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  1. Well rn I am watching Digimon fusion, OP and detective conan. Then I watch stuff randomly xD
  2. I hate these things lol, but eh I atleast I am not under 50%
  3. Thank you, I am sure I will. Thanks I am currently playing steins gate, since I have just watched the anime recently and I am getting Togainu no chi set up now
  4. Too much loli xD and thanks Thanks, I think I will. Probably going to be offline for the next day or so though. Hmm, its been awhile since I have played a proper VN, I guess the Ace Attorney games are the most memorable VN style games I have enjoyed or P3P but I cant remember my favourite proper VN since its been over 6 months since I played it xD Thank you I shall climb these ropes all the way to the top
  5. Hey guys, I am new here I decided to join this little forum here because I am getting back into playing VN's so I wanted to get stuck into the little community here Show me the ropes plox