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Status Updates posted by Emi

  1. test GIF seems like giphy works

  2. @Fiddle when is the yearly xmas hat thing happening this year? :beatosmug:

    1. Fiddle


      Don't you worry, onii-fam, it's always December 1st.

  3. lets see how big this will become :nico:



  4. too much headache to even be able to watch the screen more then 5 minutes :vinty:

  5. me now when im out of coffee. 


  6. LvRRDnD.png

    lazy fuwa-chan 3.0

  7. Trying to give my head some break from everything and draw fuwa-chan v3. we´ll see how badly that will end up :nico:

  8. Being outdated and buggy is still the main feature !

  9. Been trying to get some drawing done last 5 days. but the heat and my brain dont want to let me have any good progress

    1. Lewycool


      Download cold weather DLC 

  10. @Fiddle you should have america take over the blog

    1. Fiddle


      Even I would have doubts about bringing that level of memery to the front page.

  11. my new mascot for myself. 


  12. early sprite sneekpeak as people dont use this site anymore anyway.


  13. arrived early


  14. a new drawing tablets on its way, in january i can finally start drawing again. 


  15. Spoiler


    nothing to see here. 

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon


  16. starting to wonder why i even try. 

  17. and rip, my tablet broke just as i finished.

  18. concept for secret character 2


  19. concept art for secret character. 


    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Darn, I really like this stuff.

    2. LowkeyDarksider
  20. sneak peak


  21. sneak peak3TNqQKd.png

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      That's looking seriously good. Wow.

    2. MaggieROBOT


      My, how lovely!!!! Those blue streaks on her hair <3

      Really nice job, Emi! ^.^

    3. Emi


      long way to go tho, but the redesign of my fuwachan is ment to be more of a idol thing. so i try implement the fuwa colors.

      i liked the blue streaks <3

  22. drawing mood.

    redesigning fuwa-chan~

  23. Steams curator connect sure seems like a nice function. to bad we cant use it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Emi


      Fuwa´s curator page. 

      im admin, kendjin need to apply for it. as he was the creator of the group

    3. Plk_Lesiak


      Ah, I see. I wondered what this was about, because I never had a problem with it (got like 5-6 games through the old account and even the new one created a few days ago), but I was always the creator and only admin of the group. Never had to apply for anything, the games just kept coming (to my genuine surprise, as I had 20 followers at peak :p).

    4. Emi


      aah, yea thats nice. 

      would have been good to get it sorted up for the review team to get some spare keys.

      but i have to wait for kendjin to get on :)

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