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    Maybe want to start kanojo to ore no lovely day
    Otonari koi sensou! (but not JPN --> ENG)

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  1. thank you, i already begin the Translate but not this VN. i begin to translite the VN that i like first
  2. if i use blank character, i can make some space. i wish there are other way. btw thank you for the info i want to try start this TL project, but i need TL n QC.
  3. i try to extract the scripts file and already change the system font but i can't change the word-wrapped http://i.imgur.com/5lW6JRH.jpg how i fix this?
  4. thank u still working on it, i using indo because it more familiar to me than english
  5. astro-san, can u check the kanji words at my subtitle? i only recently start try to TL from jpn to other language (indo and eng) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHEgqH3JBaE
  6. don't worry, everybody have mistake sometime. erogamer already give me youtube link. so i will check both irc and youtube. thank you for reply
  7. doppel222, can you repack the file(txt) so the new translited words replace the english text?
  8. i want to help but i can't read japan language....... but i can TLC some english word............ maybe
  9. wow yuri everywhere really like this thread
  10. Still learning how to make a visual novel game

  11. kyaa, air gear is great too but my favorite now is OP of C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control and D-frag
  12. skypy


    thank you kanade is so cute at this picture
  13. ~Transliting VN now~

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