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  1. Thats the point... This is a Visual Novel Forum. This is Not a Poiltics Discussion Forum. People come here to talk about VN/anime/manga/fun stuff. Not Politics. If I get one more PM im locking this thread
  2. MAL not updating time?

    They were having issues as discussed here Thats one of the reasons my list is no where near complete. Mod gave update...
  3. regardless. It has no business on a Visual Novel Forum. Im tired of hearing about that crap. Last thing I want to do is come to a Visual Novel forum and hear about it. It has no place here. Not to mention, ive already gotten complaints via PM. Not everyone wants to hear it.
  4. .... Come on Aaeru. Seriously dont want arguments about politics here. It doesnt do anything but cause problems. Not to mention, not everyone will have the same opinions. Last thing we want to do is start arguments and discord in the forums. This gets out of hand and ill be locking this thread.
  5. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    While I can't promise there won't be the occasional Engrish all the characters are in Japan now and the English girl spoke only Japanese at the end of the episode. Also most of the bad 3D was because it was in England. Which would of cost a lot to animate right. Just look at the K-on movie's budget.
  6. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Did you even watch the full episode?? The English girl is now in Japan and speaks Japanese. Meh anyway, I respect your opinion Eldin. Even though I think your judging the anime a bit harshly, it's your opinion. I just hope you will give it a couple more episodes before dropping it. If not, it's all good. But I think you'll be missing out.
  7. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Love Lab is very funny. One of the better comedies this season
  8. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    ...... I am so disappointed in you Eldin. Maybe it's the Grandfather in me(yes I am a grandfather) but it just makes me smile. I find it refreshing to watch an anime that doesn't rely on ecchi or fan service, it's an anime that the kids can watch and learn about friendship or accepting someone for being different. To me, that's pretty damn rare now a days. I was asked earlier why I watch anime, it's for little gems like this one that come and surprise you. I had zero expectations going in and was pleasantly surprised. I will be buying this one for my granddaughters. Cute, innocent, with a positive message?? Love it!!! There's more to anime then action or fan service!!
  9. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    I don't know if I like you anymore Batman....
  10. Uhm, Hi ><

    Hey there Kandi, welcome to fuwanovel!! I also have a lot. Off hand, DCIII would be good Heck there are many lol
  11. Oculus Rift- Virtual reality

    I don't get it. Seriously..
  12. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    yeah, quite a few shows that are watchable. A couple stand outs that ill probably end up buying. (who am I kidding ill be buying at least 2 of these for sure) Kiniro Mosaic and Love Live are on my must watch list
  13. Welcome to the Forums!!

  14. Welcome to the forums

  15. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    OK, watched Highschool DxD episode 1? check Good animation? check Continuation from last season? check More boobs in first 3 minutes then in every other show this season ? check yeah ecchi and fan service in abundance with this one. EDIT: OK just also watched the nico nico stream of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya. My teeth hurt from all the sweet moe overload in this show. Nothing too special so far but im going to keep watching. Cant....resist......the........cuteness......
  16. Welcome to the forums!!

  17. Use spoiler tags!!! ALWAYS use spoiler tags please.
  18. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Batman, you should know by now that I watch every show that airs. lol Just watched Fantasista Doll. Moe Overload, i think im going to like this one a lot. Pretty cool story, but we will have to wait and se ehow it turns out. EDIT: Makai Ouji - Devils and Realist = BAD. Such a ridiculous plot with stupid characters. Not sure im going to watch another episode of this anime.
  19. Summer Anime 2013 Season

    Well I have to say, Kiniro Mosaic is by far the cutest show of the season. I went into it with zero expectations but found myself smiling the whole time. Love it. Definitely my wifes favorite of the season Uchouten Kazoku was meh, love the art but the story is a little confusing. Will have to wait and see how it goes. Going to watch Blood Lad now EDIT: Blood Lad is pretty much what i expected. Meh
  20. Happy Birthday!!

  21. Welcome to the Forums!!

  22. Hello~

    Hey there, welcome to the Forums!! Since you seem to like Key VN's, which was your first and which was your favorite?? If you have any questions or anything let us know!!
  23. Birthday thread

    *cough* Steve *cough*
  24. Just say NO to LB anime!!!!!!!!!