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  1. Thanks to @Rin Tohsaka for the suggsestion. Here are some links to the non fucked up version of the thread. Reminder : If you want to help expand this thread or format it feel free to do so. I am not active anymore so please contact moderators. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Long time idea. If for whatever reason you need some data from a game, would it be music, sprites, CG's and if like me you SUCK with computers, well worry no more because I have the solution for you. How is this thread going to work ? - All the info is going to be centered in the two first posts, first one will be File types, second one will be Versatile tools. - I'm going to explain the process to extract for each file type. If you don't know what type a VN uses, look into your game file dummy! - However, some applications were specificly made to extract files from some Visual Novels in particular. If that is the case it will be specified. - Contributions are highly appriciated. Either PM me with the extraction process thoughfully explained or post in this thread with the same kind of format that I will use. - If ever you extract files from a game which wasn't verified or not listed with one of these methods, please report it and tell us what was is in each file. Thank you. I am not a coder, none of these applications are mine. The sole purpose of the thread it to regroup the scatered information you may hardly find online. PM me if there is a link problem. _____________________________________________________________________ .xp3 Files Fate Stay/NightVerified File Types Sharin no Kuni, Hinawari no ShoujoVerified Kara No ShoujoTo be Verified Warning : If extracting "Fate Stay/Night" add "game=FSN" in Param unless you want the .tgl files xp3tools Method Open your command prompt and type Press Enter, It should change what is on the left side of the > cd D:/VNs/WorldEconomica Now we want to unpack. Type : Here is what we type with the previous example. kikikiri.exe -i file.xp3 -o I/Want/to/extract/here Press Enter. You should find the extracted file in the folder you specified after the -o Thanks to Zakamutt for this one Source,Source xp3Viewer Method Source Swan Song Verified Download xp3viewer here. Extract the zip on your desktop (for convienience reasons) Then drag the game's executable onto xp3viewer and do as illustrated bellow : Then click on Set Output Directory and go where you want to extract your xp3 file. Files will then get extracted. Thanks to Blizzard884 for this .rpa Files .int Files Downlad exkifint.zip by Clicking here Create a folder where you want to extract your folder Copy the .int file you want to extract in the said folder. Now right click on it : Open with > chose the default program > get exkifint_v2.exe Whether you use v1, v2 or v3 doesn't seem to have any logic. For me v2 works but v3 doesn't. Now you just have to wait and be patient for the extracting to end. If you extracted Image.int : Okay you are allowed to cry for a second. Now the files in all that mess which interest us are the .hg3 files ! Create a new folder in which you will copy/cut all of these. Unless you want to decompress everything (good luck son) here are a few things about the way they are sorted. Right click the file of the group of files selected > Open with > chose hgx2bmp.exe This will create .bmp files which are bitmap files. See the .bmp filessection to see how to open them. Source,Source Being edited .arc Files Works with : data02000.arc : sprites and other in-game images, like from lewdy scenes and whatnot data02999.arc : some .bmv files. I don't know what these are. data03000.arc : sounds effects data.04000.arc : voice tracks data.05000.arc : soundtrack sysgrp.arc : Images used for the menus and interface sysprg.arc : ._bp files, I don't know what these are. syssnd.arc : two audio files, the mouse click sounds for menus system.arc : ipl._bp, launcher._bp, VeraMoBd._ft Da CapoVerified data02000.arc : Sprites, Background images, Menu images, Cg's and Images in general. data03000.arc : sounds effects data.04000.arc : voice tracks data.05000.arc : soundtrack sysgrp.arc : Images used for the menus and interface sysprg.arc : ._bp files, I don't know what these are. syssnd.arc : two audio files, the mouse click sounds for menus system.arc : ipl._bp, launcher._bp, VeraMoBd._ft If my heart had wings Verified exoozoarc method Hoka no Onna no Ko to H wo Shiteiru Ore wo Mite Koufun Suru KanojoTo be Verified If my heath had wings FLIGHT DIARYTo be Verified Yobai Suru Shichinn no harameTo be Verified Ouja-sama wa gokigen NanameTo be Verified Omae no Onna o NetotteyaruTo be Verified Cocoro@Function! Verified SysVoice.arc : all other voice clips (menus and stuff) SysGraphic.arc : Images used for menus and interface Se.arc : sound effects Script.arc : .lua files Rio.arc : .ws2 files GRAPHIC.arc : character sprites Effect.arc : .fx files Bgm.arc : soundtrack CHIP1 : background images CHIP2.arc : some images with Bell, Taiyou CHIP3A.arc : images with Asagao (some lewd) CHIP3B.arc : images from lewdy scenes involving