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  1. Good news! I've finished my initial edits of all the translated parts of Keika and friends! The amount that was translated already was pretty staggering. 90% of it, I'd say. I have a few more things to note before I review my work: -07kei_020.s line 1914 has untranslated text -07kei_050.s line 912 has untranslated test -07kei_080.s is made up of half translated text, half untranslated text. It starts and stops a few times during the script. -The game crashed when characters spoke and defined something with a specific bracket. -The game crashed whenever someone spoke with nothing but exclamation marks The rest of Keika's stuff is untranslated, but it's really not that much compared to what's already done. Huge thanks to Randomer for sharing this stuff!
  2. I've gone through everything except for one scene. I will finish the first go through of Keika's translated stuff tomorrow, then take a break before reviewing it all. All brackets removed, commas replaced, word wrapping and small edits will have been done to everything we've got for Keika.
  3. Correction, I finished all of 04kei tonight. The "!!" crash bug still exists so I left brackets in front of them until we decide how to proceed, and the aforementioned untranslated bits are there, but I'm now moving onto the Keika&friends route proper.
  4. I finished the next 3 hypnosis scenes. There are some issues that I cannot resolve on my own and will be leaving behind. 04kei_040.s: The game crashes if I delete the brackets on line 1930. Couldn't find a solution. 04kei_050.s: Some untranslated Japanese text was left. I think it's already translated and just didn't get deleted, but I am uncertain. 04kei_060a.s: Untranslated Japanese text. This has a voice line, so it's for sure left behind. I could have guessed what they are saying, but I decided not to. I think I can finish all of the "04kei" scripts before the weekend ends. (Edit) In regards to the game crashing, it happened two other times after. The cause is when a character "speaks" using only exclamation marks and no other words. Two crashes were from someone saying "!!" and one more from a character saying "!!!"
  5. Nvm, my font was different because of pack 10 existing in my folder. I have to go back and check the word wrapping again T_T (edit) Nvm again, the text is right, I'm just having some issues with a crash and coming to conclusions. Don't worry about it.
  6. I went over my work up to the second Keika hypnosis scene again. -Changed the commas -Fixed more words being cut-off as a result of changed commas -Finally edited the first bad end I'm pretty sure all that's left is preference choices for the translation so I'm now going to move on to other scenes.
  7. Hiya, aforementioned WaifusAndSyrup here! I've gone up to Keika's 2nd hypnosis scene and done the following: -Removed brackets when characters speak to match the current translation style -Made sure the words didn't get cut off by textbox -A few typo fixes and discretion for oddly phrased translations I haven't touched the commas save for right after the initial choice as I'm waiting on something before I start that, and Keika's bad end for the 2nd hypnosis scene was left alone because the text started to get wonky in the editor for some reason. Keep in mind that my discretion edits are based on the context of the translation I've received, as my understanding of Japanese is at the most basic of basics. I also haven't double checked my work as of yet, but I shall when I wake up tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the wonky text issue figured out and commas done tomorrow before starting on the next scene.
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