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  1. Hello, I recently downloaded Hoshizora no mémoria (Which seem truly great) but i can't have it working. Here is the error i have :
  2. Hello ! So, heard today of Shiny day and i was just wondering if it was as... Disturbing as School Days ? Thanks for your answers.
  3. I MADE IT WORK ! So yeah, i dont understand at all how i did it though... Yesterday wasn't working and now it works... In any case thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad english ^^
  4. Sorry to Up the topic like that but i'd really like a fix, this game look great and i'd really want to play it
  5. Doesn't seem to work Either, perhaps i installed it in the wrong way ? When downloaded, i put the files in a temporary folder and ran the Setup. Unfortunately didn't solved the problem :/ Edit : I tried to put the game back in Windows 8 compatibility, strangely enough its still slow (While when i first installed the game it was fast) EDIT 2 : Got the situation to improve by following instruction here : http://pastebin.com/L8SRcgSN Still lag as hell but at least i can go the setting menu in less than a full minute. Still think that im doing something wrong with my direct X installation. Any ideas ?
  6. Tried in both windowed and fullscreen, both dont work. Interestingly enough, it seem that if i click out of the game while in windowed the game return to normal speed (Until i go back to the game that is)
  7. Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode and as administrator? I remember having the problem too, but don't remember what I exactly did to make it go away. Hello and thanks for your quick answer, your solution did solve the problem however, it led to another bug, while i can access the cutscene and technically play the game, it is horribly slow. The main menu take more than a minute to appear out of the whitescreen, it also take as long when selecting the setting menu, or simply when clicking in the game. A solution ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey everyone, i recently acquired the first of the Galaxy Angel, after installing it, i pressed new game... And black screen, i found out that i can still play the game by playing escape, but it skip the cutscene and give me this error : Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.
  9. PEOPLE HELP ! Need urgently a spoil ! Im currently watching major (currently season 3) But my yandere genes are tickling like hell ! This is my problem :
  10. Thanks ! This is really Time saving, i now know that i will skip some route (Until disk two have a translation at least)
  11. Hi everyone... I know this isn't the first time i ask for something like that, but it is i think the best place to talk about visual novel and so here am i. I was planning on playing Oreimo (The PSP game), but after reading the novel, i have to say that i am really worried about the routes ending, i am not asking for a spoiler, just if the "Good end" Are really good. (Spoiler Anime/novel)
  12. its this : Review that get me reaaallllllyyy worrieeed x) Just hope the "Character he like" Are secondary characters.
  13. I love dere, im more worried about a dead dere.
  14. Hi everyone, as you may know comyu final patch is out, i played some of benio route before, but i was kinda worried about something : The romance and the ending. (Dont want a bad ending.) So, my question is : Can i expect good endings for comyu ? And by good ending i mean the MC and the heroine together in couple at the end. Thanks. Maulvat.
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