Asagao CHIP4A.arc : images with Hijiri (some lewd) CHIP4B.arc : images from lewdy scenes involving Hijiri CHIP5A.arc : images with Mina CHIP5B.arc, CHIP5C.arc - images from lewdy scenes involving Mina CHIP6A.arc : images with Ibuki, Mebae CHIP6B.arc, CHIP6C.arc, CHIP6D.arc : images from lewdy scenes involving Ibuki, Mebae CHIP7.arc : images used for visual effects Download exoozoarc.zip here And open the .arc files with exoozoarc.exe. (Or drag and drop the file on exoozoarc.exe) YU-NO Download Yuno_arctools.zip and Yuno_gp8tools.zipnot the latest version. You will need a version of Python 3.x Unzip them where you want in C:\ For example I unzipped in : C:\Users\sacha\Downlaods\Vn dumpard\YU-NO\Arc YU-NO Open your command prompt. Type and press enter cd C:\Users\Sacha\Downloads\Vn dumpyard\YU-NO\Arc YU-NO My ARC files are in C:\Progammes\Classics\YUNO and I want to unpack BG.ARC in the directory C:\Here for example Type This will create a folder named "Here" in which you'll find the extracted data arcunpack.py "C:\Programmes\Classics\YUNO\BG.ARC" "C:\Here" GP8 Files : What you get from extracting BG.ARC are GP8 files. We can't do much with that so we want to turn them into BMP files. Download Yuno_gp8tools.zip which is linked at the beginning of the spoiler tag. I unzipped it in C:\Users\sacha\Downlaods\Vn dumpard\YU-NO\GP8 YU-NO All my GP8 files are in C:\Users\sacha\Downlaods\Vn dumpard\YU-NO\YUNO BG Open command prompt and type And press enter cd C:\Users\sacha\Downlaods\Vn dumpard\YU-NO\GP8 YU-NO and then type In C:\here you will find all the BMP images. gp82bmp.py "C:\Users\sacha\Downlaods\Vn dumpard\YU-NO\YUNO BG" "C:\here" For more info, read the readme included in the archives. nscript.dat and arc*.nsa Files -Umineko no Naku Koro ni (PS3 sprites) Does Not Work Script extraction: 1) Download NSDec here, extract it 2) Go to the repertory of your VN, find the file named "nscript.dat" 3) Copy it into the NSDec repertory 4) Run NSDEC.exe You will get a result.txt text file with the script of the whole game. (It takes some time obviously) Resources extraction (sprites, CGs, etc): 1) Download NSAout here, extract it 2) Copy the "nsaout.exe" you just unrar'd into you VN repertory (the one where the arc*.nsa files are) 3) Run nsaout.exe You will get an "arc" folder with everything in it. Thanks to Down for this one. .pak Files Dear Pianissimo To Be Verified Angelic Serenade Te Be Verified Download Kogado_pak_amlist.zip here Inside there is a PakDecomp.zip, unzip it at the location where you want your file extracted. Place the .pak next to the PakDecomp.exe (Copy/Paste it) Then run PakDecomp.exe and click the first button as illustrated bellow The .pak will be extracted in the said folder. Tadaaaa! Thanks to The Major for this arc_conv Method, see "Verstaile tools" at the bottom of the post data : visual effects, and some buttons scripts : .nps script files which you can open with Notepad++ sound : sound effects and music system : stuff which makes the game work .bmp Files AnimED method .npa Files Steins;Gate Does not work nss.npa - a bunch of .nss files. I don't know what these are. sound.npa - all sound effects and music voice.npa - all voice tracks system.npa - system.ini Supported games Place nipa.exe in the same folder as the .npa files you want to extract data from Open command prompt, then change directory to where you have the .npa files and nipa.exe example Then in command prompt, type nipa -x filename.npa cd "c:\Users\username\Desktop\Saya no Uta" example This can eventually work. If it doesn't. nipa -x sound.npa Check if your game is in the Supported Games list above If it is the case type : This will extract the contents of sound.npa into a new folder named "sound" nipa -xg file.npa code Thanks to The Major for this one. Source Steins;gate Japanese version .bin Files Warning : If you get any trouble regarding a missing zlib1.dll file. Simply download the file or copy/paste an existing one into the same folder as exfavbin (Thank you Raphael512 graph_bs : character sprites graph : Background images, menu images, dates, and all kinds of sprites. etc : random junk bgm : Background music se_env : ambiance/environnement soud effects se_sys : system sound effects se : sound effects voice : Character voices voice2 : menu/intro voices Crass Method, see "Verstaile tools" at the bottom of the post Works with : Irotoridori no Sekai Verified graph_bs : character sprites graph : Background images, menu images, dates, and all kinds of sprites. etc : random junk bgm : Background music se_env : ambiance/environnement soud effects se_sys : system sound effects se : sound effects voice : Character voices voice2 : menu/intro voices QuickBMS Let say we extracted it in C:/QuickBMS for example Download QuickBMS.zip from [url=http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm]http://aluigi.alterv...rg/quickbms.htm]here and extract it to the same folder. Open command prompt and type Enter, this will change what is on the left of > cd c:/QuickBMS Then enter the following command (replace H:/ with the letter of your DVD-ROM drive) Result : quickbms.exe _princess_mightmare_extract-tag.bms H:/ Script files are *.AS which is plain text *.PRS are compressed data, typically expanding into either *.TM2 (TIM2 playstation image) or *.TEX (collection of TIM2 images). You may extract a .PRS file using the second bundled bms script by typing in command prompt : You will obtain "CHR041.PRS.unpacked" which should actually be renamed as "CHR041.TM2" quickbms.exe _princess_nightmare_prs_unpacking.bms CHR041.PRS Use the _convert_tm2.cmd batchfile to convert .TM2 files into .PNG. It relies on the official GimConv tool for this and you may repack the other way with this same tool and an adequate set of commandline switches. All credit goes to Nanashi3 from whom I mostly copy pasted the work. .nwa Files .G00 Files Planetarian To be verified .ks Files .rpd Files .dat Files The extracted files are .mwv and .mpg files. Cocoro@function Download, unzip, and run ExtractData File > Open File, then find and select your .dat file to be extracted A warning will pop up saying that is is not supported, click "Yes" and it should work. Extract > Extract All, then choose where you want the files to be extracted to Click OK and wait for files to be extracted. Props to TheMajor for this one AnimED method KID Games Will extract .cps files. You can turn them into png or bmp thanks to AnimED's Image tool bgm.dat : background music Will extract .waf files. You can turn them into .wav thanks to AnimED's Audio tool Use batch conversion and chose the file in which the .waf files are. chara.dat : sprites resume.dat : ??? saver.dat : screen savers (.scr files) script.dat : .scr script files. NOT SCREEN SAVERS Use the E17 SCR Tool if you want to mess with it. It's fairly easy to use. se.dat : sound effects Will extract .waf files. You can turn them into.wav thanks to AnimED's Audio tool Use batch conversion and chose the file in which the waf files are. system.dat : Menu images sysvoice.dat : .wav menu sounds. voice.dat : Voice acting Will extract .waf files. You can turn them into .wav thanks to AnimED's Audio tool Use batch conversion and chose the file in which the waf files are. wallpaper.dat : No idea what this is about. Strange .jpg CG's. Never7 To be Verified Remember11 To be Verified AnimED method, see "Verstaile tools" at the bottom of the post .pd Files .noa Files Crass method, see "Verstaile tools" at the bottom of the post Once the .noa files are extracted you will get .eri files. They can be opened using Xnview. You can downlaod it here. (Full version) .afd & .alf Files Data2 : CG events Data3 : BGM Data4 : Voice files Data5 : Movies/Attack animations. Basiclly, what we want is in the DATAX.AFD files. And we are going to extract Everything. Download this Extract it so that all these files are with/next to the DATA files and the .exe. Long story short : exs4alf unpacks ALF files, agf2bmp turns AGF files into BMP images. The "Unpack Data Files" are batch commands that will allow you to convert everything at once \o/. Click on Unpack Data Files.bat and wait until the command prompt disappears (If it's still there but not doing anything, it still is, trust me) 5 new folders will appear : Data 3/4/5 have formats which shouldn't be a problem to open. Data 1-2 however partly contain AFD files, which are images/CG's/sprites. In order to extract them copy/paste these (all the tools) into the DATA1 (Or DATA2) folder : They aren't all necessary, but meh. Then run Unpack Data1 Images.bat (Or Unpack Data2 Images.bat) This should create BMP files. To open or make modification to those, see the .bmp Files section. If you want to repack BMP files into AFD just save as Name.afd and it's done (Be careful not to mess with the alpha channel if you actually want to make modifictations to the game) Source,Source Credit goes to asmodean for the tools and Aroduc for the batch commands. .gxp Files .rio Files Muv-luv Alternative Verified Download riox- right here (Click on "Current version") Extract it where you want Launch RioX.exe then browse right to to "Extract from" and choose the .rio file you want to extract. You can also chose what you want to extract : CG and Backgrounds/Sprites/Text If you extract everything, you better be patient, cause it can take about an hour for decent computers to extract it all. Then click on Extract and wait for the magic to happen. .ald & .alk & .alm Files .ain Files Download this Extract it where you want. Copy your .ain file into the "old" folder run get.bat, the .txt file wit be in the new txt directory. (get_crass for older games) For more info read the very simple "read me.txt" file. Source arc_conv Method, see "Verstaile tools" at the bottom of the post .rct & .rc8 Files .nds Files .sar Files _____________________________________________________________________
  2. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    I've played it, it's pretty fun.
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    I watched Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, it's really not that good, actually it's pretty poor in most aspects, why does it have such a high mal score ?
  4. Anime VS VN: Do VN make you smarter?

