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Status Updates posted by Narcosis

  1. The opening of ATRI... it's so bad. I expected something better from Konno, but seems he's really an overrated writer, unable to write anything remotely decent outside his bubble. I have a feeling this visual novel will drive me insane.

  2. Man, it's good to be back.

  3. Happy Birthday, man. May the good vn's keep on comin' so you can continue reviewing them :holo:

  4. I extend my petition to include :ok_hand: to the official Fuwanovels emoji list

  5. I hope you'll choke on your birthday cake :Teeku:

    jk, happy birthday Kuri-chin :makina:

  6. Happy Birthday man!

    Enjoy the wonderful world of adulthood :makina:

    PS. We all make hilarious mistakes. Being born was prolly the best one.

    1. Darklord Rooke

      Darklord Rooke

      Being born isn't your mistake to make :P 

    2. Arcadeotic


      Thank you very much

  7. Seems like I've been shitposting way too much lately.

  8. Imagine a good vn, which teases you so much throughout the whole playthrough, that when it ends, you're literally forced to pay more in order to unlock the true route, which is otherwise unavailable :illya:

    Shit so cash

  9. I got called out from being "poison" to the Survarium community. Can't expect much, when my team always wins and opposite ones end with negative scores :makina:

  10. >Downloads for 50 minutes from DepositFiles

    >Download connection resets 18 seconds before finishing


    I'd seriously search elsewhere, but all the links are either old and not working, broken or unavailable. TL&DR I can't be arsed.

  11. >MFW People still prefer shitty direct downloads over clean and fast torrents

  12. I might try out Bless, when it's out. It has unrestricted PvP/PK system and a combat system that isn't any worse than TERA's or BDO's. Not going to hype up before release, tho, those days are long over.

  13. And here I am, downloading the latest update for BDO. might as well log in and check how shit the game became.

  14. You're so patient, lol. I like you.

    1. Kawasumi


      I like you too, salty polish guy

  15. OH GOD, what have I done


  16. va11_hall-a_021.png

    1. Arcadeotic


      This reminds me how the game's waiting at my desktop, waiting to be played.

      I should get on that.

    2. Narcosis


      Took me more than a week to actually start playing, no idea why. But I'm so hooked to it right now, I get withdrawal symptoms every time I skip a session in the evening.

      That said, Jill's only response to it was "I will never see Christmas with the very same eyes" :makina: Destroying childhood memories since 2087

  17. Wow. It's been five minutes and I'm already missing it. Guess I'm that addicted.

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      It's good to be honest with yourself.

  18. Got banned from the chatroom :Teeku:

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon


    2. Narcosis


      Maybe I'll at least stop wasting my time now

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Keep saying that. Perhaps you'll come to believe it.

  19. I bought some games from the Steam Summer Sale and not a single one of them is a visual novel :makina:

  20. coffee.jpg

    1. Arcadeotic


      I would if coffee didn't taste like burned shit, cyanide and dog piss combined.

  21. You've played too much Battle Garegga :makina:

  22. What kind of shit do people read nowadays?

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      This sort of status update, I suppose.

  23. I just fucking love how lately every single discussion thread gets derailed into something entirely different.

  24. 1100x900 surely must be high resolution :Teeku:

  25. Even I have over one thousand posts now :makina:

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