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  1. I tried but you don't seem to reply... so I'll just post the message here - To save time, can you tell me what you can do at the moment? As in, how do you extract the scripts, link to extraction tools (preferably with source code if there is one) etc. I'll take it from there.
  2. Willing to try and help with hacking. Sent you a PM but you seemed to miss it.
  3. There should be pf.dat... Can you print-screen me the content of the game's folder?
  4. You could use the macro: @style align="right" But I'm not sure the result would be satisfactory... Getting right-to-left languages to display correctly in KiriKiri would require some coding.
  5. I meant all the tjs and ks files. You need to extract all of them, convert to UTF 16 and then repack.
  6. I know that for FSN (which also uses kirikiri) the solution for this same problem was to convert ALL the game's script files to UTF-16le (including system scripts etc). Try it out.
  7. I have another idea. First, take the original "_data-make.ks" file (without the change I suggested earlier). Change every: initStorage("file_name") To: initStorage("file_name", true) Where of course "file_name" is the file name written there (just keep it). After you do that change all your csv files to use utf-8 encoding. This should work... but if it doesn't I have one last change that might help (only try if the above doesn't work, and use this change in addition to the above one): Change every: CSVParser() To: CSVParser(,"\r\n") Idea taken from the parser documentation: http://www.geocities.jp/keep_creating/DojinDOC/krkrDefaultPlugins.html Let me know if it helps
  8. What do you mean same error for other scripts? Meaning it works in this script? I know that for kirikiri to work in unicode, you need to convert ALL the scripts in to the UCS-2 encoding... So this is also something you can try.
  9. Found a piece of code on the internet, so try this for me. Go to the file "_data-make.ks" and look for the line: // #################### 東方キャラのデータCSVを読み込み #################### And just after it paste the following code: Plugins.link("csvParser.dll"); with(global.CSVParser) { .origParseStorage = .parseStorage; .parseStorage = function (filename, utf8) {this.parse([].load(filename).join('\n'));}; //for utf-16 CSV .initStorage = function (filename) {this.StorageBuffer = [].load(filename); this.StorageBuffer.reverse();}; .getNextLine = function () { if (this.StorageBuffer!==void) { var retData=this.StorageBuffer.pop(); if (retData!==void) return retData.split('\t'); } }; }; Not sure it would work but worth a try... Found it here btw: https://github.com/regomne/chinesize/blob/master/kirikiri2/csvParser.txt
  10. Hmm, I think it might need modifying a file called "CSVParser". Can you upload it as well?
  11. Can you upload the file _data-make.ks and the csv file for me? I'll have a look at it.
  12. What exactly is the change that causes this problem? Is it just converting a single CSV file to UCS-2-LE?
  13. Oh yeah, fixed width fonts do work, but I kinda don't like fixed-width :X So if you want variable width font you'll have to create a custom one. You can use SqliteBrowser for the sql files. It's a small nice program.
  14. Yeah, just changing the font won't work, you need to create a custom one.
  15. Download AE and follow these steps: Open AE. Go to Data Tool tab and select the NOT (X = X XOR $FF) option. Click Process data and choose the file Modules/pf.dat Now a file called pf.dat~ (with tilde) has been created in the same folder, and is editable in a text editor. Search for "font" and you'll find the declaration. Search for Title to change the game's title! Search for Messages to find some save/load dialogs that need translation! There are numerous declaration of fonts for various uses (like name font, dialog font...) From my experience the game probably uses the same font everywhere, but you don't have to (if for example you you want another font to display the characters' names). But you should probably start with one font and see how it goes... Change to the font of your liking and repeat stages 1-2 for the pf.dat~ file. A new file called pf.dat~~ will be created. Replace the original pf.dat file with the new pf.dat~~ file and enjoy I think Rejet are using the game engine for all of their games, so hopefully it will work for you. Also note that you should export the font as ttf (and not otf) since said engine only supports that.
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