    Does reading make you "smart" or is being "smart" turning you into a reader ? ("Smart" in the sense used in the article) Tough questions to find answers to. As he says, reading is a skill you have to take time to improve. And with time, tastes evolve. The more you read, the more you'll enjoy it and the more you'll be demanding. Same for anime.
  5. Spring 2018 Anime Discussion

    everything looks terrible this season , except the dragon plane one but the story sounds stupid
  6. So I want to be able to extract Renpy files. I came across this guy's website : http://blog.lattyware.co.uk/post/13747269145/unrpa-the-rpa-archive-format-extracting-files-from I downloaded the unrpa.py and python 2.7.6. I launched python.exe and entered this in the command box as suggested : C:\Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\unrpa.py -m -p C:\Users\utilistateur\Documents C:\Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\data.rpa But for some reason it tells me there is a syntax error. I'm a little desperate right now. I even tried from Cmd box : C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\unrpa.py -m -p C:\Users\utilistateur\Documents C:\Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\data.rpa and C:\> Python27\python.exe Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\unrpa.py -m -p Users\utilistateur\Documents Program Files (x86)\Katawa Shoujo\game\data.rpa I don't know if the problem comes from the spaces or anything.
  7. Infinito Transparente

    Good luck to you fren. Hopefully we'll get to play it too someday.
  8. Data extraction thread

