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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Verum and I'd like to share a VN that I released yesterday. This is a passion project I poured my all into this year, and I'd describe it as a love letter to the VTuber medium. It's a love letter that hides nothing, but embraces everything about being a viewer and/or a VTuber. Synopsis VTubers have taken the world by storm! Among the many rising virtual streamers is Mana, who has captured the hearts of many with her unending positivity and creative talents. Shouma Hasegawa, discontent with the experiences he’s had with forming relationships during his first semester of college, is no exception to Mana’s charms as he has turned to VTubers as a place of refuge and comfort. At the request of his older sister to pursue the value of in person relationships, Shouma steps back outside, where he meets a weary but playful girl with a peculiar bitterness towards the world. Captivated by the unrestrained disposition and thoughts of this girl, Shouma continues to interact with her, learning more about VTubers, himself, and the connection he seeks. Features VTuber Connect is a free, kinetic visual novel made with the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. Free-to-Play Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac 65,000 words Screenshots Links Steam Itch Twitter
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