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  1. I want to upgrade my computer to Win8, but I have herd visual novels won't run on Win8. Can I get an answer to what will or will not work on Win8? Thanks!
  2. Azusa best girl Bebop is what I am watching, then Neon Genesis Evagelion.
  3. And then there's Benio I just watched that. Loved it. And the show about that loli. Found it. "World Conquest Zvezda Plot" Must watch that shizz
  4. Reading through page 8 of this thing, and no mentions on Nisekoi. Chitoge worst girl. And I have heard of the "loli conquer" show, but not much after that. Sakura Trick is perfect Friday night watch.
  5. GTFO YUNO and thanks for the welcome, non-yandere lovers
  6. 100 is cheap when it comes down to your waifu. Christina is really shy but she can get nitty gritty lewd. ~~~~@channeler Kurisu, I love you~~~
  7. Problem Children's OP does come to mind, but I enjoyed the show a lot. Steins;Gate's op "Hacking to the Gate" needs mentioned. Any K-on ending. I hate Yui siinging. Madoka Magica Op/Ed, and for a shounen pick, anything Attack on Titan. Also, Chuu2 season 1 op/ed.
  8. You can keep the Yandere
  9. Outside of the hug pillow nothing is NSFW Yet
  10. 1. Steins;Gate 2. Madoka Magica 3. Attack on Titan 4. K-On! 5. Chu2byou 6. TWGOK 7. Pet Girl of Sakurasou 8. kokoro Connect 9. Girls und Panzer 10. Unbreakable Machine Doll
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