    Wow, I didn't know it was possible to go that far back. The more you know ! That said, I don't really have the patience to format this again. If anyone is brave enough to do so. Feel free
  9. I decided to play 999 because it was suggested to me. I was promised a story focused and emotionnaly involving game. I wasn't lied to. Synopsis.The protagonist's name is Junpei, he was kidnapped and brought on a sinking ship together with 8 other participants to play a game called "The Nonary game". His objective during that game will be to reach the last door and escape. Gameplay The gameplay is central in 999. You will regularily have to solve some puzzles to solves. They are part of the said Nonary game. This game is some sort of compromise between the adventure genre (games such as Runaway or Professor Layton) and the VN genre. First thing that I have to say it that these puzzles are quite easy to solve. Most of the time to path the solution is linear or plain obvious. Very often they are basic mathematic problems and the toughest ones can be solves by doing random stuff and eventually finding the correct answer. So if you think mystery will be a problem, do not despair, it's really easy. It's so easy that it became a little frustrating. You don't get the enjoyement you'd usual get after beating a puzzle. Thus, for me they were only a time lost and an irregularity in the pace of the story telling. Which is a shame. System This is a DS game. But I'll strongly suggest you play it on an emulator. Reason is it has only a single save. The interface is non existant and you can't skip anything. The emulator will allow you to use save states and play a little with the settings. That way you can win some time. Simply because if you haven't been through a part or forgot to save. You can't skip it! And you have NO WAY to accelerate the process. You can't mash your keyboard to pass the text, no, you have to wait for it to display from the first word to the last. So make sure you save often in the emulator. Otherwise, prepare yourself to replay several hours of the over game again (Happened to me twice ... 4 hours lost...). Replayabilty Once you completed a route, the game memorizes the segments you've already went through. You'll be able to skip them by pressing the forward button. BUT You have to redo all the puzzles even if you've done them before, and that is a pain. The first puzzle, you will solve it at least 5 times if you want to 100% the game. And believe me when I tell you that you'll know the two required codes on heart starting your 4th walkthrough. Once you know the solution it goes twice or 3 times faster, but still, it's not hard to code a "skip the god damn puzzle" button, is it ? Story That I don't have much to say about. It had everything I expected of this kind of game. A great setting, an interesting and charismatic casting, puzzles (even though they were easy), a deep, well thought and COHERENT story, and most importantly it had explanations for EVERYTHING - mostly. I'm not saying the explanations were the best, one of them dissapointed me I'll be honest, but it had explanations ! And strangely, that is a great quality for these type of games. I've played so many of adventure games who left unexplained mysteries behind. Shadowy parts which the devs didn't find the time or inspiration to explain, and which leave the reader/player frustrated. So to all the game designers in the world : Please ! Explain ! Unfinished games are bad ! If you are looking for an emotionnal ride, it also does a good job at involving ones emotions. I was dead tired when I finished it so I can't say that it happened to me, but I know it could have. One last thing I would have prefered is a proper conclusion. Art It looks good, it's a DS game so you can't except the best of course. But It was really decent. Sprites were animated, and the chara design was flawless. (Clover <3) Music Meh, once again, it's a DS game. So there were few background musics. They reflected the atmosphere and the situations properly so I can't complain but I can't say any good about them either. It wasn't really music, it was more of an ambiance sound, and it did a perfect job at being one. Conclusion A very good and thrilling story which can become frustrating due to the interface and the puzzles. Note 7.8/10
  10. Hey, I've been kinda out of the loop recently, is there anything light, short and easy to read kind of VN that was released lately ?
  11. Short recent light and all public

    Just not following the scene, that's what I meant
  12. Fuwanovel Osu! Thread

    4K pp GET, non dt player please
  13. Its possible but it's not easy and you'll need someone who knows how to hack the files and turn them back into the game's audio files' format. But definitely possible, although depending on your use, probably not worth the time.
  14. Any good dark toned VNs.

  15. Disappointing Endings

    Clannad's endings were fine Stup the bullying. Otherwise most of Little Buster's characters' endings where quite the let down.
  16. Feedback needed (User Interface)

    Hello, This UI is a good start. I would advise changing the font as others mentionned. Its overall design is fine but we can distinctly see the pixels, the letters are incorrectly aligned (height and width wise) and there are multiple sizes which makes it slightly awkward. The gray stripes fit in the design but did you try not striping the white borders around the pictures ? I'm not sure how that would look but I have a feeling that seperating the different blocks from each other a bit more distincly might look nice. Be careful that everything in the menu side bars are correctly centered since you seem to be going for some sort of tech design. I would also advise allowing the text to take a bit more space sidewise in your text box You could also try making it stick to the left. Here are my suggestions, Good luck !
  17. Why Is Danganronpa Considered "Good"?

    The characters are fun and the game design is interesting
  18. Japanese rap music

    ^ RIP my ears, that hurt. I didn't know Japan had their own shitty 2015+'s rap singer. The world is full of surprises. Reminds me of this
  19. Japanese rap music

    This is rap-ish, it's one of the naruto OP's. Seems "NobodyKnows +-" is some rap-ish group. i'll let you decide. That's the only one I can think of.
  20. Either they follow local regulations for their games not to me rated M and shit like that or they beleive they'll profit more out of changing their games a bit. Big deal. It's a business decision.
  21. Because it's easy to read, the characters are interesting, the setting is interesting, the porn is light, and it sets the tone of the genre in an nice and progressive way.
  22. Preview of New Site

    Still pretty neat, good job.
  23. Preview of New Site

    Oh yeah, question Are the different blogs and features centralized or do the links send you to the external sites ?