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  1. Best VN You've Ever Played

    :] More power to Umineko - it's my #1 favourite as well. It simply has the most memorable story, characters, music, themes, etc. It nails every point, in my opinion. There was literally nothing that I didn't like about it. Some people don't like the pacing in some of the episodes, but I had 0 problems with it. Was perfect to me. Umineko spoiler I won't completely discount the possibility, but I highly doubt that I'll ever find a VN I like more than the Umineko series. Or the When They Cry series as a whole for that matter. Guess we'll see what WTC5 will have to offer huh. There's been some art from Ryukishi floating around that is most likely related to it - with the date Winter 2014 on it. Also some new Higurashi stuff as well.
  2. Pet Peeves in VNs

    Nukige... although I'm not sure if "pet peeve" is the right term to use for this one. Spoilerish/revealing OPs. Very annoying, because some OPs can be awesome sounding and looking... but then they also turn out to have too many revelations in them. :/ (example: Umineko PS3 OPs) Protagonists/characters that are like Makoto from School Days. Well, the same goes for the majority (not all) of the other characters in School Days too. Too many slice of life/comedy scenes in a row (Unless the VN is meant to only have that stuff). Yes I know, they are very necessary for many different kinds of VNs. And I enjoy those scenes a lot. But I don't like it when there are too many of them in a row. (Grisaia's common route was too long in my opinion, despite the fact that it was really funny at several points) That's about it.
  3. Game oriented visual novel

    Sengoku Rance, yes. That should be a good one for you. I've never gone through the entire game myself, but I know the gameplay is really fun (but difficult before you get used it). Fun characters too. Since you also seem to like difficulty, it's a good choice.
  4. ^ Same as above. It's always fun to hear a familiar voice and finding out if it really is the one you're thinking of (sometimes it isn't, sometimes it just sounds similar). And then of course it's also fun to look up what other characters they've voiced. Let's see... well, Wakamoto is really easy to spot. And he voices Houzuki in Sharin no Kuni. Epic commanding voice indeed. Love Nakahara Mai, the seiyuu for Ryuuguu Rena in Higurashi and also Furukawa Nagisa in Clannad (though I haven't read Clannad yet). She's just great. Can be cute, can be serious, can be creepy. You don't actually get to hear her voice in the English translated PC VN of Higurashi though since there's no voice acting patch. Tamura Yukari who voices Rika in Higurashi, plus another character in another VN whom I shall not name. Very adorable voice, but of course... has other tones to it as well. You might know what I mean. Taguchi Hiroko, as Sumika in Muv-Luv, Natsumi in Sharin, etc. Memorable and good all-around seiyuu. The voice of Kotomine Kirei in Fate/stay night - Nakata Jouji. "-------------------------------------Emiya Shirou-". Sawashiro Miyuki. Overall really skilled seiyuu in my opinion. She's got quite many roles in anime, and I've heard her in at least two VNs - Umineko and Danganronpa. Oh and thumbs up for every voice actor in Umineko. Phenomenal work there. Not gonna list every single one, but they were all great.
  5. Visual Novel's That Make You Cry?

    Umineko, Higurashi, ef - fairy tale of the two, Muv-Luv Alternative, Sharin no Kuni, G-senjou no Maou, Ever17, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Kanon, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Danganronpa (a bit). I'm the opposite of Ashadow700, hehe. Cry very easily.
  6. Yo, everyone

    Oh you finished it already, fair enough. Danganronpa big spoilers: 999 would probably be great for you. I personally think Ever17 is better story-wise and such, but if one is looking for something more similar to Danganronpa, then 999 is a better choice. It has gameplay as well. So yea you really should try that.
  7. Yo, everyone

    Hey there, welcome, and nice to see that you're enjoying Danganronpa. Which chapter are you on now? Favourite character so far? I just finished the game myself quite recently and liked it a great deal, much more than expected. Think it might because it's like a combination between Phoenix Wright and 999... it's fun and playful, but also very serious and interesting at times as well. You got the 'trapped' element and serious -overall plot- from 999/Ever17/whatever, and the funny/weird characters and courtroom battles from PW, etc. It's a cool mixture if you ask me.
  8. Saddest VN moment?

    +1, Umineko definitely has my most favourite ending. Some additions: ef - a fairy tale of the two. Danganronpa Higurashi Kai There's other stuff of course but much of it has been mentioned already.
  9. Heeeello!

    Yea, if I had read it a long time ago too - 1 year at the very least - then maybe it would've been fine like this. But now it's kinda "too late" for that, might as well wait. And for some reason LB is the one I want to read the most out of all the KEY titles (only done Kanon so far)... maybe because I haven't been spoiled on a single thing in it yet, which is not true for Clannad unfortunately. Can't see that Rena picture :/, but maybe it's just me.
  10. Heeeello!

    Would love to try that but it doesn't feel quite right to read the original knowing that ME/EX will come out (dunno when though). Maybe if we knew for sure that it would take several years for it to finish or something (do we?), THEN I would just go ahead with the original. Fair enough. Mmmm, still, since it's got a Winter 2013-2014 release (apparently) - might as well wait a little bit.
  11. Heeeello!

    Very true... I'm a bit hesitant about reading it right now though since JAST is releasing their version soonish. But yea it's one of the higher rated VNs that I haven't tried yet.
  12. Heeeello!

    Thanks thanks, and hi Choc Hmm, yea it could come in handy. Well it's a good reminder of some of the good VNs that are available. What I've read so far: http://vndb.org/u34290/list Feeling kinda down/bored at the moment, right after finishing Danganronpa... it's that feeling you get when you've completed a VN that you really like. "Empty feeling" perhaps. Want more of it, but can't get any (yet). But hey it's the same as always I guess.
  13. Heeeello!

    Hey and nice to meet you all. Wanted to make an account on here because well, it's fun to talk about visual novels, simple as that. I usually hang around on EG (like Choc) but wanted to come here as well since I noticed you got some interesting threads going on! Well... I've been a big fan of this medium for almost 2 years now. Couldn't imagine back then that it would turn out this way. It's all thanks to Katawa Shoujo really (yea yea yea same as always, but I'm grateful for it). Though if I wasn't interested in storytelling the most when it comes to games, then I guess I wouldn't even have given KS a shot in the first place. Now I highly prefer VNs over ordinary games when it comes to stories, in general. My #1 interest as far as genre goes, is mystery, definitely. Umineko being the very best experience I've ever had on my PC most likely. Love Higurashi as well... so yea, When They Cry is my favourite series. Of course there are other mystery titles like Ever17 and 999 that I freakin' love as well. Recently I played and finished Danganronpa, which turned out to be much better than I thought it would be for some reason... great characters, music and overall mystery plot (in my opinion). Can't wait for the sequel! Also looking forward to those titles coming out from Lemnisca eventually. So yea that about sums it up I suppose. See you around sometimes. <Good>!!