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  1. I watched Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, it's really not that good, actually it's pretty poor in most aspects, why does it have such a high mal score ?
  2. Does reading make you "smart" or is being "smart" turning you into a reader ? ("Smart" in the sense used in the article) Tough questions to find answers to. As he says, reading is a skill you have to take time to improve. And with time, tastes evolve. The more you read, the more you'll enjoy it and the more you'll be demanding. Same for anime.
  3. everything looks terrible this season , except the dragon plane one but the story sounds stupid
  4. Good luck to you fren. Hopefully we'll get to play it too someday.
  5. Wow, I didn't know it was possible to go that far back. The more you know ! That said, I don't really have the patience to format this again. If anyone is brave enough to do so. Feel free
  6. Just not following the scene, that's what I meant
  7. Hey, I've been kinda out of the loop recently, is there anything light, short and easy to read kind of VN that was released lately ?
  8. 4K pp GET, non dt player please
  9. Its possible but it's not easy and you'll need someone who knows how to hack the files and turn them back into the game's audio files' format. But definitely possible, although depending on your use, probably not worth the time.
  10. Clannad's endings were fine Stup the bullying. Otherwise most of Little Buster's characters' endings where quite the let down.
  11. Hello, This UI is a good start. I would advise changing the font as others mentionned. Its overall design is fine but we can distinctly see the pixels, the letters are incorrectly aligned (height and width wise) and there are multiple sizes which makes it slightly awkward. The gray stripes fit in the design but did you try not striping the white borders around the pictures ? I'm not sure how that would look but I have a feeling that seperating the different blocks from each other a bit more distincly might look nice. Be careful that everything in the menu side bars are correctly centered since you seem to be going for some sort of tech design. I would also advise allowing the text to take a bit more space sidewise in your text box You could also try making it stick to the left. Here are my suggestions, Good luck !
  12. please help me , how to traslate Saga planet game (SiglusEngine)

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