi improves significantly.
  24. There is SOOOO much left to explain. Thats why Im curious to see how they are going to attempt to pull this off.