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  1. There's an opinion that whichever one has the first finale is the favorite, like the first sex. Well, 10 was my first - it has a great world and atmosphere and that's what made me want to keep exploring the series. And I read on https://zumroad.com/game that there's a great sequel there. But damn, Tidus is the main character! It's not, just unthinkable, to put a log like that on the rails of the main driving force of the story!!! Not a character, a Clown. More like Zell from the 8th finale. I haven't tried part 12, but of all the others no one was as infuriating as Tidus. And the puzzles in part 10 of just outrageously annoying tedium. After passing it, took off and forgot like a bad dream. Although, perhaps the 15th infuriates more. In fact, there`s nothing did not piss me off in the 10th... Although no. The ball pissed off.
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