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  1. Welcome im not good at recoomending. but you can always test the recommendation tool. http://fuwanovel.se/quiz.php
  2. @NowItsAngeTime Happy bday !!
  3. was it a onetime bug or something that can be replicated, tried checking the post with all different themes and can not replicate it.
  4. necro posting because im stuck playing this now years after everybody else atleast i can play dress up like everybody else because i dont understand shit about endgame
  5. Havent updated here in awhile. 81 emoticons added 2 reactions added suggestion thread : https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/23132-emotes-reactions-suggestion-thread/
  6. This is where you can post suggested emotes and reactions. Make sure to remember that you have to name them. Emotes will be resized to the new 64x64, so test if they work at that resolution Reactions will be resized to 100x100 and will be a very limited quantity Macro emotes will be very rare, so going for normal ones is preferd. examples of new resolution: Emotes will be accepted or denied at no specific time, will be checking for others opinions.
  7. its something we will have to discuss/have poll as the ability to support have been removed. we can always give supporters other benefits as replacement
  8. No worries, thats what the developer role is for wich is pinned in both translation and vn projects section. just to send me a short pm project name and who (if more then one) needs access some have the developer tag hidden (due to it was before i added some stuff) and thats why they can post in there without having the badge etc.
  9. But i will keep that in mind and see if there is a way to solve it. (if there is any way to run external sites thrue ours. then it would be possible to make a light theme for fuwanovel.se and have it run thrue .net possibly. will look into it someday )
  10. fuwanovel.se ? at the moment i dont think its possible, both uses completly different background structure/code
  11. bug that most likely is my fault the "hitbox" for my discord button now sticks over the devfeed. so when you press devfeed you get redirected to discord.
  12. Emi


    Welcome back Nosebleed. long time no see. as i was gone for quiet awhile aswell. (im emi btw.. if you remember me) and doubt nobody will ever beat you´re post amount
  13. the one that can fix it have been notified
  14. happy xmas (also loads of effort)
  15. so merry xmas all and a happy new year. thanks for an uneventful year and for another upcoming uneventful year.
  16. because the person using it havent asked yet
  17. lets see how big this will become :nico:



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